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  1. I think everyone will agree that the future price of any precious metal is unknown and is just guess work, i think that average cost will only really matter if you plan on selling in the next couple of years. My stack will be for when i retire and that's off far in the distance, so my average is likely to be less than the price in 15 yrs plus so that does the job for me, also worth thinking that as the years go on, more coins will be lost from each year, so what you buy common now will might be irregular or maybe close to rare in the future I think if i were to start stacking now, i woul
  2. Thanks to Pete, just after the 2010 RAM kangaroo now. Looking to pay around £30 plus postage. Also after 2020 Maple Incuse Thanks All
  3. I am tempted with the 100oz, just a big chunk of change.
  4. Also worth pointing out with silver it can go milky and that would drastically reduce the value of a higher end piece, whereas with generic bullion it wouldn't do too much.
  5. I think with generic silver it will follow spot price a lot more, however the proof pieces will raise or fall depending on demand and are therefore not supported to the same degree as the generics. I would put most in generic and then when you find a proof series or design you like or think will retain or gain value, go for those.
  6. I would personally go for the Krugerrands or Brits, but thems what i like
  7. Ordered near Midnight monday and received today pretty happy with that speed! Can't see any major issues with quality, but that is looking through a plastic cover. Anyone know where i can purchase a hard plastic card for the 10 ounce version?
  8. Well I only just spotted these and I am in love with the design and so went and ordered a 1oz and 10oz silver version!
  9. With the current premiums on top of the now payable VAT rate, I am currently not willing to pay over £30 for an ounce of standard bullion grade silver, even though I am one of those weirdo's that collect the date runs in most nationally issued silver. So was wondering if I am the only one not currently willing to pay the current going rate? I think for the time being the beautiful British & American junk will have to give me my silver buzz.
  10. I'm glad to say that i have never had an issue paying via BT for my purchases on the forum and i have bought more than i should have
  11. I have had a right mare with deliveries since just before Christmas, had things take between a few days and nearly a month! Just one more I am waiting for, so they are getting there in the end. Anything over £50 and i will usually ask for it to be sent special delivery, which i have never had an issue with.
  12. Thought i'd add my current stack to the thread as you can see i love a half dollar or twenty!
  13. Hi All I am after a 2020 Maple Leaf Incuse. Let me know if you have one spare! Thanks Andrew
  14. Thanks for the spot, unfortunately with VAT, admin charge and delivery even if I bought other things i'd be looking at too much per coin 😢
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