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  1. Congratulations sir did we say we would go half’s!! 😁😁😁😎
  2. Loving the look of this bar. Why when I’m skint!! 🤩🤩🤩😎
  3. Would you do £60 delivered please? 😎
  4. First answer 376 my daft answer: “I’m not a number I’m a free man“
  5. Me I’m on for £34.50 now that would help me out with the wife lol.
  6. Love the detail you are putting into this build. Makes the build so more enjoyable. Does this build tell you the colours to use and where to use? The detail you’re doing making this build come to life. Are you using any type of magnifying glass?
  7. Trumar

    What to collect

    Hello @StevenDS so the £130 including postage you are asking for the Lion and Griffin is still on yes?
  8. Trumar

    What to collect

    @StevenDS Apologies for just getting back to you, I didn’t see your offer until now. This being TSF I do believe this s the best offer I will be offered. Can I get back to you this afternoon about 17.00pm when my wife gets up as she works nights as I would love to take your offer but I need to check that we have the money in the bank first. Is this ok with you? P.S. I want to say to you Sir, thank you very much for your offer to me I know you do not have to offer these 2 Queens Beasts to me. I am very appreciated for this offer! Many Thanks Mark
  9. @StackingItAll thank you for getting back to me, The more I look at your first poured bar, the more I think it is a perfect Hovis bar! I want to have ago at pouring one day hopefully. Is that the same no matter what size bar that you got to have more silver than needed for the size of a mould? Thanks Mark
  10. @StackingItAll that is well nice pour! As what ............. said that does look like a lump of Hovis Bread! This loaf is brilliant. Can I ask what was the weight of silver shot you used and how much you got left?
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