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  1. Do you suffer from learning difficulties? England cant vote in a Scottish referendum.
  2. The Barnett Formula is applied to I think London weighting which is applied to both planned capital and revenue expenditure and that no Govt spending programme or spending authority accounts for expenditure at transaction level according to which UK territory it is spent in or benefits. The figures used by the treasury are totally unreliable for all UK territories particularly as they relate to England (the formula applied).
  3. Thats because we dont control all of our economy and dont receive all tax revenues. You are literally confirming my point.
  4. Theres no doubt shes corrupt and has been compromised, you must think the average SNP voter isnt aware of it or wont admit it. Theres a few good ones here and there. Most are keynesian fundamentalists.
  5. Your statement was false by insinuating I and millions of Scots get funded by you. Delusional post.
  6. As a collective - the country. You are, your English. That means you are from the South as a geographical approximation of England from looking down "South" from Scotland. If you think we are intimidated from any threat of force from England you have another thing coming to you. I actually love how theres a prevailing arrogance that you think you can take Scotland when its never been taken from anyone. He followed Eton ideology. He sold his soul to the Union along with Blair. Both are hated up here in Scotland and yet people down South for some reason think they arent.
  7. Wait until you learn hes half Scottish and it doesnt suit your illusion. Anyone but England 🙃 Just dont win the World Cup in Qatar. You are confirming my point.
  8. Why dont you campaign and break away then? Most north of the border support English nationalism. You wont though, because most of you down South vote Unionist parties - still voting in Etonians f*cking up the economy with elite racketeering keynesianism - tax dodging, insider trading, bailouts and perpetuating inequality. Fact there is an accused Royal that has a history of sexual abuse running into Castles all over the UK to hide away from letters is like something out of the 12th century. You are getting the fright of your life when Scotland leaves, and I know you wont believe it but its coming and im willing to bet my entire stack on it.
  9. You will probably attempt to deny this but the Barnett Formula is not in any way based on the needs of Scotland, or on the levels of revenue generated in Scotland. All the best for English Independence.
  10. All we need is a decentralised energy product (zero-point energy system) that is produced and installed in every household/dwelling. An open-sourced internet system for information and technology. Public health system and infrastructure/domestic system. Thats it. Nothing else matters. Tariff systems would be a perfect solution. Plus, the economy should be built towards self-efficiency because transactions would indicate reliance in a certain sector. Development in technology would be focused on that sector that is needing credit. This system is upsides down.
  11. Your wasting your time, mate. This Keynesian nonsense is everywhere, its conditioned, regurgitated and became the primary mental process to understand the economy and history of money. Its incredible. I wouldnt mind paying tariffs for public services but war and financial services would need the consent of the people through bonds (not going to happen because thats predicated on keynesianism).
  12. I agree. The multinationals and British monarchy should do more. I am sick of paying my share.
  13. Hahahahaha Fife is close as im in the East Coast 😆 No word of a lie every time I drive by it I give her palace the fingers. Its a disgrace! hahaha
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