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  1. Same here please. Hopefully I can get at least one this time. Any number would be absolutely fine 🙂, two would be magic , but leave it to you. Cheers
  2. Hi and welcome 🙂 Hopefully you could share some too 😁 Think your special, just reached 10,000 members. Congratulations on that PWM 👍
  3. Congratulations👍 awesome milestone 🙂 Happy for you, the team and our community.
  4. Really nice 👍 can I have 2nds on anything if someone does not make a purchase please.
  5. Congratulations on that, 30 to kick things off ; welcome to the wonderful world of stacking 👍 The gold roo's are also awesome. Bought my first one on the forum about 2 months ago. Would really recommend you get a premium membership if your in the market for good deals, plenty to be had here if you fast enough to catch them 😉 Enjoy
  6. Did you purchase the 2020 brits on the special offer they did about 2 months ago on with random "circulated" brits? If so I also got some 2020 & 2019 milked up ones; but at 16€/pc still think I got a steal
  7. Actually thought you had one @Jamesd already judging by your recent awesome purchases. 👍
  8. Definitely, have to 2and that ; our lady Fortuna 👍
  9. My first forum gold to be received in hand. ( could say finger in this case) procured over a month ago but received today. Now where can I hide her 🙂 thanks to @Emanuel 👍
  10. Nice one @BedMac, congrats 👍 Thanks to @RoslandGold yet again
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