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  1. Even worse than that - When the first 10 oz Queens Beast Lion of England was released from the Royal Mint, ignoring VAT, you could buy it cheaper - significantly cheaper - from a dealer in the USA than directly from the mint itself. I called the RM to protest and they said that they were not responsible for the price set by dealers. Right I said but how can they be up to 10% cheaper !!
  2. Please keep me in mind if you locate either privy. Thanks. Just wonder where they all went ?
  3. About 12 years ago when I caught the stacking bug I started buying lots of shiny silver and gold. Last summer I sold most of my proof gold coins ( too early in hindsight seeing current prices ! ) and this year I am clearing out a chunk of my silver proof coins and all of my sterling silver. My strategy has changed but I am sure there are many others on this forum looking for bargains and maybe some looking for memorabilia and historic coins. Therefore to clear up some shelf space I am hoping to part with these two boxed coin sets. I am asking £75 each including delivery to clear. Of course I am going to loose having paid over £100 each, 10 years ago but 'ces-la-vie '! The Canadian Mint issued several series of commemorative proof silver coins to celebrate the Montreal Olympics in 1976 - The XXI Olympiad I have 2 boxed sets including numbered certificates to clear - 1. Second issue in the series, minted in 1974 which contains 4 legal tender coins in a strong wooden box with a brown leather lid. Each coin is 0.925 silver in two denominations - The $10 coin contains 1.44 Troy ounces of fine silver 9999 and is 45 mm in diameter The $5 coin contains 0.723 Troy ounces of fine silver 9999 and is 38 mm in diameter In total the weight of fine 9999 silver in this set is 4.326 Troy ounces / 134.55 grams Coin #1 depicts the $10 Head of Zeus Coin #2 depicts the $5 Athlete with torch Coin #3 depicts the $10 Temple of Zeus Coin #4 depicts the $5 Olympic rings & wreath 2. Third issue in the series, minted in 1974 and contains 4 legal tender coins in a strong wooden box with a brown leather lid. Coin #1 depicts the $10 Lacrosse Coin #2 depicts the $5 Canoeing Coin #3 depicts the $10 Cycling Coin #4 depicts the $5 Rowing Please note that in common with many silver coins from the Canadian Mint ( and some other mints across the world ) some can show minor spots & stains. Some minor dust / case lining threads appears on the outside of caps which I recall were glued shut by the Mint.
  4. Congratulations to @HerefordBullyunand thanks for your winning bid.
  5. Nudge to avoid this little coin getting lost in the noise against the bigger ticket items. Only 2 and a half hours remaining. Yes - a tiddler of an auction but there might be someone out in the 'ether' wanting to spend their sweetie money. Best of luck
  6. European Mint is also having problems shipping even stuff they have in inventory. Backlog seems to be with their shipping agent Capital Logistics. Received notification of a delivery including tracking number but almost a week after due delivery date the goods remain yet to be picked-up apparently. Bit naughty advising tracking 15 days, and counting, before shipping.
  7. Pictures describe this highly sought after bar. Uniquely serialised. Auction will end on Wednesday June 3rd at 9:00pm Starting price £220 Bid increments £5 Buy It Now £265 including Special Delivery. Postage of choice ( SD recommended at cost of £7.50 ) to auction only. PayPal F&F or bank transfer PayPal Goods & Services add PP fee of 3%
  8. If all fails - https://www.silver-to-go.com/en/silver-coins/britannia/1-oz-britannia-silver-coin-2020/
  9. A beautiful designed rectangular one ounce fine silver bar. Minted in Sydney for the Australian Gold And Silver Exchange, abbreviated to AGSX Very nice finish and housed in crystal clear exact fit capsules. Qty 5 for sale at £27 each plus postage of your choice.
  10. A full box of 30 stunning square Geiger bars each 1 Troy ounce of 999 fine silver. Each bar individually serial numbered. Paper seals broken to open the box to take photographs. The pictures say everything you need to know about these brilliant lustre minted bars with reeded edges.
  11. See if there is a METRO bank nearby. Check prices on line.
  12. Pete


    It amazes me to see the likes of Chards and BullionbyPost etc being able to sell literally tons of silver coins at prices that we individuals can never even achieve selling on this forum or eBay. Who are the buyers ?
  13. The Australian Perth Mint Year of the Rooster 2017 silver coin denomination $10 Weight 10 Troy ounces ( 311 grams ) In its protective capsule from the mint. Beautiful designed coin with a limited mintage. First year of the silver lunar coin being minted in .9999 fineness. Diameter 85.60 mm / Thickness 6.6 mm P - Perth Mint Mark Price £225 including Special Delivery
  14. The Perth Mint Koala silver coin minted in 2014 Full 10 Troy ounces of 999 fine silver. Protective capsule A "chunky" coin as it is 8.7 mm thick Price £235 including Special Delivery.
  15. A little fine bullion silver coin weighing half a Troy ounce with a UK face value of £20. Although legal tender it will not be accepted in shops for its face value but would, by law, if paying a fine or in court. A few spots on the obverse that might clean off. Ringed capsule included. Will ship 2nd class signed for postage - no additional charge. PPFF accepted. Auction will run until 8:00pm Sunday May 31st Opening price £10 with bids please in 25 pence increments. Good luck - the stress and anticipation is killing me !!
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