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  1. Hi All Pondering with the idea of selling my date and mint run (varying conditions). Would anyone know the current value for such a set, 74 coins in total. Thanks!
  2. For me obsession... I always start collecting something, at least with shiny stuff the value is unlikely to dive and make me a massive loss in the long run!
  3. Got mine today and quality control have failed me completely. The front looks dull and stained, now i will have to pay to get it back to them for an exchange
  4. https://www.royalmint.com/invest/bullion/bullion-coins/silver-coins/britannia-2021-10-oz-silver-bullion-coin/ That's the direct link, just ordered one and came to £307
  5. Yetiwatch

    Valuing Junk

    I have a lovely fake pre47 Half Crown, so easy to tell it's fake but sometimes they fall into the bag on batch deals, with something worth so little people don't check as vigorously Totally right on dealers giving you a raw deal, just because the costs are more for the smelting, but easy to achieve spot on the forum or a premium on Ebay (especially individual listings or smaller batches).
  6. Yetiwatch

    Valuing Junk

    The smaller coins tend to only be worth spot unless a real special date, might be worth getting a book for reference ease, I have Spink's "Coins of England & The United kingdom". Larger coins it is all down to condition (relatively no clue) and production numbers, which is why i tend to buy at weight rather than looking for individual years, really down to whether you are stacking or collecting. All that said, i will be buying an Elizabethan shilling this year
  7. Yetiwatch


    There is always the option to use a reputable member like BYB as a go between, where the extra cost is a small fee to the member and having to pay postage twice. This method will mean that you won't have to sell in small batches. This will be a lot less than you are losing via Ebay and will avoid those charge back scammers that are prevalent on Ebay. Stefan is right in saying that members are less likely to drop large amounts on silver from a new seller.
  8. I think everyone will agree that the future price of any precious metal is unknown and is just guess work, i think that average cost will only really matter if you plan on selling in the next couple of years. My stack will be for when i retire and that's off far in the distance, so my average is likely to be less than the price in 15 yrs plus so that does the job for me, also worth thinking that as the years go on, more coins will be lost from each year, so what you buy common now will might be irregular or maybe close to rare in the future I think if i were to start stacking now, i would go for old UK silver like Half Crowns and the like, a lot easier to get close to that £20 mark at the moment, won't spot and the designs are stunning tbh that's what i buy now except for a few to continue my yearly sets.
  9. I am tempted with the 100oz, just a big chunk of change.
  10. Also worth pointing out with silver it can go milky and that would drastically reduce the value of a higher end piece, whereas with generic bullion it wouldn't do too much.
  11. I think with generic silver it will follow spot price a lot more, however the proof pieces will raise or fall depending on demand and are therefore not supported to the same degree as the generics. I would put most in generic and then when you find a proof series or design you like or think will retain or gain value, go for those.
  12. I would personally go for the Krugerrands or Brits, but thems what i like
  13. Ordered near Midnight monday and received today pretty happy with that speed! Can't see any major issues with quality, but that is looking through a plastic cover. Anyone know where i can purchase a hard plastic card for the 10 ounce version?
  14. Well I only just spotted these and I am in love with the design and so went and ordered a 1oz and 10oz silver version!
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