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  1. Makes perfect sense. If you collect SOTDs this is a very important release and values are bound to increase kn the secondary market.
  2. Thank you (typo amended!). I guess that the 311 is being quoted by certain coin dealers in a slightly disingenuous way, making it look as though that is the total number of these coins minted in total.
  3. I'm trying to find out how many 1999 Two Pound Gold Proof Coins were minted (this was the Rugby World Cup £2). See picture below. According to a few coin dealer websites (The London Coin Company and MJ Hughes) they quote a figure of 311. I did find a link to an FOI request that Royal Mint answered some years ago where they gave a figure of 991 for the 4 coin set (which included the £5 Sovereign, £2 sovereign / Rugby World Cup, Single Sovereign and Half Sov) and another 912 for the 3 coin set (£2 sovereign / Rugby World Cup, Single Sov and Half Sov), giving a total close to 2,000. EDIT ** - Found the link from the RM FOI request - https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/658203/response/1566731/attach/2/doc03388920200430143404.pdf?cookie_passthrough=1 I wonder if the 311 figure quoted is just for the £2 coin on it's own (not as part of a 3 or 4 coin set)? Bullionbypost give a figure of 2,500 so perhaps this is the correct number? The Royal Mint didn't seem to have a figure quoted on their website.
  4. Agreed. The colour on the RM website (and others) is not true to the actual colour of the coin.
  5. Here's mine that arrived today.
  6. Look what turned up in the post just now. Very pleased with it - looks to be in perfect bullion condition.
  7. The 2017 ones go for over 1k, graded MS 70......
  8. My money, my choice. I don't feel ripped off at all. It's a unique coin with a tiny mintage. The number of posts on this thread hints at It's desirability, as does the fact that it's sold out everywhere you can preorder it. If you happen to collect SOTDs then it makes sense to secure one at close to RRP rather than risk not getting one when they go on sale and having to pay considerably more in the secondary market.
  9. I think it was £715 plus postage.
  10. Managed to get one from Chards in the end.
  11. Another auction win for a great price. Looks to be in perfect condition (marks are on capsule) and should grade well. I love these proof coins from the 90s - a great colour compared to the stuff we get now.
  12. Nice SOTD sovereign. Will be going off for grading (grubby marks are on the capsule). Hoping to get a top grade for this low mintage coin (739).
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