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  1. I have also been buying & selling on ebay for 15 years and last month had my first proper scam. Not sold anything for a while as you hear so much scammer going on, and I also can't be bothered with all the grief for a couple of pounds profit. I bought a 2020 silver proof, the pictures were just copied from the RM, but I thought as it's a new coin there wouldn't be any problems. The coin was too cheap and I should have known better, but I bought it anyway. When it arrived it looked like somebody had made a very bad attempt at cleaning it, so I started a return as not described thinking the seller may not have realised the coin was marked. He replied that was not the coin he had sent me and I was a scammer, thankfully I have been on ebay for a long time and have got a lot of all positive feed back, where he had only been a member for a year or so. So ebay found in my favour, but it was a lot of grief waiting for them to sort it out. So no more buying from people with small feedback and have not been member for a long time. Rather takes the fun out of trying to get a bargain, so I will not be buying much if any from now on.
  2. Thank you for the fish coin, absolutely stunning coin. Fast delivery and well packaged
  3. Hi, Could I have a Walnut 10 oz QB please.
  4. Power coin got one for Β£335 and they do free delivery on orders over Β£200. https://www.powercoin.it/en/cit-coin-invest-ag/4938-black-panther-hunters-by-night-2-oz-silver-coin-10-palau-2020.html It seems that if a coin is popular and you don't get in early, all the dealers put the price up.
  5. You might want to have a look around to see if you can get a better price than Coin Invest, as I ordered mine from Minted and it was a lot cheaper (unfortunately they are showing as sold out). Although it's looking to be a popular coin so you might struggle to find one available
  6. I've ordered this, looks a great coin. Unfortunately wont be delivered until the end of November, really looking forward to seeing it first hand.
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