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  1. Same, between my life insurance and death in service 8x salary through work, if I were to die my family would do very well.
  2. I've got a 2009 if that's any good to you.
  3. I see a lot of people have jumped ship, some suffering upto 80% losses. Very sad for them indeed. I am in a better situation as I bought in recently at 2.98p. Although I have made a decent profit I don't believe this is the end and should bring out other interested parties and prompt them to make an offer, so I'm holding.
  4. Should say all in great untouched condition.
  5. I have the following for sale: 2015 full sovereign £290 2019 full sovereign £290 5 x 2016 1/10 Britannia in OMP £128 each Buyers choice of postage on top. Buy altogether and I'll cover SD postage. PPFF or bank transfer.
  6. I'd sell you a full 2015 sovereign for the same price 👍
  7. Wanted 1kg of silver (.999), in coins or bar(s). Willing to pay £470 plus postage. Thanks
  8. I'd setup a junior ISA through someone like Hargreaves Lansdown and choose an low cost global index tracker to invest in.
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