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  1. You're not wrong! Funny though I've never found a seller that accepts silver as payment 🤣
  2. No, that just says silver is increasing in value. You really do talk some tosh.
  3. 2017 MS70 DPL quintiple sovereign, beautiful coin in demand. Offering cheaper than anywhere I can find. £3025 Inc insured postage. Bank transfer or PPFF, collection in Wiltshire/Somerset possible.
  4. Marstons was my best performer, bought at 31p at the bottom (more luck than judgement) then they bounced back and also announced a deal with Carslsberg which propelled the price up to 74p. I sold 75% of my holding at 72p for a tidy profit. The remainder has dropped significantly (still up 40%), however I will keep holding as I believe there is plenty of upside once Covid is over.
  5. Gold - 50% (All physical) Silver - 15% (25/75% physical/bullion vault) Platinum - 0 Palladium - 0 Senior miners - 5% Junior miners - 25% Royalty companies - 5% * Jmin is decreasing a bit each month as I take profits and buy physical.
  6. Looks like you need a 2007 to finish the collection off
  7. Looks OK but need clearer pictures really.
  8. 🤣 - early bird catches the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese 👍😉
  9. It might of been 😉 I'd not seen one before so took a chance on it.
  10. Hi all, Just received this piece of absolute beauty. Ive not seen one of these sets before, anyone else have one?
  11. I thought the prices this time where above average for the raw coins. Some of the slabbed ones weren't too bad though.
  12. 3 Sovereigns available. 1910 £350 1917 S £355 1880 M £358 Postage on top at buyers risk BT or PPFF Buy all 3 and I will cover sending special delivery
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