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  1. Very satisfied with HGM, only ever hand carry the gold into them though, and get cash in hand. Don't know gold exchange, but should be worth a look if recommended by either individuals. Personally, thinking of listing some gold on ghe forum, as an auction.... think this might be best option atm. Let us know what you decided and how it turns out. Goodluck 👍
  2. Hello Fellow Members, I have the following silver coins i would like to sell, or exchange, preferably for gold... but always happy to hear a fair offer no matter what it maybe. Have had a look around, and believe i have priced these fairly (cheaper than I could find them, where in stock). If you find cheaper, please let me know so I may adjust / reduce accordingly 😀 Sold as loose bullion coins, supplied in a coin flip. Some have milking and toning; please do ask me for additional photos should you want them. For Sale 2007 1oz Canadian Maple (slight milking) 2qty
  3. Preference at the moment is to sell this as one lot. 15 various chains, all used but it very good condition. Opportunity to make something on the resale side I honestly think. Total weight is approx 312 grams. Price 235 GBP = approx .75p a gram of .925 silver Postage on top (approx £10) tracked,signed for with insurance for the lot. Approx 1 week transit time to the U.K and Europe. Willing to exchange for other shiny goodies, that I may not necessarily have to wear 😆 Thanks
  4. @GrandadLion congrats lets hear you roar 😃 @RoslandGold once again, many thanks, most generous of you Emanuel
  5. nice coin. I thinking slabbing it is a good idea. Especially on proofs Congrats
  6. Today I received my first byb forum bars, big thanks to our @5huggy for graciously making it happen 🙏 number 74, looking for all the previous years now as well. AWESOME 👌 Thanks also to @OriginalS for reaching out to me, and providing me with my first platinum pieces. Feeling there is more to come.
  7. Someone got a great deal here 👍
  8. hi, a belated welcome to the forum. If you do manage to come across any old Cyprus silver coinage please give me a shout, even poor condition coins tend to always be worth more than melt. Good luck 👍
  9. Looking to add a little memorable magic to a difficult life moment for my little ones. Please pm with any offers or suggestions. Does not necessarily have to be this coin... similar would also be of great interest. Thank you
  10. Great collection. Shame you only post to U.S addresses only. Goodluck
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