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TSF's Official Grading Partner - Grading Service & TSF label - Prices & Submission form

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I'm also added this information below that has some useful information for members. Please also search the forum for other topics started by members who discuss how to self grade, as it may be an option for you.

Self Grading

Many members choose to grade themselves directly with NGC / PCGS, there is no need to necessarily use a company to grade for you. And it is a myth that you can receive a higher grade if grading via a 3rd party. 

Note that unfortunately the TSF label is not available if you grade directly with NGC and is only available via COR. Also note the £13 per form grading fee when self grading directly with NGC. So grading directly for smaller quantities of coins can work out more expensive than going via @CoinsOfTheRealmAuctions (who as well as being TSF's Official Grading partner are also an Authorised NGC dealer).

You can easily compare the costs of grading in the UK with NGC direct yourself by going to their website here: https://www.ngccoin.uk/submit/services-fees/ngc/ (again don't forget to also include that £13, as well as the NGC return shipping cost which is quite expensive if going direct to NGC, I think it was from around £36+ return shipping cost when I self graded in the past directly with NGC, although this obviously is not applicable if picking up direct from the NGC office) and you can compare to the grading fees with @CoinsOfTheRealmAuctions (discounts applicable for different Premium Member groups, pricing and info available here)

Pros of grading via Coins of the Realm
- Optional TSF branded label available for Premium Members (FREE for Platinum Premium Members, instead of £6 or £3 per label)
- Lower cost for small and medium quantities of coins submitted as no £13 per form charge.
- Discounts for different Premium Member groups.

Pros of grading direct with NGC UK
- If you live in or close to London and there is no or low cost travel expenses to get to the NGC office you can drop off and pick up in person to save shipping fees (especially the very high return charge from NGC).
- Can work out cheaper if you are submitting large quantities of coins, e.g. if you have 20 coins on the same sheet effectively reduces the £13 fee to just £0.65 per coin.

Note that TSF does not receive any money for members choosing to grade via COR. Unless however a chargeable fee for the TSF label is applicable, this is then passed onto TSF. TSF is not expecting to even break even on the $1000 label charge that we paid, however if members choose to get this label it will hopefully promote and advertise TSF in the long term. The TSF label was also designed to fit in nicely with other Standard NGC labels or standard NGC blue Early Releases / First Releases labels that members may have in their collection so that their TSF branded NGC graded coins go well in their collection. TSF supports itself via Premium Membership subscriptions and Platinum Premium Member groups receive optional FREE TSF branded labels when grading via COR this also will help to support the forum. 

In conclusion, members are free to grade directly with NGC or with TSF's official grading partner Coins of the Realm. As above it may be a lower cost to grade via COR so it is worth working out the costs and comparing the options. You may also like the TSF label and wish to grade via COR so you can get this. 

In regards to PCGS, I can't really say anything just yet, but I can say that TSF is working on something in relation to this and this will be announced in due course, again it will be a system set up whereby TSF does not receive a commission but does negotiate lower rates for Premium and/or Platinum Premium Members. More details on that to come sometime this year :) 


My posts are my personal opinions, they do not constitute advice or financial advice.

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