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  1. Sometimes peoples stacks make me depressed with envy, but at the same time i sometimes go oh nice piece and then hunt for it myself
  2. Lets do this! I have a couple of generic American 1oz rounds I have had lying around for the past couple of years and if I truly get into the spirit I will throw some UK or USA junk silver in there too!
  3. That's my issue, hence why i have date runs for Britannia's, Maples, ASE's, Kookaburra's, Krugerrand, Libertad's, Walking Liberty Halves, Barber Halves and currently working on Kangaroo's. I like having one of each year and i won't be selling out for another 20 odd years, so i doubt prices will be less than what i paid, unless silver crashes to within an inch of its life.
  4. What are people paying for these? £60 seems pricey.
  5. Went into Thurrock Costco today and they had gold and silver baird & Co bars for sale. 500g silver for £433.18 (incl vat) and gold 20g £1042.99, 50g £2524.99, 100g £4999.99, 500g £24929.99.
  6. Hi All As the title says, i am after a good looking 5 ounce silver aztec calendar round. Looking to pay around £130 including postage. Thanks
  7. They shouldn't be able to, seems like you deal with some Lax staff there!
  8. You would have to pay cash though if not a member, as the payment card has to match the membership card (used to work there)
  9. No VAT as we are still in the EU, but you are looking at the price they pay to buy them off you, the other price is how much you would have to pay.
  10. Pull one from the slab and magnet test, most likely fake but you never know.
  11. It they do fall out of favor, i will be happy to pick them all up on the cheap
  12. I read somewhere it was 31st July.
  13. Value can go both ways, not buying it at 50% more could mean it may go down to 10% more or could go for 100% more. You can rarely tell which way it will go. That's why i tend to bulk buy ones i like myself, then i am happy to keep them for decades.
  14. Sometimes it will just be that the series is liked and so with a smaller limit to supply, demand pushes up the price. Often this will happen with coins that fall in a number of categories, with Marvel comic book fans are also likely to pick them up, with the recent Queen, Elton John etc coins, music fans will also pick them up. It's all down to the coins, if a lot of people like a coin, the price is likely to be higher.
  15. You can get earlier UK coins for closer to spot, especially 3 pence's and half crowns. I haven't seen many fakes, just steer clear of the high value ones and they probably wouldn't even be worth faking. Bulk is usually the key to get it closer to spot.
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