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  1. Looking for two or three of the above in good condition. If you're looking to sell then PM with an offer. Cheers
  2. Pair of 2005 Sov's from @ilovesilverireallydo. Still looking for the blue carded half sovereign if anyone has one 😀
  3. Thanks @SilverMike. It's starting to look that I will have to resubmit, but we shall see. Would I be right in assuming that they won't charge you delivery costs again if I do resubmit. The delivery charge isn't cheap by any means and I don't fancy getting charged again when it is their error.
  4. Thanks @UnoWho. Hopefully they can do that it seems a bit pointless shuffling the coin backwards and forwards, but then I guess it all depends on the paperwork needed. Will definitely email on Monday and see what they say. 👍
  5. Hi all, just trying to get ahead of the game of what to expect before I contact NGC directly. I have a coin coming back from the USA and it has been assigned a MS category instead of PF so the label is going to need changing. I understand that NGC will do this for free but what I'm not sure about is whether I will have to receive the coin back first and then resend with fresh paperwork or will NGC UK just keep the slab and deal with it themselves. Also in the meantime shall I pay the invoice now or wait until the coin is correctly labelled. If anyone has any experience of this I'd greatly appreciate some advice. Cheers
  6. Thanks @dangelo. I got mine from auction 2-3 years ago, the first and only time I've ever seen them, apart from Ebay. Would definitely go down the graded route which as you say does incur the extra costs but you do definitely know what you're getting and gives you piece if mind. Maybe put a wanted ad on the forum, you never know what people have tucked away and could be looking to move on.
  7. Hi @dangelo I don't think it is good news with what you have. As far as I'm aware that is a repro that you've got either gold plated or made out of brass for the tourist market. The two main reasons that give it away are that the genuine Cal gold didn't have a bear on it and also crucially there is no value on the coin, eg dollars or cents. I happen to have a graded octagonal from 1871 which is very similar to yours, however you can see that it says 1/4 dollar as opposed to just 1/4. Hope that helps and if you Google "California gold with bear" there is quite a bit of info out there. I'm certainly no expert and have just lightly researched and read into the history. Fascinating era and times. More than happy to be challenged if I've got any wrong and hope you didn't pay too much for it 😀
  8. Sorry folks didn't check the link properly but it is the 245k Completer. Link now changed 👍
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2019-Royal-Mint-The-Great-Engravers-Una-and-the-Lion-Gold-Proof-One-Kilo-1kg-/284365475436?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Anyone seen anything more expensive then this on Ebay. Just think of the commission due on this.... Still on the plus side you get free three day postage, maybe 2nd class signed for. What could possibly go wrong 😀 Now where did I leave my old lottery tickets !!!!
  10. Had to go to Hungerford this morning and whilst having a coffee thought I would Googke local coin shops and to my surprise found there was an actual open coin and stamp shop in the High Street. Popped in there and found this red leather proof set I've been missing. Great price and a really good mix of modern and new coins including a raw Three Graces. Chewed the fat for a while and it made a nice change to get something not posted. The bullion Completers turned up this morning quite by chance as well so all in all not a bad start to the day. The coin shop is called The Coin and Stamp centre and is in Hungerford High Street. I'm not affiliated in any way just thought it was worth a mention if anyone is in the area to go and have a look and keep the small businesses ticking over😀
  11. On the lookout for one of these in good condition. Cash or silver trade available (Brits/ASE). Thanks for looking 👍 0
  12. My 2021 SOTD 50p. The grading gods continue to smile at the moment and long may it continue 😀 Also thanks to Louise and @CoinsOfTheRealmAuctions for the grading and great service 👍
  13. Consecutive number 3 coin 2005 Brit set. Very lucky to get top grade on all these coins and big thanks to @Clockpuncher for his help in sourcing.
  14. @Hunter87 Good question. How long is a piece of string? It all depends on the coin and what options you choose. As a minimum I would roughly say about £25 plus and go from there. It all depends on what the coin is and what options you choose (special label, conservation, scratch resistant slab etc). A basic 1 oz silver coin is going to cost far less than a 2 oz gold 3 Graces with conservation. It is a bit of a rabbit warren but once you get your head round it, it's not so bad. I wanted to grade on my own to understand the process and stages that are involved from end to end. Its not something I will do every time and will still use 3rd parties.It's definitely cheaper going through a 3rd party if you only have one or two coins to grade. I've used Numi and Coins of the Realm and no complaints from either. Both keep you informed if you have any questions and very efficient. Hope that helps a little, if you've got any more questions then fire away..
  15. Just checked and my coin is now on the system, so 2 weeks seems to be quite good. I've graded many coins but always through third parties. To me anyway it will be interesting to follow the process and time lines as it happens and get the final grade. Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment. 👍👍👍
  16. Just a quick follow up on this subject. I sent a package off to NGC UK last week, my first and they received it last Wednesday. Checked on the submission page and nothing is showing. (RMSD says package received) Any idea from anyone out there what the time frame is before something shows on the system. I know the chances of the package not being delivered and signed for by someone else are slim but you never know and the old paranoia starts to kick in. Would it be anything to do with the fact that NGC only updates on Tuesday? I did also send them a email saying a package was on the way with the SD number. Didn't get a reply to that so I'm assuming if there was a problem they would have emailed back saying they didn't receive the package. As I say any help on the next stages after posting would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  17. I'll take the 2005 please if still there. Thanks
  18. 1989 sold pending payment. Thank you everyone 👍👍👍
  19. Up for grabs, all the best RM special issues. All bar the 2016 come with the original OMP and COA's. No issues with the coins and all the packaging is in mint (pardon the pun) condition. All come with capsules bar the 2012. All the coins will have really good photos on the NGC lookup certification site to appreciate the quality. Not very often you get the PF70 with all the original OMP. 1989 £800 Sold 2002 £380 Sold 2012 £450 Sols 2016 £550 Sold 2017 £550 Sold All come with free SD postage to the day of your choice and payment by BT or PPFF. Any questions then please PM me and thanks for looking, 👍
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