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  1. Metatrader 4 nor 5 is still not supported on Linux, and does not run properly when run through WINE which is a lot of hard work to get to run through WINE - a lot of the program features won't work and will cause your PC to crash or freeze. I think you will find that has to do with the changes to Windows file application table, from FAT16/32, to NTFS and the various incarnation and updates to those file application tables, you will find that you will have no problems downloading and installing the version of Metatrader for Windows XP on Windows 10, and it will run with no issues on Windows 10 - if you do you simply tell Windows to run it under ''Compatibility Mode'', yes Windows XP was capable of using the NTFS file application table, but by default it used the FAT32 file application table, you had to ''convert'' your file application table to NTFS if Windows XP came pre loaded on your PC - a long slow process, or select it as the file application table you wanted to use during installation process. I'm not by any stretch of the imagination a Windows fanboy, PC's are tools to me, I have no loyalty to any of the brands or software developers, to me I want the best tool for it's intended job at a fair price, and I strongly believe that in most cases you get what you pay for.
  2. I have to say both ''Paddy Muhammad'' and ''Murphy Muhammad'' do have a nice ring to them.
  3. My bolding, but in what universe does this happen in, Windows for some time now has had a feature called ''compatability mode'' which is designed for and allows you to use legacy/outdated hardware and software without any issues - it's more geared towards software rather than hardware, and you'll find for example that hardware that required drivers to be installed on say for example Windows XP, did not need the drivers to be installed if you switched to Windows Vista, Windows 7, or any of the versions of Windows that where released after XP as Microsoft included these drivers in the next and all future releases of Windows - hence why ''compatability mode'' is geared more towards software than hardware, so wheather you upgraded to a newer version of Windows or do a fresh installation of a newer version of Windows, all of your existing hardware and software would still work, it's probably the biggest and best feature Windows has going for it, I've been taking advantage of this for quite some time, I tend to replace my ''everyday'' laptop - the one I use to surf the net, use for emails, online banking....., every 6 months or so, basically the computer I don't give two craps about and treat very harshly - I've probably got about £1k worth of product in between my laptop keys and inside my current laptop since I use it a lot as a ''rolling mat'', by comparison when I gave up on using Mac laptops, I used my last one for target practise once I was done with it, and no they are not bullet proof, not even the hard drive.
  4. @silverdocket since you claim to be Irish, maybe you can help me out with this one. Can I sue the Irish or at least the Irish government for a bad case of ''Guinness Belly'', I'm sure it must be recognised as a medical condition by now, Christ knows that I've personally done loads of research on it, and I swear that I'm not sitting on the throne while typing this. Got to dash now.
  5. So are mine, though I have no mortgages to pay off - paid all of them off years ago and only really took out mortgages to maintain my credit rating or get a credit rating, and I don't as of yet have any rental properties in the U.K. - though that may change soon. Though my blue blooded neighbours are already up that creek wih no paddle or boat, they're already worried about how they're going to pay for their childrens education, even going so far as to try and get a partial refund on their school fees due to the schools being closed, and they're worried that they may be forced financially to send their children to state schools. They are already trying to sell one of their cars - the only one they actually own, have cancelled the leaees on the two cars that they leased, have changed their shopping habbits from M&S, and Waitrose to ASDA, and Aldi/Lidl - places that before the whole covid 19 thing they'd turn their noses up at as being beneath them, this has hit them extremely hard financially to the point where it is putting serious strains on the family budget - they've maxed out all of their credit cards and are living in their overdraft, and serious strains on their marriage/family life. They are talking about declaring bankruptcy and selling their home 40% below market value - like I mentioned earleir, the joys of being forced to listen to a couple having a screaming match in their backgarded, and the nighmare of living in a small village everybody knows everybody and their business.
  6. The downside to this is that companies now know that they can now out source office work to people in countries that pay pennies a day and not need to worry about N.I. contributions, U.K. labour laws, minimum wage laws... I'm willing to bet that we're soon going to see offices in the U.K. and the rest of the ''developed world'' are staffed by people working from home in countries where the average wage is peanuts, and keeping the bare minimum that they require to function ''in country'', meaning we're in for a hell of a lot more job losses than the worst case predictions, though I believe it will be dragged out over a longer period of time.
  7. And better yet, they don't need to resort to gimmicks to push their products, but let their products speak for and sell themselves with their quality.
  8. I'm going to say quite a big % of them. They are already complaing about it to the press, I've seen complaints from people with BTL mortgages in both The Guardian - where it is being celebrated that these people might lose everything that they've worked for, and The Daily Mail - where they are getting some sympathy for all the hard work and effort that they have put in for years that might not just amount to losing some money/assets but all that they have worked hard and saved for.
