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  1. No VAT as we are still in the EU, but you are looking at the price they pay to buy them off you, the other price is how much you would have to pay.
  2. Yetiwatch

    Probably Fake

    Pull one from the slab and magnet test, most likely fake but you never know.
  3. It they do fall out of favor, i will be happy to pick them all up on the cheap
  4. I read somewhere it was 31st July.
  5. Value can go both ways, not buying it at 50% more could mean it may go down to 10% more or could go for 100% more. You can rarely tell which way it will go. That's why i tend to bulk buy ones i like myself, then i am happy to keep them for decades.
  6. Sometimes it will just be that the series is liked and so with a smaller limit to supply, demand pushes up the price. Often this will happen with coins that fall in a number of categories, with Marvel comic book fans are also likely to pick them up, with the recent Queen, Elton John etc coins, music fans will also pick them up. It's all down to the coins, if a lot of people like a coin, the price is likely to be higher.
  7. You can get earlier UK coins for closer to spot, especially 3 pence's and half crowns. I haven't seen many fakes, just steer clear of the high value ones and they probably wouldn't even be worth faking. Bulk is usually the key to get it closer to spot.
  8. Just to give you an idea of price, you can easily pickup silver for £20 an ounce on the forum (not including postage). They will probably be bullion grade, but it's a good price when you're only buying a couple of time. If you are willing to buy a tube (25 coins) you can often see European dealers, where you can get 25 ounces new in the tube for under £500 delivered. It is worth exploring the forum to see what information you can get. Welcome to the wonderful world of Precious Metals!
  9. Lots of maples and Brits under the £19 mark. If i remember correctly postage is £20 to the UK. https://www.silber-werte.de/5-Maple-Leaf-1-oz-Ag-2020/en https://www.silber-werte.de/2-GBP-Britannia-1-oz-Ag-2020
  10. Hi, you will need to put a price on the listing and as a new seller it would be worth having photos with your username and date. On a side note, what are you asking for the Orientals?
  11. 1st Guess: 1206 2nd Guess: 1 as it is one element and therefore 1 item
  12. I got one of these to go with the stack. Says when it needs to be "recharged" and fingers crossed will do the job! https://amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07PYZGVY7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. I love me some British junk silver, pre 1920's half crowns are often close to spot. Cheapest are usually threepences, which are tiny little froggers.
  14. They often say in times of decreased production Gold goes up in value while Silver goes down and then vise versa.
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