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  1. It is a tad annoying to read but mainly to quote. Also it feels somewhat pointless to sign off with initials minding the forum name is shown. Alas he is free to write as he pleases but for the conversation’s sake it is preferred not to write like that. As you pointed out though both HH and I are saying the same thing depending on which angle you look at this from. Hence the expression chasing the tail.
  2. We are not even discussing the 2015 data here sigh. The discussion only applies to 2020. PP out.
  3. My proof has been on pretty much every dealer’s website. Same as your claim. You claim the spot price has no impact on the premiums and I claim it does, yet right now both of our claims are valid depending on which blasted angle you are looking from. Once again you and I are stuck on a merry-go-round that never stops. So let’s just be frank and set the record straight. We both think the other one’s logic is illogical and no matter of what we percieve to be proof forwarded to the other will change the other’s mindset. Hence let’s just ignore eachother.
  4. HH you are biting your own tail right now...
  5. But for the love of... Sherlock, if the price goes down they raise the premiums because of the high demand and low supply.
  6. It is about supply and demand and right now the demand is high and the supply low . Now can you please stop writing with double space and stop the blasted signature at the end? Edit: It is so annoying. PP
  7. I was referring to the current situation .
  8. Indeed. However the question is if the price will go up before the physical supply manage to catch up with all the orders.
  9. Same pattern with many other coins. If the price goes down the premium goes up.
  10. @Sixgun My point is that they are different, how they are employed is another question and I do agree they are similar there. @HH There are people pumping silver, there are goldbugs cheering for gold, there are people saying PMs has no place in the world and that it is all about $, some praise cryptos and so on. It is all beliefs. Goldbugs claim gold is king, others claim goldbugs are morons because gold will be confiscated. Some claims the dollar is king because capital is fleeing Europe, at the same time others cry the dollar is near its end. Some say silver has outplayed its role, others say it is now more crucial than ever. So what are we actually debating here? If we are just exchanging blows to quell eachother then I can say we can keep this dance up for an eternity. Let’s just accept we all see the world from different angles and call it a day.
  11. I don’t see your logic to be honest. For example, if Tesla and Apple would happen to have a correlation on charts (as in they move together 60% of the time) would you say the are the same? For me the answer is no. Gold is gold, silver is silver. Just because they CAN move together does not mean they WILL move together. Silver is a precious metal because it is considered to be rare! Iron and copper may have a lot of uses but they are not considered to be rare metals. Historically silver miners existed because they were driven by a need for the metal for monetary reasons, today they are more driven by demand for the metal in production. The reason it is rare to find pure silver mines is because the price is so low so it’s not worth producing (and a artificial paper market pressing down the price does not help). The reason you seem to have something against silver is because you hammer down on it, again and again. You don’t turn a blind eye towards silver’s faults (but perhaps to gold’s faults), you simply seem to dismiss it and its place as a PM. It’s no miracle fix all things metal, but it’s not junk. So how about we change the roles? Let me hear 5 good things about silver from you and I’ll fork up 5 bad reasons?
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