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  1. I really do admire the Morgan dollars. What scares me away is the amount of fakes there are in circulation.
  2. Yetiwatch

    queen's beasts

    I doubt it, i would love to be proven wrong as i love the series! Time will tell.
  3. Yetiwatch

    queen's beasts

    Unfortunately there are only 10 Queen's Beasts, so a second set is highly unlikely.
  4. Yep, that's what mine came in too. Just like a clingfilm layer with a sticker.
  5. That's just to "bump" the post to the top of the forum list, so it doesn't get lost in the abyss of time!
  6. When i started stacking it was because i liked the coin design of the eagles and with OCD i needed one of each year, then i ended up Maple's, Britannia's, Libertad's, Kookaburra's, Queen's Beast's, Walking Liberty Half's, Barber Half's and the latest is Kangaroo's (still some years to collect in the kanagroos, the rest are full sets), but now I am stacking more for the long term (20 years - for retirement) and will stack depending on price per ounce rather than because i need that specific year. I will always leave a decent chunk in savings just in case, but now most of my obsession with making the sets is mainly done, i am looking forward to bulking up the stack. I don't think i will pick up bars or coins over maybe £22 an ounce, but time will tell, so at the moment just spending money spare after bills and that will do me. I think i will stick with silver this year (only have a 1 ounce bar of gold) and see what gold does next year. I think if it goes under £1k an ounce, i may try picking up the Beast's in gold, or just bulk sovereigns. Time will tell!
  7. Yetiwatch

    queen's beasts

    I love this series, hence why they led to my first 10 oz coin purchase. Truly magical coins! I think i will start of the gold version when spot goes back to three digits.
  8. I wish we were getting a nice cheque each month, but such is life. @freefall the 20% is voluntary by the company, so a lot of people are only getting 80% of wage. It will be or has recently changed that 60% will be paid by government and a further 20% paid by company, still with the voluntary 20%. I am just buying what i like at the moment, going for lower premium stuff, but most of the items for sale i have seen seem to be hella over priced, except some of the forum deals. Limiting myself to free cash i have each month, not dipping into my liquid savings.
  9. I have a bunch that i buy yearly i.e. Britannia's, maples, eagles etc, one of each, so i don't mind about price as long as i get one from each year. Whereas if i am buying bulk either larger bars or tubes, that's when i worry about spot price etc.
  10. Yetiwatch

    Silver Bars

    3rd from me too, new but i have spent quite a bit since joining due to excellent deals from members, they will also let you know of offers they spot when browsing the giant world which is the internet.
  11. I feel sleepy because I spent 5 hours last night compiling a list of cost for the last 4 years of collecting... surprisingly i can trace the cost of over 90% of my stack!
  12. Hey I get stuff shipped from outside the EU quite often and you will most likely be hit by import fees (plus the delivery companies standard fee which is usually around £12). You could always be dishonest with what is being shipped, but there are risks with that and don't forget if you lie about the value and the coins are lost in the post, then you won't be covered. What they do often now is if they look at the package and don't believe the value they will estimate a true value and charge you based on that. You can fight this, but if the value on the import sheet is false, you don't have a leg to stand on. Small amount of coins often go through without fees, but if you do get hit with the £12ish fee, this will be a higher percentage cost. I think it is best to factor the import fees into the cost, if you get hit its "normal" and if you don't then you have "won". Andrew
  13. I didn't even think of doing this! I know what i have but i haven't recorded what i paid :S
  14. Thanks for doing this vote, was very interesting to see where you fall among those that have voted.
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