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Hi all,

New to the forum. I'm less of a collector and more of an investor. Mainly bullion for portfolio diversification, so although a lot of stuff looks nice I still have to juggle my sensible mind into buying bits and pieces.

Not just Silver either, Gold goes down well and there are faint possibilities of Platinum, but I haven't researched that enough yet.

Hopefully picking up good hints, tips and ideas along the way on this forum.

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Welcome to The Silver Forum! Platinum is a really nice metal, unfortunately like silver it also attracts VAT, there is also less demand so harder to sell in the secondary market than gold. I do however prefer the Platinum Metal (it doesn't tarnish) and would be nice to see more coins made from it.

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Yes I like Platinum, but like you say, there's not really a big enough market for it. Who knows, maybe by the time it comes to selling the market will be there.

Can't find a lot of coins, but as we buy Gold and Silver more, there can't be a lot of cost justification for it

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Hi and welcome. Platinum appears to sell fairly well here but they have to be priced well and not with vat equivalent prices. The dealers tend to take you the cleaners with this metal. Most folks think gold sovs, half and full are the way to go for stackers with some silver for the moonshot. Happy stacking. :)

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” Oscillate Wildly

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