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  1. @CosmikDebris It has an "Undecimo" edge inscription. @LawrenceChard Really, Michael Hunt (=Mike Hunt 🤣). So there is a story about him? Do tell.... Thanks for the info on silver coins 😎 @CollectorNo1Well, Mike asked for no money, but only the chance to redeem his name 😵 @SidSSolid point. I guess asking for more photos or even better seeing it oneself is the way to go...
  2. Thank you everyone for your input! I suppose @Stuntman gave me great advice concerning the best course of action on this. @LawrenceChardYes indeed! I have thought about it, too! So if anyone is interested for the seller's name I will tell them is Mike Litoris...😁 As for the coin, does anyone have any experience with fake ones and certain telltale signs? Not necessarily for this specimen, but things to look out for in old silver coins?
  3. Hello forum, Recently I came across a seller who is offering a Victoria Gothic Silver Crown. Seeing as I don't have much experience, I would like you to help me determine whether or not this piece is authentic. I am uploading the photos for you to examine the coin.
  4. thanasis

    Sovereign Weight

    Hello forum, As the title suggests, I was wondering about the weight of the gold sovereign. From what I have read, the weight limit for a sovereign to be considered underweight is 7.93787g, which is more commonly rounded up to 7.94g. Therefore, keeping in mind the correct weight of the sovereign which is 7.988g, that makes a 0.6% difference. So, my questions are these: 1. At what point can we 'safely' pick a sovereign based on its weight? 2. Do you have a sovereign that is underweight in your collection? 3. Do some sovereigns, for example William IV or George III ones keep their premium despite being underweight? 4. At what point does the level of wear indicate a significant loss in weight? 5. Also, concerning other types of gold coins, does the % difference differ, or is the same 0.6% as the sovereign? For example if I wanna buy a French 20 Francs gold coin (6.45161g and 90% fineness), does the same percentage apply? Sorry if you find these questions too many. Take your time and enjoy this beautiful George V gold Proof £5 sovereign! 😊
  5. @danmc82 Private seller
  6. Yeah @dicker, I have seen this video too. As you can see it was before @LawrenceChard got his sixpack. 😄
  7. Hello forum, Today I got in contact with a seller who is offering a 1917-P Sovereign and I asked him to send me some photos. Well, I must admit that I am still a novice on spotting fakes and the quality of the photos he offered me doesn't really help, although when I look at the photos, the rim, especially on the reverse, looks quite wrong to me. In some places it's too thick and also the toothed border lacks its sharpness. What's your opinion?
  8. thanasis


    Hello forum! I'm thinking of purchasing a micrometer for testing the authenticity of sovereigns and I'm closing at this particular one: Mitutoyo MIT 103-177 Micrometer What is your opinion? Also, I would like to ask if the spindle of a micrometer plays any significant role. The spindle of this micrometer is flat and I don't know if I will be able to take good measurements from different surfaces (mostly uneven).
  9. @richatthecroftYeah I also thought that 680£ is a silly price especially for that grade, concerning what @Clockpuncher said that modern proof should be graded at least PF69. I'm like "B*tch it's a 2005 coin, not a 1825 one" 😄. That being said I also checked another listing of this seller and he was selling a 1990 sovereign for 480£, which had a note by NGC as ***NOT ENCAPSULATED*** / RESIDUE. I'm guessing a silly price as well and this guy is just a small-time scammer taking advantage of people's ignorance.
  10. Hello forum! Today I stumbled upon a slabbed 2005 Gold Sovereign which was graded by NGC with a grade of "PF 64 ULTRA CAMEO" and priced at 680£. So I am curious why it's PF 64 and not PF 70 or even PF 69. Is it a manufacturing error by the mint? Or was it originally a high graded proof coin and the owner just couldn't help himself and touched it? Is it considered a B Stock Proof coin and also what should be the price difference between a PF 70 and PF 64 coin of this date?
  11. Hmmm...I think I will stick to a branded quality scale as long term investment. @BackyardBullion I don't know why, but the site from the link you gave has a weird photo of a baby on a scale and that got me laughing 🤣
  12. Hello forum members. As part of embarking on the sensational adventure which is collecting/stacking sovereigns, I am thinking of investing on a quality precision scale. My main focus was on purchasing an electronic one which has a .001g subdivision. Is that an overkill or should I pay attention to other parameters? Also, can you recommend a scale based on personal experience?
  13. @LawrenceChard Hahaha!!! Guess learning the terminology is equally important...😂 "Shield Front" 😆.....Even rarer are the "Shielded Edge" sovereigns...😛
  14. Many thanks to all your replies 😊 @Norskgeld, pricha So it seems that I can't go wrong with this purchase 😉 @Allgoldcoins Appreciate the valuable info 😮 The seller was able to send me some pictures, so maybe you could once again offer me your advice and tell me your thoughts on the condition of these coins:
  15. Hello, I'm new to this forum and this is my very first topic. 🙂 I have recently became interested in gold sovereigns and thinking of making a purchase, although I would like to consult the members of the forum who have more experience. I am thinking of buying 2 Victoria Shield Back Sovereigns, 1854 and 1878-S, both with the Larger Second Young Head, from a seller who is offering them for 385€ each (The time I am posting this, the price of a gold sovereign based purely on its weight of gold is 347.5€). My question is what is the premium I should be expecting to pay for these sovereigns and generally for the Shield Back type?
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