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  1. Money clip to hold all the money I no longer have due to buying shieldbacks 😂😂😂
  2. Yes just realised the poster is in the USA. Probably have more of a premium over here (uk) as theres less stuff like that available. And I think sunshine mining is now sunshine minting
  3. Sorry they went bust in 2001 but my bar is pre 93
  4. Sunshine mining went bust around 1993 from what I could find looking the other week. When silver dropped cheap they folded
  5. Wow! That is fantastic. Must be chuffed to bits
  6. Flying start on the gold there bud. Personally I think it's more exciting to hold than silver
  7. Bump for the non premium people
  8. Agree with this. Gold is way more enjoyable
  9. 10oz sunshine mining bar comes in capsule £215 posted Payment by bank transfer. UK delivery only. Postage will be monday. Tracking sent upon posting
  10. Top 2 are both 100g each £140 each Bottom one is 1oz £100 Plus postage unless you buy all 3 and I'll give free special delivery. UK delivery only. Anything below special delivery is at the buyers risk. Payment by bank transfer. Postage will be monday. Tracking provided once its sent
  11. As a child I collected old british coins and foreign currencies left over from holidays. Was given a 2 pence cartwheel which I still own. My dad bought me a 1998 1oz silver britannia out of the newspaper when they were released (westminster advert) Eventually lost interest through school, and for my 18th I was given a half sovereign by my parents, and for my 21st, a full sovereign. Again, left in a box hidden away and forgotten about. 2015, and I cant remember why, but I decided to buy 2 x 20g gold bars from bullion by post. Again left in the same box as the sovs and forgotten about. Finally in 2018 pretty much bang on 2 yrs ago, I decided to buy 5 x 2018 perth mint silver dragon bars and after that I well and truly got the bug
  12. Theres a few 'in the wild'. They pop up occasionally
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