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    Cornwall, UK
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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    Primarily collect 1oz coins and scrap coins, but will also buy bars if I see a good deal.
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    Selection of .999 silver coins, mostly Britannias, but also some older "scrap"

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  1. Sold, pending payment
  2. Hi all, to continue my pc fund raising, I'm selling this rather timely gold bar: Item: 1g Brexit INGOT² 999 gold bar, including COA, which I believe are originally manufactured by Geiger. Photos are attached Price: Asking £55, plus post of buyer's choice and risk. Dispatch next working day. Payment: PayPal FF, or bank transfer Photos:
  3. Upgrading PC, so some funds need to be released! Item: 50 x Mercury Dimes (90% silver, ~3.5 ozt silver content). Price: £80, plus postage of buyer's choice and risk (UK only) Dispatch: Next working day, or same day if payment received before midday Feel free to ask any questions!
  4. Hi all, I'm looking to buy an Indian gold fanam, if anyone has one! Chards sell them for £25, so I'd like to pay less than that, otherwise I'm open to offers. UK-based sellers only please 😊 Cheers! Tom
  5. As the next round is to be released, I thought I'd sell mine on too! Item: 1 oz BYB TSF bar, with certificate of authenticity, and black velvet bag. Please see photos below. Price: Asking £39 + post (£1 less than "retail") Payment: PPFF, or bank transfer accepted. Dispatch: Posted via method of buyers choice and risk (including international shipping). Next working day, or potentially same day depending on timing. Cheers! Gibson96
  6. Hi all, selling to cover a couple of other purchases, please see details below! Items/Prices: - 1887 Silver Crown (0.925 silver) with some lovely toning, and capsule included - £28 + post - 1889 Silver Crown (0.925 silver) - £27 + post (If buying both, £54 + post) Payment: PPFF or bank transfer accepted. Dispatch: Next working day (possibly same day, if sale completed before lunch). Location: Based in the UK, and ask for UK buyers only. Please see the attached photos for the conditions, and feel free to message me or co
  7. Received a feebay purchase today, but I'm pretty happy with it! 1896 Silver Crown, which I'm making my new carry coin.
  8. Hi all, looking to buy with the drop in spot Item: 3 x post-2013 0.999 silver Britannias Condition: Bullion, not too worried about condition. Price: £69 (+post), but feel free to make an offer Item location: For the sake of postage on a small amount, UK sellers only please! Cheers! Gibson96
  9. Looking to complete a roll. Items: 11 x Mercury Dimes Condition: Not too worried, as long as they're recognisable Price: £15.5 but feel free to PM me offers Payment: Prefer to pay by PayPal. Cheers! Tom
  10. Apologies for the delay, congratulations @Azmanjim! Please PM me to arrange everything, and I'll post these out tomorrow afternoon!
  11. I'm not the seller, but I believe Prospectors are minted by Engelhard
  12. Hi all, I have a selection of silver half crowns available for sale, including some lovely "toners", and high grades. Please see photos! I can provide close ups of specific coins on request. Items: - 14 x Pre-1947 Half Crowns (0.500) including, in my amateur opinion, some "Fine" and "Very Fine". - 1 x Pre-1920 Half Crown (0.925) (~108g total silver weight) Price: £66, plus postage (UK only). If you would like to buy a coin individually, then please message me. Dispatch: Next working day Payment: PayPal preferred, but bank transfer also accepted.
  13. Final day, just under 12 hours remaining!
  14. Given that the previous bumps have each garnered new bids, this auction will not end early, and will end as scheduled at 2000 (UK time) on Wednesday 7th October. P.S. Thanks for all the interest so far! It's great to see some love for older coins on this forum.
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