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  1. It wouldnt surprise me if they eventually take out food prices in the measurements and just leave energy prices, or vice-versa.
  2. $80 at the end of the year imo. Either way, its bullish we can all agree on that.
  3. Correct. This is the metals decade. We have seen nothing yet.
  4. Priced in world currency units, gold is trading at exactly the same price as it was before covid. Despite a 70% increase in money supply, gold hasnt moved.
  5. You are going to regret this, especially in this decade.
  6. I cant see it collapsing anytime soon, I wish I was wrong and see a massive correction but I cant. I suspect the Bank of England are copying the Federal Reserves "Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility" where they are creating CDOs for hundreds of thousands of UK mortgages. All this MMT is absolutely insane.
  7. Well, I declare enough to pay down the mortgage and I doubt the SNP are going to raise more after adding 1% towards my tax bracket (touch wood). The remaining earned income will be distributed towards further Gold purchases for the pension/early retirement, offshore bank account and maybe a holiday to the Netherlands if the missus behaves because shes doing my tits in at the moment.
  8. Correct. To be honest I calculated the same food, consumables and fuel prices from 2018 to now (mostly Asda shopping) and its up 27%. Thats 9%, give or take, on average. Thats not taken into account of getting the house new laminate flooring. Electrical consumer goods. AA batteries, you name it. Its over 10% if you really calculate the entire lot.
  9. What is absolutely clear is that Western Nations and Central Banks are doing everything to hide the real rate of inflation whilst claiming they are struggling to meet their target of 2%. This deception has enabled the Banks to prevaricate credit/currency expansion. What do you believe is the real yielding rate against our standard of living?
  10. I am trying to find all UK external debts but only the Bank of England is showing up.
  11. Unfortunately, but it wont be in the near future. Scottish sovereigns would be interesting.
  12. 1) Modern bullion. 2) N/A 3) 1 ounce 4) Stacker for wealth preservation
  13. While the £ price heads lower it indicates institutions and hedge funds are accumulating positions. This should make you comfortable and confident. This should not diminish your desire to hold your wealth in your hand (physical gold). This decade will conduit profits and a Gold price like we have never seen before.
  14. They will. This is a perfect buying opportunity.
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