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  1. A few years ago I got sent a 1913 sovereign as a ‘dealers choice’ from BBP. It was actually a decent coin and I’ve now, for no particular reason, ‘adopted’ 1913 as a year I’d like to collect coins from. So, slightly random question, but does anyone have anything from 1913 they’d like to move on? Interested in anything other than circulating coinage really - gold or silver. Let me know what you’ve got!
  2. evende

    Tight budget

    Check the sale section of this site. There’s always sovs and halves available at reasonable prices. 👍
  3. We all have differing ranges of experience, and available metal and cash to part with. There may be sound reasons why cash has been offered as an alternative. It’s within the advertised terms, so shouldn’t be a big deal. My personal view is, like @AndrewSL76above, it allows the winner to choose their own prize, or put it towards something bigger if they prefer. That’s not for everyone, clearly, but it is part of the game, and has been for previous draws so nothing new.
  4. I should add that’s under a 10x loupe!
  5. Has anyone else had one like this. TCC think it’ll go with conservation but I’m not sure.
  6. My half arrived this morning from The Coin Connection. Small mark on Queen’s neck. It’ll be going back for a replacement.
  7. Random draw. You get what comes out as long as you’ve put in the minimum required. It could be a 1oz coin, or we’ve had full and half sovs before (and a 1/10th Eagle already this year) 👍
  8. evende


    Yes, very possible and easy through this forum. It’s a lot more straight forward than it first appears. Good luck and enjoy 👍
  9. Does anybody know what the Chards special email offer was?
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