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  1. With all the government borrowing, massive debts and the damaged economies with more bad news still to come, how many years will it be before the tax collectors ( robots probably ) come knocking and ask you to hand over your stash ? Keep it well hidden !!
  2. Absolutely time to buy when you have enthusiastic sellers lined up queuing to take your money. What would you like and what are you prepared to pay ??
  3. Pete

    Explanation Sought

    Good to see spot prices moving upwards at long last ( not so good for new stackers ). Hopefully silver will get to where it ought to be with a GSR closer to 50 than 100 but that of course might never happen. Just curious to see the top line in red HIGH DEMAND and the cheapest silver bullion prices. You need to order over 1,000 coins of the cheapest variety to come close to the 1 - off forum prices for say a Panda or Brit. Who are buying at these prices or is this just a marketing QVC ( half the stock has already gone ) activity to make you think you ought to be buying ?
  4. Not really giving advice merely hoping people think before diving in to the water - how deep is it, are there any rocks just under the surface and any sharks !! I am always amazed when the recognised sites tempt you to buy gold and silver just as soon as there has been a rise in price then go totally silent when prices fall. These businesses are riding on the bull market then hibernating during the bear market. Of course everyone want a piece of the action and maybe there is more upside to come but anyone investing right now needs to ensure they are not exposing themselves too much as prices could plummet just as quickly. Savvy investors know this but newbies need to be cautious and not have all their eggs in one basket as they say.,
  5. I just received an email from the USA and have pasted a section for reference. Yes the World economies are in some sort of meltdown due to Coronavirus. As panic sets in all sorts of BS hits the media from experts who have a vested interest in making their sales bonuses. If global warming makes the sea levels rise we would all be buying boats but then natures rebalances. Okay there is a welcome ( for some ) run on PMs right now and the price of gold has reached a historic high but is this the right time to buy ? Nobody knows but the sales people will do their utmost to convince you to buy showing the charts and padding out their blurbs with conviction. How I remember the hours spent in timeshare sales presentations. I just wonder how this sales pitch would have had to be worded looking at the silver price collapse from £30 in 2011 shown in the second screenshot. Like sun spot activity there seems to be some sort of cycle and people will find good plausible theories to model the trends up and down but that's fitting data in hindsight and that's easy but do you believe it ? Be careful out there and only invest what you are prepared to see devalue. Of course you could strike it lucky and grow your portfolio way beyond expectations - it is a lottery so enjoy !
  6. Brits are basic regular bullion and can be found in pristine condition but more likely to have some sort of scuffs or minor marks. This is for 2013 to present day because they are .999 silver. Pre 2013 the Brits were harder because they were alloyed with other metal making them more resilient and less prone to scuffs and scratches. This was known as Britannia silver which was .958 but the coins were heavier as they had to contain 1 Toz of .999 silver. Also there were lots of different designs on the reverse making them very collectible. As for other RM coins some are better quality controlled and supplied in capsules from the Mint so generally in excellent condition ( matching Perth Mint ). You may expect to pay a little extra for these but probably worth it. The prices of the 2 oz Queens Beasts at time of issue have been very fair but the first 2 coins - Lion and Griffin will cost more than twice that of the others, even more. As for premiums on any coin this is entirely down to supply and demand and where you look to buy. One seller will ask £24 for a coin that another seller will ask £34 and some of our well known UK dealers might chance their luck at even higher prices whilst there is strong demand. When it comes to selling it's all about what is in demand or of interest at the time. Just because you bought a specific coin at a higher than normal price doesn't guarantee this difference will stick with the coin. I sold some "premium" proof coins because I wanted to clear them and ended up selling 30% below my cost price. If you are stacking silver then focus on regular bullion and Britannias are as good a coin to stack as any other.
  7. I could not find any disclaimer to the description stating 1 oz fine silver but the exact opposite with dimensions and a picture of the coin in vernier callipers. Should be outlawed.
  8. I sampled some of my buy prices vs spot on the day and the margins on Nov -5 were around 14.5% and on 15-Mar 19.6% I also bought from GS.be some Queen's Beasts ( 2 oz ) which looked cheap at the time but compared to spot ( there was a big dip in March ) the margin was almost 39%.
  9. I have two tubes each containing 25 one ounce .999 silver coins. Australian Perth Mint 2014 Saltwater Crocodile. Purchased sealed so uncirculated and exactly as received. The obverse face has a satin-like sheen, whereas the reverse shows the crocodile in a standout polished cameo. A stunning quality bullion coin with the infamous P-mintmark. GS.be price €33 => £30 Price per tube ( contains 25 Toz ) including SD to UK address - £605 Price per coin sold in singles £24.50 plus choice of postage at buyers' risk.
  10. Chinese silver Panda 2016 ( 30g / 999 ) silver coins in capsules. New from a mint tray Only 13 remaining ( 32 sold ) £25 plus postage of choice ( at cost and buyer's risk ) Free coin storage tray as shown in the pictures for first 2 orders of 6 or more coins.
  11. I have copied an extract from my purchases spreadsheet for the period in question. I have only shown full tubes i.e. 20 or 25 coins and 30 for sheets of Pandas. THESE WERE THE LOWEST PRICES AVAILABLE AT THE TIME FROM DEALERS ( ALL OUTSIDE THE UK - AS EVEN HIGHER PRICED ) Hope this helps
  12. Pete

    Silver Price Action

    Keep stoking the fire and let's raise some real steam !!
  13. Lucky you !! I might agree with 25% of my portfolio - at least getting my money back - but long wait for the rest. Wake me up from the dead when we crack £25 then on to £30 per ounce like the good old times.
  14. Must admit that I haven't researched this topic but listening to the fake news channels of Sky and the BBC I hear the comments about the Ruskies getting involved in the Scottish referendum, Brexit vote and the recent General Election. So far I haven't heard any commentator state exactly what this interference was supposed to be. To me interference is blocking voters, destroying postal votes or stealing ballot boxes but I suspect the problem is more akin to some Facebook nerds or Twitterers pushing their agenda hoping to influence voters in a particular way. Maybe spreading propaganda is biassed, but just listen to the BBC and Sky commentators ( and editors ) and their self-serving ( see how smart I am attitudes ) personal opinions, to me they are worse and brainwashing the public. Since the Coronavirus pandemic I rarely hear any commentator, especially on Sky News, say anything positive but they shamelessly bash the government on everything all the time. So what precisely have we accused the Ruskies of doing and did it make any difference to the voting public ? Put some meat on the bone please.
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