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  1. As no ones else has…..try the sales section on the Forum. You’ll find sovs for a bit less than £319 and a lot of variety. Enjoy
  2. 2008 Proof Half Sovereign in capsule. UK based and can dispatch quickly. £180 posted SD. Bank transfer or PPFF. ***Now £170 SD posted *** Please see photos (under 10x loupe) for scratch around horse’s mouth - coin is not perfect, but still easy on the eye.
  3. How do you qualify for first day of issue? Are those the ones straight from the Mint?
  4. Looks like PCGS are doing a little better than NGC
  5. Surely no cynics here?
  6. The other lots. Not the 3Gs
  7. Aside from those two, there didn’t seem to be much action on anything today? Lots of lots passed without bids and plenty of bargains to be had.
  8. Wow. I guess they’ve received some returns already!
  9. Opposite opinions presented elsewhere, hence the question. Thanks for the tip
  10. What NGC tier are people using for the 2oz silver? I would have thought Modern would have been ok (up to £1500), but I suspect Standard may be the way to go. However that pushes the conservation fee up to 4% of Fair Market Value which is quite a bit if they value it at £2000?
  11. On that note, has anyone identified the cut off date for First Releases for the 3G? I can’t find it.
  12. Why does it need the extra thick holder? What is the thickness of this coin? Thanks
  13. Well I’m staying an little more positive than you! Does anybody else have this enormous discount applied in the ‘more details’ section?
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