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My first post - Valentines Day Gift

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Everybody seems to both underestimate and not appreciate bribery, it has a hell of a lot going for it, in the OP case his partner will now be more open to him buying more silver, in an everyday setting, know a timid dog that's afraid of people, bribery is your best friend here a couple a extra tastey treats will turn the most timid dog into everybodies best friend.  And lets be honest, paying bribes just gets things done and dealt with a hell of a lot quicker than doing it the ''proper way'', you're even given the option to bribe with both parking and speeding tickets, ''pay within 14 days and pay X amount, pay after 14 days and it's X times 2'', sound familiar? It's the same with your council tax, pay this years council tax upfront in one payment it's X amount, pay in monthly installments it's X plus 20%, it's the same with your TV licence.

I'm a huge fan of bribes and bribery, it gets stuff done, done quickly and on time if not ahead of schedule not to mention cheaper in the long run, plus it can do wonders keeping points off of your driving licences.

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I find if you bung the other half a few shiny pieces on high days and holidays - you are generally left alone to buy what you want when 🤪

💷 💷 Check out my Wanted adds and message me direct if you can help 💷 💷 

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