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Investing in different currenices

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Forex traders are doing this daily digitally...

It could potentially work with physical if you can get low spreads on your exchange and one currency falls vs the other.

Look at a few currency pair charts for eg gbp/chf and there was a 50% swing in exchange rate over a few years from 2007 to 2011

If you bought £10k worth of CHF you could have then sold it and bought back 50% more GBP in theory

Equally if people with a currency that has really suffered in recent years bought CHF or USD as opposed to saving in their local currency it could have protected their funds 

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Yes but only if you believe sterling is going to drop against the currencies you buy.
The problem however is do you believe the Swiss franc is overvalued, the dollar overvalued and maybe the Euro undervalued ?
Impossible for us muggles to forecast and even the FOREX traders and speculators don't know and they deal in billions every day.
Okay if there is bad news in an economy by the time we know about it the traders have already adjusted exchange rates so we are always too late to the table. However if you are prepared to take a longer term view then speculating can work in your favour but it can also work against you.
Since many governments are printing money - QE - they are in fact deliberately devaluing their currency so maybe you would be better suited to buying something that isn't being devalued / manipulated. Wish there was an easy guaranteed solution to this problem and protecting against high inflation.

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Scottish Pounds (GBP, pound sterling issued by the Bank of England).

Technically, alcohol is a solution..

'It [socialism] poses a growing threat, however unintentional, to the freedom of this country, for there is no freedom where the State totally controls the economy. Personal freedom and economic freedom are indivisible. You can’t have one without the other. You can’t lose one without losing the other.'

"There is no such thing as public money, there is only taxpayers' money"

Let not England forget her precedence of teaching nations how to live, and It's  Britannia, with one t and two n's.

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I was in this game for 30 years.. if you think PM prices are random FX is not for you .  we had highly paid economists predicting all kinds of rubbish 3 years out.  FX is as predictable as the weather.

also rememeber when you buy any commodity your are effectively exposing yourself to GBP/USD  FX.    

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