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  1. Yeh, but it’s a rare coin so swings and roundabouts 😉
  2. Not sure you’ve got the right photos up there! 🐉
  3. +£7 postage, don’t forget…
  4. I know Numi likes these. Maybe worth an email?
  5. Have you tried Sovereign Rarities?
  6. Someone was after LV gaming tokens on the sale section a few weeks ago
  7. That’s perfectly normal. They will have a backlog of packages to open and register. The status will, at some point, show ‘received’ and then onwards from there.
  8. It will definitely be cheaper, more interesting and calmer to register an account and DIY.
  9. I think you need to think about how many Brits you are willing to offer and then see if anyone is up for it. Then finalise the deal in PMs with any interested parties.
  10. There is one in the Coins of the Realm Auction 13. Starting at £5900
  11. Yes it’s perfectly feasible. There is an option to list it as an ‘exchange’. Just be clear what the terms are and see if there’s any takers. Good luck
  12. evende

    germania mint

    You have to go through one of their selected outlets. @Panda6Pack is the man on TSF
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