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  1. Hi I'm looking for dos pesos coins and/or quarter sov's - 5-10 pcs. Prefer close to spot price but open for offers.
  2. How many silver oz do you expect for the card ? - Britannia for example
  3. HI I occasionally buying some silver/ gold , here , ebay, or facebook marketplace. Just wondering what would be the best ( affordable ) tester for metals ? Can someone recommend any equipment in reasonable price for home use ?
  4. Looking for Half sovereign - ideally 20-30 pcs ( but can consider any smaller qty) , close to spot price .
  5. Hi Can anyone supply 2oz Capsules for Queens Beast 25 pcs at least at reasonable price ? Prefer payment by paypal FF or bank tranfer Thanks
  6. Correct me if I am wrong but I was under impression that Britannia from 1996 is 22ct not 24ct ?
  7. yes , those I was the type of coins I was thinking about , half sovs are to big
  8. I was not thinking about melting , more likely about to attach something to the coins by soldering etc to make them a earring or necklace as per pics.
  9. Hi I am new to metals so one on those newbie questions: Just wondering if this is a good idea to convert some small gold coins into earrings or necklace ? Main point is - can this decrease the value of the coin/gold in them by any chance ? Also what would be approx price to make pair of earrings from lets say 2 half sovs by goldsmith in UK ? Thanks in advance
  10. DanTer

    for exchange (By Platinum Member) High Quality Coffee for Silver

    I have for exchange a lot of high quality Italian coffee made by Musetti. Quite difficult to get in UK , average resale price £20+ / kg , I would like to swap 2kg of your choice from below pic for 1oz Silver Coin. I got few boxes available , expiry date approx 18 months from date of post. So coffee wort £40+ for 1 oz of silver.
  11. Hi Not silver or gold but hopefully someone here can help me... Im looking to buy min 1-2 tonnes of worldwide bullion coins , off course not silver or gold , but standard coins used everyday , current and/or out of circulation ideally worldwide mix . If someone have access tho this type of stock or know someone who know someone - please PM - I can pick up anywhere in UK or EU. Thanks
  12. Looking for 1oz Gold Britannia 2013 or younger. 1 to 3 pcs - at spot or around .
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