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  1. Let's hope so. Mind you I need to some money in first. With xmas and not working, funds getting low
  2. Just to wish everyone a merry xmas. I treated myself today to a 1/10 gold 2021 britannia. Was watching tv, well more like looking through websites on my phone at gold. Last one for this year. Mind you next week is a new year...lol
  3. Nice looking 1g bars. Hope you sale them. Nearly tempted to buy some. Choices are Bills or gold. Bills won this one. Lol
  4. Hi clockpuncher.. That's made me think. Quite a bit of difference there. I'll look into tour suggestions. Many thanks for the reply
  5. Not so much a question as a discussion. I have been buying 1oz silver britannias to stack. I have been paying around £28-30 per coin. As finances are a little tight I have only been buying 2 at a time. Sometimes 5 here and there. I've been buying through recognised companies. Not sure if we can mention names on here. Please let me know if ok to do so. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on prices for the brits.
  6. I would like to apolagise. I'm not that great with technology and new to this site. Pete wasnt asking me. When I re read I realised I made a mistake. Sorry people.....
  7. Hi Pete. My approach is to aim at bullion grade stuff. Currently just the basics. 1oz silver britannias. Maybe 1oz gold britannias one day. Full and half sovereigns. UK the new 2020 bullion grade. Have a couple which I'm really pleased with. I only started attacking a few months back and have been working out my approach. I'm aiming for long term. 10 years or longer. If I get the chance in between that to make some money great, if not then I will just enjoy the purchasing and talking to like minded people along the way. When I retire I hopefully will be able to enjoy my pr
  8. Hi I know this is a post from a few months back, but, I am new to the forum and i stumbled across this. Great read and appreciate the time and effort that has gone into this. Along with being informative and very helpful to me as I have just started collecting sovereigns. Bullion purpose not as a collector. Thanks
  9. Thanks. Looking forward to the discussions
  10. Makes perfect sense about the delivery. Thank you for the comment 👋
  11. Sorry for the question about silver to go. I have only recently joined and still working this site out. Might take me a bit to get up to speed but thanks for the message ChrisSilver.
  12. Hi all. I am a newbie withings the silver stacking world. Started around 3 months ago, and already addicted. In particular the 1oz silver britannias. My question to you all is this. Would you recommend silver to go.com?
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