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  1. Yeah, if its a plan band and only going up a 1/2 or so very easy job for someone with the tools to do. They may charge you for labour... if you bought it from a brick and motor shop then it may be worth asking them, they may do it for free.
  2. Really sorry didn't get a notification for your reply I apologise for not responding sooner
  3. Sent you payment for the 1g gold. Pm'ed you my address
  4. Hi, do you have any close up pictures for the 1g gold bar, also what would be your best price on it?
  5. No problem completely understand, thanks for the response.
  6. Would you be interested in splitting the set up at all? Understand if not?
  7. Hello, I'm looking to see if anyone has any/all of the following for sale from the Tuvalu Marvel 1oz Series: Spiderman, Venom, Captain America, Hulk & Wolverine. Thought I would ask here first. Thanks, Shiney Magpie
  8. Hi, thanks for answering the question 👍
  9. Hello, Do these come in capsules? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the reply, will see what the Christmas period brings.
  11. Will you be selling any of these coins individually? thanks in advance
  12. What would be the all in (Including P&P) to to a UK address for a single coin?
  13. Hi BYB, Yes please if I could go for my 2 from previous year please. Just PM me with payment details once you have sorted everything and will send money across. Thanks once again for your continued efforts, ShineyMagpie
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