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    West Yorkshire UK
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    Sovs. Half sovs. 1/10 brits gold
    Silver jm bars, engelhard bars, mainly vintage stuff

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  1. Perth mint 10oz bar £265 JM 500g silver bar £430 JM 5g gold bar £310 JM 1g gold sealed £90 2020 full sov £325 Prices are post included. Uk delivery only. Payment by bank transfer
  2. Yeah I need to get the last 4. Love them, the details are great
  3. Will put a new one up this week since my stack has drastically changed from a couple of yr ago
  4. 🤣 know what you mean, I was expecting half my stack to be fake lol
  5. Finally filled another shield box 😁
  6. Very nice. The whole reason I stack is to pay off the mortgage early! 8 years to go!
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