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  1. Hi I would like to buy few gold coins Britannia and/or sovereign , for security reason prefer transaction in person rather than post , will pay by bank transfer or can do partial cash / transfer , prefer to meet around Birmingham area. Looking for something around spot price. or Ideally if you ere a dealer with reasonable price PM if interested.
  2. Hi I would like to invest few pounds in to gold for a long term - just wondering if I should start collecting Queens beasts 1/4oz Gold - I think this is really nice and beautiful series but not sure if current price is not to high ( comparing to 1oz Britannia )? Where I can find the mintage info ? - From what I can see the mintage is unlimited so in theory they should be always available ? What is your opinions buys about that series ?
  3. Hi Anyone have for sale or know where I can get this box from or at least what is the approx price of it ?
  4. Hi I can see that silver to go website offers VAT free Britannia coins to private buyers , I bought 10 from them and there is no VAT on the invoice. How this apply in general to tax law in UK if I buy from there ? Company is based in Germany which means is also under EU VAT rules. Any help appreciated. Thanks Dan
  5. Yes, fully aware of that , I just have few K locked on Scottish Widows from my old employee which I did not transfer anywhere so once this is converted to gold , I will have nicely balanced portfolio gold + current pension plan linked to shares etc.
  6. Hi Has anyone in here got any experience with trusted SIPP provider which allows to invest in physical gold as pension plan ? I just want to leave the sinking ship and transfer my existing pension plan to SIPP and invest all that in gold before all those financial markets go to the ground. Anyone done this and can recommend any self investment pension plan providers which let me go in to physical gold ?
  7. Same as me - was trying to find more info or see the average prices etc , but no luck , so just made a assumption that this will be a good deal in long run
  8. It looks like this will be my first transaction on this forum. I will take it.
  9. Do you have 1/4 oz Unicorn of Scotland?
  10. Looking for Queen's Beasts Unicorn Silver Coin - 10 oz and 2 oz at reasonable price and condition - It will be my 5yo daughter first silver stack as she loves coins and unicorns
  11. HI Im new to this , I seen information's on few websites that when buying /selling gold to/from them I need to bring in my photo ID. Is this the legal requirement in UK or only some stores require that? What is the reason for this ? Thanks
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