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  1. was it a uk auction house or a overseas auction house ?
  2. what a difference a day makes £235 < £245 wonga says, or as iron maiden says. be quick or be dead 🙂
  3. here is some photo,s of the 2013 1oz silver brittanias i received from silverroller with no notorious imperfections. NB: the photo,s were taken in low light conditions. the coins shine as they should do. 😃
  4. Comex and the Lbma bled dry. buy high, sell even higher wonga says
  5. Comex and the Lbma bled dry. buy high, sell even higher wonga says
  6. 1oz silver canadian voyager silver 2017 .9999 150th anniversary edition in good bullion condition. 2 available supplied in flips and not a capsule as pictured as the capsules were to large. No tyre kickers . £26 each plus postage. payment by paypal fnf or uk bank. uk sale only please. Thank you
  7. 1oz silver rmc .999 silver bar. 2 available in bullion condition supplied in plastic flip. £26 each plus post. payment type. paypal fnf or uk bank . uk sale only please. thank you
  8. well if your selling one, put up a picture for inspection purposes would help some people 😃
  9. you want to borrow these buddy 👀 . postage of your choice
  10. Speculation time once again lol 🤣 The borg says Hold
  11. its in the condition as in the pic you see. i cant make it any better. sorry 😃
  12. 1oz silver brit plus 1oz silver krug 1x 1oz silver britannia 2020 plus 1oz silver krugerrand 2018 bullion in caps. £52 plus post of buyers choice. payment uk bank or paypal fnf. uk sale only please. thank you
  13. ask john snow. he wears a heavy winter coat 😃
  14. So if there is No manipulation. How come then a few years ago JPmorgan where fined nearly 1billion$ for rigging the comex ? Now who,s in denial. the lbma casino or the fed ? or the dribble they read. as above ^ 🤣
  15. thats how you carry it around in your pocket 🤣
  16. sounds like a plan to me 😎
  17. is it just of case of the spot price is meaningless (unless your a bullion dealer buying) as its manipulated and could be a sign of the times that spot price is no longer a viable option to gauge precious metals ?
  18. All now sold. thank you tsf
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