  9. These are an even bigger gimmick than my ''come second condoms'' - silver infused and novocaine coating the inside of the condom, silver to help stop the spread of STD's and STI's, and the novocaine lining the inside to numb you so that you can keep ''it'' up for longer, if people are willing to buy these, I should go public and float my company ''Come Second'' on the stock exchange, I'd make a fortune, Jeff Bezos would look like a pauper next to me.
  10. I'm a firm believer that Apple has really gone downhill since the loss of Steve Jobbs, their development and boundry pushing technology has become secondary to the ''fashion'' element, and even their boundry redefining physical designs has started to/ has fallen to the sidelines. Lindows was actually free to begin with, when it was first released it had a lot of support from people wishing to move away from Windows, but didn't want to be locked into the proprietary Apple eco system, but as usual the Linux community shot itself in the foot - yet again, with it's refusal to welcome the average computer user who has no interest, need, nor desire to learn how to code, yet alone play around with ''console'', yes there have been and there are a few distributions that are more user friendly than others, but they are in the minority, Linux users for some reason want to be and remain a small club - and it is an extremely small club just look at the % of computers that run Linux as they're main/only OS, Google actually has a far far larger market share and has not been around for anywhere close to the length of time Linux has, of die hard computer geeks, it really is a very unfriendly and unwelcoming community and OS fraternity, who's idea of ''hazing'' is throwing the average computer user into the deep end and baptising them by fire, with no support - I double dare anybody to try to read and understand a Linux manual who hasn't got a solid background in computing or a computing based degree.
  11. Don't forget the mortgage holiday scheme has just been extended by another 3 months, I'm pretty sure the same will shorty follow in the rental market - a extension to the ban on evictions for another 3 months, so that's basically a 6 month holiday for both renters and mortgage payers, people on buy to let mortgages are going to be not only screwed but up a neck deep creek without not just a paddle, but also no boat.
  12. I'd put money on 90++% of Linux users over the age of 15 as being people who live in their parents basements who are virgins - they've been so busy and preoccupied with trying to get their favourite distribution of Linux to recognise and run all of their hardware and peripherals that they've never found the time to pop their cherry, and once they finally get their favourite distribution of Linux to recognise and run all of their hardware and peripherals they find out that they're own ''equipment'' is so out of date and no longer functions even with the help of those little blue triangle pills.
  13. At over £10K for their professional line of computers I'm afraid Apple is losing a hell of a lot of it's professional customers to Windows, my previous recording studio was designed and built around an iMac Pro, but their new pricing has convinced me to switch to a Windows based recording studio, granted this is for a private studio, but it's not only happening in private recording studios, every recording studio that I've done any work in while in the U.K. - which is roughly since Apple introduced their new vastly increased pricing, is making the transition to Windows based computers. It's even happening in the world of CGI and computer animation, the Petter Rabbit movie that was released a few years ago, the CGI one, was made by friends of mine, it was all done on Macs, the sequel that was only recently released was made with Windows. There used to be a saying in computing, if you want productivity use a Mac, if you want development use Linux, if you want solitaire run Windows, Apple have now priced themselves out of this, granted like with their mobile phones they're trying to move towards a lease/rental/hire purchase program for their hardware, with their mobile phones it costs you around £70.00 a month with their computers it starts at almost US$500.00 a month - I don't know if their lease/rental/hire purchase program for their computers is available everywhere yet, but even at US$500.00 a month, after a few months you've bought yourself a top of the line custom built and designed Windows PC that can have it's hardware updated and upgraded easily in fact so easily you can do it all yourself, and you own the hardware. It's a huge problem with the Linux community this stand off pretentious snobbishness, however - and I don't know if it's still available and if it is if it is still free, there used to be an OS called ''Lindows'', basically a cross between Windows and Linux, combining the best bits from both platforms, Lindows actually used Window's drivers, so you didn't have any issue with drivers, but it was based off of the Linux backbone for stability, so you got the best of both worlds, naturally the Linux community hated it, and it recieved no support from them, in fact they went out of their way to do everything they could to put people off giving it a try as even a gateway into Linux.
  14. The only thing a proper Irish person drinks in moderation is water, and that's just because fish screw in the stuff. I've had the pleasure of having many messy nights out with Irish people that I can barely remember much more than the odd flashback from, moderation is a word that is not in the Irish vocabulary, in fact I'm pretty sure it's the only offence that they will still hang you for in Ireland.
  15. Has anybody tried running games through WINE - the Linux Windows emulator. I tried it with Pro Tools and various other music recording programs, even Reaper, and I have to say that it was extremely glitchy and not the ''full experience'' as in if you could get the progrom to load which if you managed to get it to happen 30% of the time you where extremely lucky, but then you'd find that most of the software features wouldn't work, and it was prone to crash or freeze up your computer almost like clockwork.
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