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  1. Watching with interest as I think Pt is grossly undervalued as a precious metal, compared to gold, but that's my personal viewpoint.
  2. Pity the seller margins on Platinum are about double what they were earlier in the year including the European Mint and GS.be where you could once grab a bargain and avoid the additional 20% VAT in the UK. Lack of supply maybe pushing up the prices even though spot has dropped recently and I was looking to add to my QB collection.
  3. My experience is that a date run set will most of the time not attract a higher price than the sum of individual coins. I have also found that selling individual coins can be better, albeit more time & work, because the number of people looking for one coin times the quantity in the set is much higher than the number of people looking for a set. Also with some sets there can be 1 or 2 much higher priced coins than the rest and there will be buyers wanting specifically those coins but not the others. On the flip side a set buyer might be discouraged by the average price because these coin
  4. Weight, diameter & thickness and if necessary specific gravity test to verify genuine purity of PMs. If you are wanting to use a Nd magnet then the small button ones are cheap and work fine. My worry sliding metal over metal - pure silver is soft - Nd magnet is hard - result is scuffing or scratches !!!
  5. Walk before you run ... get familiar with some bullion silver coins before venturing into the kilo bars especially when you can purchase an assortment of popular coins at the same price per gram as a brick that also serves as a door stopper.
  6. Welcome to the silver addicts society. Are you buying collectible coins or just bullion ? Do you care about condition or just weight of metal ? Your days of finding VAT free are rapidly disappearing so your best source is this forum. You can either place a request for specific coins or monitor the For Sale Section. However unless you are a Premium Member you may find it difficult to source the best value coins because they will have sold before you even see them listed.
  7. Last time I looked I had 1 of each ( but need to confirm ) if this is what you are looking for - and I have several of these 3 coin sovereign boxes of different years all with certificates.
  8. Hi @rubatosis - just wondering if you are still planning on selling your silver coins or if you have already disposed of them ? Selling on eBay will be a full time job and not everyone gets the invitation to sell for their occasional promotional £1 fee. You still pay PayPal 3 - 4% or more if the buyer is registered overseas although showing a UK delivery address. How this works is you get 3 or 4 days usually to list your items. If they do not sell in the first period and you re-list you will incur full fees e.g. 10% If you list multiple lots of the same item you will find that only 1
  9. I spent a lot of time trawling through all the small print for both eBay and PayPal. In the end I queued and spoke at length to both organisation by telephone for clarification so I am now sharing this with forum members. When you sell on eBay and your tracked item is lost, or not delivered, by the Royal Mail or other courier you have no protection or compensation from either PayPal or eBay. You as seller will have to file a claim with the courier or Royal Mail and their level of compensation can be as low as simply refunding the cost of shipping since valuables and precious metal
  10. Just wondering if there are any seasoned eBay sellers on the forum who dealt with a non-delivery claim. During the COVID season many packages are left on doorsteps and signatures are not taken. If a package was sent tracked through the Royal Mail and appears a month later to not have been delivered, this can create an opportunity for a fake claim for non-delivery. I guess there is risk of being caught out for fraud etc but in this instance what can and should the seller do ? As a seller you ship and pay PayPal their fee for seller protection. You have proof of postage and track
  11. Deleted as there is now a for sale listing
  12. "Golden Turd Man" - just confirms that the security metal detectors at airports are not triggered by gold.
  13. I've seen spots on just about every type of silver coin in my collection. Rarely spotted are Perth Mint coins, American Eagles, Krugerrands and Libertads. Occasional on Philharmonics. Concerning spotting on most 999 silver from the UK Royal Mint but very rarely on Britannia silver. Bad spotting on Somali coins and most Canadian Mint which is primarily 9999 silver. I have also experienced milk stains - the same contaminant as spots - but covering over half the surface area of a coin. My worst were UK Britannias sadly which I decided to sell for scrap. As for removing - no ch
  14. We all made the same mistake as we started collecting & stacking before we gained experience. You will soon recover ! 😁
  15. That's the plan BUT I guess you know how getting 'you know who' to respond to requests actually goes !! Thanks for your input.
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