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  1. Hi all, It's been a while since I posted! I'm selling some of my smaller gold pieces with a mind to convert them into a single full sovereign - so feel free to PM me if you'd like to trade! For Sale: 3 2 x Hereaus 1g 999.9 Fine Bars, including two sequential serial numbers, and one that has been opened. Bought from reputable dealer - £50 each - Serial 48 and 54 remaining 1 x 2000 Bullion Half Sovereign. I'm throwing in a box for a 2001 half sovereign as I have no use for it - £165 -Sold 2 x Wonderfully tiny Gold fanams (Mysore and Cochin, I believe), to be sold together - £45 - Sold Postage is at the buyers choice and risk, I believe only Special Delivery covers precious metals though. If you buy everything, I'll pay for the SD post. If exchanged: Open to offers, with the potential for money either way. Looking for a decent condition bullion sovereign. Each side pays own SD postage. I can post these either Friday or Saturday, as I'll be away with work next week, I'm aiming for same-day postage. Please feel free to ask me any questions by either commenting, or via direct message. Thanks! Tom (Apologies for the photo quality, the lighting in my office is difficult)
  2. Not criticising the price, more that I'm just a bit ignorant on these things because I usually got for straight bullion - what make this half crown special? Is it a low mintage coin or something else? TIA for educating me!
  3. Wow, these went quick!
  4. As a geologist working on my PhD on the Lower Jurassic, I have never been so tempted 😂
  5. Updated - Gold Fanams now available again!
  6. I do love crowns! I carry an 1896 crown in my pocket every day as a bit of a good luck/fondling coin
  7. @Chrissyblards1 Great, I've PM'd you 😊
  8. Hi Stefan, I've just updated the post with numista links for the fanams, which include the "known" information. These prices are almost purely based on numisatic value (some of the smallest gold coins ever made for circulation, and a few hundred years old), rather than their gold content - Chards currently sell them for £25 each, which is why I'm selling at £24 each. Cheers!
  9. Hi all, got a bit of a strange selection to sell here as I streamline my collection! Includes a few coins very rarely seen on this forum. Please see photos for conditions, buyer to choose method of posting, and pay postage on top. If you buy everything I'll throw in SD. Feel free to ask questions (I have a few other years of Brits if you're looking for something in particular) Item lot 1 - 2 x Silver Brits 2013 and 2017 - £55 Sold Item 2 - 1 x Pheli Mint Apocalypse Trade Unit "Year of the Coronavirus", antiqued (post-mint) - £30 Sold Item lot 3 - 2 x Gold Fanams (Mysore and Cochin Mints) - £48 Happy shopping! Tom
  10. Continuing the recent gold theme... Today I received an 1896 Half Sovereign, purchased to mark my 25th birthday as an almost-birth year coin! It looks like the previous owner polished it at some point, but I'm still pretty happy considering what I paid 😊
  11. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! 😊 I've managed to get hold of one that's in a circulated condition, but still pretty good shape for £180. Not bad all things considered - I'll post it in "Today I Received" by the end of the week
  12. Thanks! And the sooner we start stacking, the better 😉
  13. Hi all, it's my 25th birthday tomorrow, so I thought I'd get myself an (almost) birthday year half sov, to go with my EDC 1896 Crown I'd ideally be looking to spend ~£165, but please feel free to make offers (Side note, if you have a good deal on a full sov, we could work something out) UK-based members only, and members with a feedback history preferred TIA
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