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  1. No worries Leo you will be my only stop if I sell!! Thanks Mark ps. Have you got all the other years?
  2. Hello sir, byb sent me a message saying you would like to buy the 2017 TSF 1 oz bar number 59 I have the bar at the moment I don’t want to sell. Just that this was the first poured Silver bars I have ever bought I’m just gutted I haven’t bought any other years as I can’t afford to. I’m really sorry thanks Mark
  3. Hello has anyone got or can help with where I can get a airtight capsule for the Queens 95th birthday Silver 1 oz ingot
  4. Can I have 2 please with 2nd class signed for please? Thanks Trumar
  5. I’m in this year. My offer is this 1 oz silver COVID-19 coin.
  6. Congratulations sir did we say we would go half’s!! 😁😁😁😎
  7. First answer 376 my daft answer: β€œI’m not a number I’m a free manβ€œ
  8. Thank you very much for giving me the chance to win this coin!! If I win this coin it will be the biggest weight coin or bar I will have! So I need to win and thank you again @Lr103 for the chance!!
  9. Me I’m on for Β£34.50 now that would help me out with the wife lol.
  10. Trumar

    What to collect

    Hello @StevenDS so the Β£130 including postage you are asking for the Lion and Griffin is still on yes?
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