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  1. Go on, was waiting for them to come down a fiver but that seems a decent price anyway 🥃
  2. Hi Duncan, I’ll take these please, will sort payment when home, cheers.
  3. Last reduction, £90 posted UK first class signed. Please let me know if you can find one cheaper 😊
  4. Being in a slab makes it harder to carry out your own testing. I'm sure NGC do carry out their own testing. All I do with graded coins is check them to NGC/PCGS website. If, in the unlikely event that it turned out to be a fake. I would refund in full - so I give the buyer the opportunity to carry out any further testing they wish, within the limitations imposed by the slab. Some members may be able to test coins through the slab.
  5. Typical, nothing coming up that takes my fancy, look away for a few minutes................ Great prices though and good to see more and more of this stuff coming up, particularly given the current price of 'regular' silver.
  6. NGC 2018 PF 70 Ultra Cameo Dragon and Phoenix. Checked against NGC website but no other testing carried out. Please carry out your own testing and return at my cost if there are any issues. Payment by PP F&F or bank transfer. Asking £90 posted UK first class signed. Don't seem to be many of these around, I did list it last year but withdrew (these are the same photos). Thanks for looking. Mick
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