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  1. Well, the problem with that is when Snowden leaked it all (NSA and GCHQ) he stated that they have the ability to listen through certain machines; Even landline phones.
  2. There are ones where they take your picture as well from some webcam. Either way, you know deep down the state has the ability to track purchasers.
  3. I think the OP is English if we are going by the information he is presenting on here, but the post would indicate he is American. Well, England is a recognised country in everything bar the UN and Olympics due to the two acts (Acts of Union) of which were passed through the parliaments of both England and Scotland. I get where you are coming from but to term England as 'region' is not accurate, yous (im assuming you are English here) have a parliament. But aye, the Catalans live in Catalunya.
  4. Its common that Americans use loose terminology to describe the UK as England, but his location states 'England'.. But... England is a country within the United Kingdom. Please look at the heptarchy treaty under Athelstan who created the Kingdom of England.
  5. Thanks for the insight. To be honest I dont doubt the process. I just think the government can, in someway, get to the information with a bit of effort. Maybe not all, maybe some, but I think they can if it came down to it.
  6. Agree, however they have the tools to identify purchasers and track them down. The biggest issue they have is attending to confiscate the metal. I think the approach and its reasonable to deduce to the idea that it would be similar to new zealanders handing in their guns - this process would tell citizens that if you hold metals you are to "hand them in" which would then facilitate a tick off the list approach of purchasers which is provided by government data (GCHQ). The second phase in my opinion would be similar to fines or sentences. The third phase would be contentious politics from the government.
  7. I dont doubt that is the law but its an illusion - By the time I have purchased from a shop on the internet its already recorded by GCHQ. As for in person, I would bet and assume GCHQ could find a way to steal my info from my local bullion shop given that you have to provide them with ID and a signature - given that its electronically recorded.
  8. To be honest im going to assume you already know this given the context of that post, especially when you have included purchases, dealers, forums, private mail... Its like you are presenting yourself as some sort of caricature with the act of not knowing such exercise exists. I just dont know why you are doing it to be honest, again, it makes me assume that you are an actor for the system, maybe you are part of the 77th Brigade? A Banker? A bureaucrat? Or, someone who is literally and genuinely set in his own ways thats swallowed the propaganda? Either way, the government can take Gold from the population by identifying purchases and so forth.
  9. No it doesnt and I am tired of reading and listening to such authoritarian playbook propaganda because the GCHQ Tempora operation provided by Edward Snowden blew this out the window. But there is no doubt you will continue to engage in sophistry by trying to twist the truth as some sort of disservice. _ You would think by now given the leaks and whistleblowing regarding just one aspect, especially the digital media and telecommunications that people would wake up to the fact that surveillance is a pretext to justify this Corporatic-banking-military-industrial-complex (finance-fascism). I am tired of people, nearly everyday, in person and on here spewing out the same establishment propaganda dialogue nonsense that the law is preventing nefarious acts against the population - Even so that some attempt by trying to use deductive reasoning to deluded an agenda in here that those in power are really helping people in a context where their explanation is so parochialist in a way that is predicated on delusions of comfort because they are oppressed by their daily requirements which are heavily influenced by the narrative of the mainstream media. Its actually unbelievable how presenting facts, highlighting the truth, scaling wealth in comparison from the lower classes to those in power with vast amounts of wealth that live in a different socioeconomic lifestyle are enablers of corruption isnt enough for the sheeple to wake up. Im starting to believe that majority of the population loves the lies and deception that is fed to them making any sort of perspicacity impossible to grasp through the authoritarian agenda. Its so effective that when you present the facts people will treat you as purely assumed based or conspiratorial, its so uncommon in their day-to-day life they see it as unwarranted or they will ridicule you which reflects the entrenchment of how conditioned majority of society is.
  10. 😄 You genuinely believe that, dont you? I wouldnt put it past the government confiscating peoples Gold to be honest. Each to our own but I believe moving wont do anything other than tangling yourself into a similar situation as here but I could be wrong (but I doubt it). The best alternative is to dig it into the ground that only you know where it is.
  11. The more times it hits 1430 the greater the chance it will go through it
  12. I think China will do it through the BRICs or similar. If Gaddafi was still alive there is no doubt he would be considering it.
  13. I have came across this by Jim Rickards. He stated the IMF are trying to bring out some sort of digital fiat system to suck in the Chinese but they wont! It will be the digital gold by the East that will set the way to the reset.
  14. Well history says otherwise. Please look at religious institutions throughout the years.
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