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  1. I bought beginning of last week 🤦‍♂️
  2. Couldn't back track the years if I wanted to they minted them in 16 18 19 and 20 can't find anything about 2017s so best guess is they didn't mint any
  3. Deffo gonna have to back track on the years might get some stick for this but I kinda prefer it to sovereigns 🤷‍♂️
  4. Just received a cute little 1/4oz g.s coin anyone know if they made any 1/2 or full oz versions also curious as to the lack of attention they seem to get
  5. It's so cute shame they didn't do a half and a full oz 😕
  6. Robda1986

    Geiger 10oz

    Less premium than 10 silver krugerrands oddly
  7. Robda1986

    Geiger 10oz

    Any one know if and where in the uk I can get a plastic case for a 10oz geiger bar please
  8. Abyss you didn't happen to part with any tombstone bars did you?
  9. Not mine and I'm outa budget so thought I'd give you lot a chance https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Silver-bullion-bars-10oz/353081313549?hash=item523549490d:g:f5MAAOSwxYpexCTD
  10. I'm looking at the same coin just cand decided if I want that or 2 10oz bars of silver
  11. My guess with the hallmark bar would be someone was suspicious of it at one point and just paid to get it tested nice bar btw
  12. Don't get me wrong lady fortuna is nice but my kg tombstone is on another level imo
  13. Cheers popped it up at 320 after seeing what others had sold for
  14. Full sovereign has gold solder on the top showing in pics as silver £320 and half sovereign £170 buyer covers postage and their choice of postage payment by bank transfer or PayPal ff
  15. Bit of an odd question what would people pay for a damaged full sovereign gona list it on here in a hour or so but thinking 320-330 or am I better off shipping it to a main dealer also going to chuck a half on as not feeling it
  16. Robda1986

    Silver Bars

    2nd that here is best place for purchasing I've done next months budget lol 🤦‍♂️
  17. And this is why they make bullion in different formats you have what suits you and your scenario and I have what suits me and my scenario 👍
  18. Try to avoid ase in the UK as the premium is extortionate if your set on silver look at kilo and half kilo bars easyer to store and easy to move on when the time comes plus lowest premium per oz
  19. Sovs or gold standard 1/4 oz wouldn't be a bad shout
  20. I'm tempted to grab a 10oz tombstone but already did my budget when a kg tombstone bar came up 🤔 might have to flick a coin 🤷‍♂️
  21. Just looked on bbp and saw this. How can they sell something they don't own or have in stock?
  22. 100oz bar is just over 3kg unless my maths is wrong
  23. German silver isn't silver there is a hell of alot of German silver on ebay so watch out
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