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1 oz Queens Beast Unicorn Vs 1 oz Oriental Border Britannia?


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What are people thoughts on these two coins?

If you could only buy one or the other which one would you choose as a collector, flipper or stacker?


Oriental Britannia.

Nice new design.  I personally think it looks a little better than the unicorn. 

Maybe only available this year?

Heard it had limited mintage.  No mention of mintage on RM site.

Does anyone really collect gold Britannia's?


Queens Beast Unicorn.

Part of series so doubt we will be seeing this design again.

I have a feeling that it will be next to get a price increase later in the year at RM similar to Lion, Griffin and Dragon.

Maybe more collected?




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I would collect them if I could.  Damn it would be expensive having a date run of 1 ounce gold Britannia's from 1987.  32 ounces not including oriental border and the like.


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Queens beast Unicorn for me, if you look at how the pricing of the QB's is developing you can clearly see them rising in price from their initial launch.  Lion is 5% dearer than the Unicorn which is 5% dearer that the Griffin etc.

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It seems pretty likely the Unicorn will be selling at dealers with a premium of at least 30% in a year or so like the Griffin now does.

I've never really paid much attention to Britannia issues (for me it's just a bullion coin) so I can't comment on how appealing 'special' releases like the oriental border will be in a year or more. Does this kind of tweaked Britannia release usually fetch a 30% premium after a year or two?

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2 hours ago, RoughDog said:

Do you stack queens beasts too?

Silver yes, not the gold ones. I feel I'm too late to the party and the premium to get the set is more than I'm comfortable paying.

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I have a monster box of each silver QB’s released to date. They seem to be doing well but I think over the long term coins will drop in value. What do other members think?

Not my circus, not my monkeys

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Monster boxes.  ?

Drop in value from todays prices? ?

I don't see many people selling Lions which I am guessing is why the price has gained so much.

I don't see many people selling many older silver Britannia's either.

Maybe people are happy to hold them as a foundation due to capital gains and flip other coins to buy more.


I am unsure about coins later in the series.  Do coins late in a series ever gain much?

I like the design on the Lion, Griffin and Dragon the best and they happen to be the first coins in the series.

Being a bit of a newbie makes it interesting to see what happens.


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