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    Sovs. Half sovs. 1/10 brits gold
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  1. Yes I missed it when you had it for sale. Got it off tim
  2. Looks like an elastic band mark. I wouldnt worry, its a bullion bar, so this is patina. Wont affect value
  3. Will bear you in mind when I do. Wont be cheap though im afraid
  4. No i know what you mean. The good stuff doesn't come out often. I do love engelhard though. Into my collection 😀
  5. Haha yeah I'm pretty sure I could shift mine for way over that but I cant decide if I can bring myself to do it 😂😂
  6. Was the engelhard on ebay? Was watching something simular. Prefer wafflebacks though
  7. Been wanting one of these for some time
  8. Waiting for my sigma to turn up. To be honest I'm kind of anxious hoping i don't find a load of fakes 😂😂😂
  9. For sale, the first 4 releases of the quarter oz gold queens beast collection. Got these as part of a deal, if anyone wants them, ill sell them, if not I guess I'll complete the set one day. 1 x lion of England 1 x griffin of edward 1 x unicorn of scotland 1 x red dragon of Wales 1 x wooden box made by alun I'm not splitting the set up. If they go, they go as a job lot. No marks on any of them, all are in caps. £2200 includes special delivery to a UK address. Postage only to UK Payment by bank transfer
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