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  1. Not long ago posters on this forum were doing anything to deny these sort of actions were happening. I dont know why you would portray the rules as some sort of barrier against corruption - when these laws are created against it to get away with it.
  2. And I bet you believe Scotlands economy is restricted to 5% of its GDP? The arrogance is astounding.... Actually its astonishing but not surprising.
  3. The claim that "most" of the oil fields are west of Shetland is quiet frankly nonsense and lies perpetuated by BP and other British Oil and Gas corporations to subvert and present an illusion of incongruity towards the Scottish governments right on marine resources. For your understanding the North Sea maritime area, latitude 55 degrees north, which is under the jurisdiction of Scots law constitutes 90% of Oil and Gas under Scottish jurisdiction. Under a Independent Scotland and for the purpose of truth here are the fields Scotland will have access to; Nevis, Beryl, Ness, Leadon, Berse, Glasse
  4. Which Oil Fields do we Scots lose? Because this is news to not only me, but ground breaking for the whole of Scotland IF they choose to go alone considering Orkney is simply a Oil transport route with no fields in its jurisdiction. The Beatrice feild is the closest oil field which, by the way, is off the coast of Cruden Bay.
  5. The truth needs to come out. I believe its a human duty, need and right to persue it no matter the consequences. Theres no point in living a lie as it benefits a few for their gain. Liberty or death. Anyway, to the apparent 'virus'. There is a independent journalist named John Cullen who has investigated the CDCs (Centers for Disease Control) own data which shows false information on the deaths relating to the apparent 'covid-19'. The reason being is that the influenza virus deaths is being counted WITH the apparent 'covid-19' deaths. John Cullen - Influenza Virus used as CORO
  6. Pish.... What a load of absolute s**** that Good Morning Britain show is, ****ing nonsense. The gravity of it all.... Sarcastically cackling and obfuscating at the facts while commanding a undermining illusion and subverting ALL and ANY dissent against this apparent "virus". My god, no wonder most people in the UK are conditioned lickspittles with no sense of independent thought. "66 times below the safety limit ... meaning it is not strong enough to harm ourselves or have a negative effect on our immune system" I have never heard such nonsense in my life, someone what HALF a brain can si
  7. All I can find about this Kyle Rittenhouse is that he was defending his business from possible ANTIFA/BLM attack? I hope the United States defend his right of self-defense if thats the case. EDIT: Just found out that he was attacked by BLM for putting out a trash can which was on fire that the rioters [BLM] were about to push into police squad cars. BLM got restless and attacked him as a result. Below the video details it all.
  8. The United States has turned into a reality TV show; Its going to be interesting watching the Trump-Biden debate at the end of this month - Bidens cognitive failures are easily conspicuous and the incoherent ramblings are astonishing. Interestingly the Donald addressed to his audience along and to the schizophrenic media that Biden will be pumped full of drugs during the live debate so its reasonable to ask for drug testing. Theres no doubt in my mind that the Democratic movement over there is one of the most corrupt entities ever to operate on US soil - maybe even on the par with the financi
  9. Like my title says "Dont give up on Silver"
  10. I feel like our species are owed the explanation of the pyramids; its shape, mechanism etc as its a primary motivator behind questioning our existence or presence. When you look at it [Pyramid of Giza] you just think to yourself "is this really created from the conventional understandings (deceit) of Egyptian slave labour?". Our gut tells us that it isnt, the mainstream scientists are ideologically possessed as they have major flaws in explaining the creation [pyramids] and its purpose. Teslas understanding and material suggests it was used as some sort of electrical/energy source which makes
  11. Steven Greers is better - Unacknowledged. When he talked about the oil-banking-military-industrial-complex I knew deep down in my gut he was telling the truth. Exotic extraterrestrial technology is hidden on purpose from us - I think the elite of the elite bankers know this (not the wealth holders, hedgefunds etc) the ones in highly compartmentalised groups within corporations and government. I believe these people carried out 9/11 and are covering up the trillions of dollars.
  12. Of course it is. Putin just recently got elected to enhance his Presidency through the Duma, something which is unprecedented and deliberate to retain anti-deep state controlling Russia. Theres no doubt he [Alexei Navalny] has some sort of dirty documents or material on Putin or the KGB. The deep state are doing anything to corrupt Russia through Alexei Navalny (MI6/CIA).
  13. Really? One positive from Unionists in Scotland is that their chances of retaining the Union is rendered effortless now. Scottish Republicans like Thomas Muir (which are deliberately concealed in history books by the British government) will serve as light to the future Scottish Republic. Enjoy it, because the vote matters most in the central belt. 😘
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