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  1. 999magnum

    925 silver

    @ilovesilverireallydo Those are beautiful and they look perfect in those capsules.
  2. 999magnum

    925 silver

    I like them all, but while trying to get rid of some of my doubles and less preferred sterling rounds, I had trouble getting even spot for them. Maybe it's a US thing. I had NO problems unloading some 72% and 40% coins, but 92.5% rounds and bars are just tough.
  3. 999magnum

    925 silver

    I only own sterling bars and rounds. What are some sterling coins?
  4. 999magnum

    925 silver

    I had a rough time selling some sterling bars and rounds. I have a few bars that I like and will keep, but as far as buying sterling in the future I will pass.
  5. I bought from them on ebay and got some great deals in the past.
  6. Excellent news! Did yours ship out from Memphis TN like mine did? I thought it'd come from West Point.
  7. Yup you're right, it's in pre-shipment status.
  8. Mine just shipped out today from the mint.
  9. I finally got an order confirmation. Always frustrating ordering like this. Now I hope they ship and this wasn't all for nothing. EDIT: Got the order acknowledgement not a confirmation. I'm waiting for the bad news now.
  10. Alright signed up for a reminder! Thx!
  11. BTW Eva says her stein is full and she is in fact virus free. Eva has big kloot.
  12. I think their motto is "Can't Make Everyone Happy".
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