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    Cornwall, UK
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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    Primarily collect 1oz coins and scrap coins, but will also buy bars if I see a good deal.
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    Selection of .999 silver coins, mostly Britannias, but also some older "scrap"

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  1. Looking to buy Item: 4 x 0.999 fine Silver Britannias Condition: Bullion grade, not worried about scratches. Price: £84 + Post, but also open to offers Cheers!
  2. Adorable little coin, the same size as a lego gold coin! This particular one was previously purchased from this forum Item: 1 x 2020 999.9 Gold Canadian Maplegram (1g fine gold coin), in assay case (see photos) Price: £63, plus postage of buyers choice Dispatch: Next working day N.B. After I took the close up photos, the assay case received a minor scratch to the back whilst in a box with my other coins. This doesn't affect the coin in any way, but I have included a photo of it for the sake of transparency.
  3. Hi all, There seems to be an issue with my previous listing so I am re-adding it here: Item: Any half Sovereign, in a good condition Price: Looking to pay in the region of £185, but this is negotiable so please message me your offers. Thanks for looking!
  4. Bump for our non-premium members! With spot value for this now sitting above £179, I'm asking for £175, plus postage.
  5. I almost made a similar, but much more inappropriate comment 😂
  6. Item: 1863 Sydney Mint Half Sovereign in circulated condition (photos attached) + cash where discussed Condition: Well circulated, hence selling at spot value. Buying Price: £175, plus postage Or for exchange: A half sov in better shape, plus negotiable cash from my side. Each side pays own postage. Dispatch: Next working day. Payment: Preferably via PayPal, but bank transfer can be arranged Please pm me with your specific offers. Cheers!
  7. Item: 20 16 x 50% Silver half crowns (Pre-1947), each containing approximately 7g (~0.225 ozt) of actual silver weight. A great way to add some fractional silver to your collection for near-spot prices! Price if bought individually: £4.60, plus postage (please specify if you would like any in particular) Price as a lot: £90 £70, plus postage, which is less than spot value. Dispatch: Within 24 hours of sale Condition: Coins range in condition from "Fair" to what I'd call "Very Fine", but i have only priced these based on their silver content, so there's potential to make a p
  8. I have a half sov I'm looking to trade plus cash if you're interested, or are you only looking to sell?
  9. I'm not sure why CPM coins seem to be surrounded by suspicion, but I have no complaints - I got a 1g gold bar for only ~£3 above spot 😂
  10. I ordered on the 25th August, but then there was a bank holdiday weekend between ordering and arrival.
  11. Mine arrived today, all looks good! Got to admit that I was worried for a little while after reading about them online, but they did come through for me.
  12. Item: 1863 Sydney Mint Half Sovereign in circulated condition (photos attached) + cash Price: selling for spot - £171.50 at time of sale. Postage: Next working day. Payment: Preferably via PayPal Please pm me with your specific offers. Cheers!
  13. Item: 1818 George III Silver crown. Numista page Condition notes: Well Circulated, please see photos Price: £23, plus postage of buyers choice and risk. Item Location: UK Shipping destinations: Will ship within the UK, via Royal Mail Payment Terms: PayPal Friends and Family is preferred, but bank transfer can be arranged. Dispatch Time: Will dispatch either same-day as purchase, or the next working day.
  14. I've just ordered their 1g gold Brexit bar for £49, less than £3 over spot - let's see what I end up with! https://www.cpmcoins.com/p-111G/The-BREXIT-1g-Gold-Square-Ingot.aspx?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=the+brexit+1g+gold+square+ingot+aug&utm_term=antiques+interest+stack&utm_content=stack&sn=1
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