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  1. Hi there & welcome to the tsf 👍
  2. @Leonmarsh @Troy77 gents please feel free to bag this bargain.... its stare is killing me 🤣 just dont understand why its still here 😬
  3. Pmd thats the Christmas spirit 👍
  4. Loved it! Thanks to all of you for participating and providing some extra amusement. Didn't manage to get exactly what I wanted 😉, but certainly more than I bargained for; Would certainly do it again 🙂 @trp @ChrisSilver and @DarkChameleon a special thanks to you for some more nice memorable TSF moments. Happy holidays to all and all the best for 2021
  5. Seasons greetings Inspired by a recent post. Received my PayPal cash raffle prize today and would like to turn it into something more festive, something form one of our talented pourers. Won 30GBP; but willing to add to that, potentially double it actually. Doesn't necessarily need to be hallmarked, as I'm outside the U.K I'm aware there could be delays and issues to get it hallmarked, and out to me before the end of the month. @RiverbankSilver @StBeesSilver @BackyardBullion @jonrms @StackerQueen @Stacker2020 apologies if I have missed anyone Can you please
  6. Think both the price and product are nice. Keep at it. Issue i face is I can only pay via pp as International bank transfers cost me a bomb.
  7. Yep. I'm hooked! Been through the list x10 times, identified what I would like and now just waiting for tomorrow 🤞😄 Didn't think I could get like this when I signed up 🙈
  8. Nice. Really nice @heyimderrick 👍 congrats on that awesome win
  9. Welcome, Fyi : There are few members on the forum who are located in The Netherlands 👍
  10. PCGS AU58 1879-KB Forint Attractive 141 year old silver coin. They just dont make them like this anymore 😁 £38 + post Will post to U.K & E.U PPFF pls CountryHungary KingFrancis Joseph (1848-1916) TypeStandard circulation coin Years1870-1879 Value1 Forint (1) CurrencyAustro-Hungarian forint (decimalized, 1857-1892) CompositionSilver (.900) Weight 12.3457 g Diameter 29 mm Thickness 2 mm Shape Round OrientationMedal alignment ↑↑ DemonetizedYes ReferencesÉH# 1464, H# 2138, H# 2139, KM#
  11. Hello, Beautiful coin 😃 Condition as per photos. Please do let me know should you need anything further. Priced at £66 + post PPFF in GBP or Euro Signed, tracked and insured postage to U.K / E.U £4. Thank you Country 🇯🇵 Emperor Shōwa (1926-1989) Type Circulating commemorative coin Year 39 (1964) Calendar Japanese - Shōwa era Value
  12. £120 including signed for, tracked and insured postage to the U.K / E.U PPFF please in either GBP or EURO Please view the pictures of the specific coin. Should you need anything else please do let me know. A little more info on this error coin: This coin is the Rare Lunar Horse Mule version which has the denticled obvers from the Britannia which has teething around border . The Royal Mint released the 2014 Silver Britannia and Silver Lunar Horse coins at the same time and got the obverse of the coins the wrong way round and here we have the 2014 Lunar Horse with t
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