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  1. I would say sovereigns or bullion because almost all of humanity, or also known as the "slavery", dont know or want to know the true extent of bankers creating, supporting and covering up the greatest theft of time. The slaves dont know where to go, what to do or understand how to deal with their situation, and the government is continuing to sell them, their homes, their life savings, their future and their childrens future and their hopes to Global Banks.
  2. Inflation; increase of money supply price premium; supply scarcity
  3. Technology is and will still inflate; new iPhones are around £1k - new car model is around 10%-20% higher price - laptops and pcs are still trending higher price (mainly due to new technological advancements in graphics card). As for the basics, my food bill has went up around 12% in most products (mainly meat), electricity bill has been going up again and fiber optic.
  4. And your laughing at social science… Cheek!
  5. What did you graduate with? Dont, I used it for economics hahaha
  6. Aye. Graduated with social science. One of my mates when to Strathclyde, apparently its easy to get in. Did you ever apply for Glasgow Uni? £10 an application hahaha they are scumbags
  7. Carstealership? It used to be great money 15 years ago. The margins now are a few hundred quid in most used models. I am still amazed people use credit to buy a new model. You would hate me, im a non-negotiable cash buyer.
  8. How is the Bank of England Inflation Calculator an indication of inflation, when they hide inflation in their metrics?
  9. The SDRs have been in the pipeline since the 60s. Its just another layer of the ponzi scheme. We are coerced into stacking metals as a result.
  10. What makes you think that?
  11. They wont raise rates because they cant afford it. This is to transfer more power and wealth into the bankers/elite hands; digital currency and greater globalist powers. The pandemic "system" is masked for civil unrest protocalls. Even the 0 zone that is considered "normal" has civil rights openly violated by the state.
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