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  1. Firstly contact Fedex and request they correct the entry and give them the correct harmonised commodity code for gold bullion. Make them aware that the contents are exempt from VAT. What customs declaration appears on the paperwork from Singapore and is it correct ? If there are other items in the package additional to gold coins you will need to have this itemised. Also if this is the case you might need to instruct Fedex to act as your broker and re-enter the documents but they will likely charge a fee maybe £40-£50 or more plus another fee to deliver ( it has been a long time since
  2. A good tradesman never blames his tools !!
  3. Correct me please if I am wrong but a mint error is when the dies are mixed up or a number missing etc. If a bit of debris clogs the die and it doesn't imprint properly then is this an error - more likely a defect ? Scrap value now and not a life changing bonus as hoped. 😞
  4. I want everyone to focus on £1,000 gold so a collective brainwave distorts the quantum field and opens an opportunity to get some before it bounces back to £1500.
  5. When silver was trading around £20.50 per ounce recently I lined up a number of silver coins ready to drop into the market but changed my mind when it collapsed £2 almost overnight. Very much a wait and see for better days ( as a seller ) with the added bonus of not having to compete against VAT free.
  6. Yes especially when you could buy the same platinum coins 9 months ago for a considerably lower premium over spot. Market forces and supply & demand with very few coins showing for sale these days
  7. Agreed -always worth checking the RM because I also found their pricing competitive. Still unhappy with dealer margins though so perhaps this will fall in line later in the year.
  8. Pete


    All 1 oz silver empty tubes originally purchased brand new with coins Royal Canadian Mint 25 capacity 2 - Blue topped 2 - Orange topped 2 - Yellow topped UK Royal Mint 25 capacity 4 - Grey topped UK Royal Mint 20 capacity 3 - Grey topped Universal stacking tubes for up to 41mm diameter Capacity 20 coins 3 - White marked on cap US Eagles 41mm Perth Mint 25 capacity 2 - Semi-clear with a swan on cap Coin tube capacity 25 with black cap and logo Original contents not immediately recalled could have been Perth Mint Rectangular Perth Mint coin ba
  9. If you have ordered then you will soon have learned your lesson the hard way like many of us before.
  10. Generally had very good experience with GS and my final pre-Brexit silver order was received 48 hours later, delivered by UPS It remains to be seen if there is a solution to 20% VAT on platinum as that for me is a current hurdle I am unwilling to jump.
  11. I very much hope so and fall even further as I am missing some QB 1 oz for my collection but not so eager to pay current prices.
  12. When you export goods the recipient country has to deal with any import duties and taxes set by their national governments and not the sender. To the best of my knowledge there is no VAT added to exports. When we were in the EU we added VAT because goods moved freely across the EU but not any longer.
  13. VAT is a tax on most sales applied across the EU. Exporting goods outside the UK will be VAT free. In the USA they add a sales tax on purchases but the rate is set by the state and varies according to whatever tax the state wants to set, with some goods free of tax altogether. From memory sales tax is in the 6% or thereabouts and no-where near our 20% rate. Buying from the EU now should be tax free ( meaning no VAT ) with VAT being charged at the point of import so you cannot avoid paying this tax. I think ( but do not know for sure ) that goods shipped from the EU below £135 value wil
  14. As others have said KEEP THESE IN THEIR CASES. They are not meant to be opened. If you paid regular price then be happy but all depends on from whom and what they actually cost you as prices vary tremendously across the dealers and coin sellers. I have a box of these First Strike ASEs and only value them at the regular bullion price plus maybe £2 extra if anyone is willing to pay the higher price. They do take up valuable space in storage for minimal value though. Nearly all ASEs sent for grading achieve grade MS69 so that's standard. A fair percentage also achieve MS70 which is
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