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  1. Personally I was never very impressed by the artwork on the series 1 or 2 coins, that's why I never picked any up. It wasn't bad, just a bit flat and uninspiring. Kind of like images taken out of a Ladybird Book of Animals from the 1970s... I guess we can't really judge how this series will go based on a single coin but to me the quality of this artwork (in all variations) is streets ahead of the previous offerings. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, it's almost impossible to get hold of any of these at present (without paying ludicrous premiums) but hopefully supply will catch up before they go out of production. After all, many are unlimited mintage for 2020 and we're only at the end of May. I'll certainly be tempted to pick up some of the other size versions if they become available again.
  2. With the much-loved Queen's Beasts series almost at its end I've been wondering what other series might be worth following in silver form and decided to splash out on one of the Perth Mint Lunar series 3 2oz silver coins. This was a while back but I've only just taken delivery today and I have to say it's pretty darn impressive. Although it's the same weight as the QB the choice to go for a slightly thinner coin makes for a nice display piece at 50mm across and yet it's still fairly chunky. The matte finish with shiny detailing looks pretty sophisticated too. I follow a few 1oz silver series (e.g. Rwanda lunar & nautical ounce) but this 2oz lunar is definitely a winner for me and gives me something to look forward to once the QBs are finished. Would have been nice to have a twice-yearly series, but this will have to do for now.
  3. I always contact them by sending a message through their site using the link under the order details.
  4. In normal times the 1kg coins have the lowest premiums for silver of any current offering. Lower than 1oz Britannias etc. Combine that with a possible long-term semi-numismatic gain in resale value and there's definitely some appeal to these.
  5. Personally I don't see any reason to rush to buy this coin at the current premiums. It's a bullion coin that will still be produced for almost a year with an unlimited mintage. The problems right now with production and distribution are likely to fade away as the lock-downs ease across Europe. Unless the price of silver climbs dramatically in the meantime we should expect to see this coin being offered for closer to £155 within the next few months.
  6. Yep, all Platinum 1oz out of stock at EuropeanMint plus Palladium. 😐
  7. Silver 10oz Yales now sold out at European Mint. QB 10oz falcons too, for what it's worth. I do find their site pretty basic. At least at a minimum it would be nice to be able to filter the selection of coins shown in each category - for example by weight. Still, the selection is not enormous so it's always possible to scroll through it by price and eventually find what you're looking for.
  8. European Mint still have a fairly wide selection of platinum bullion available as of tonight. Pt QB Falcon has sold out today though, so I wouldn't be surprised if others disappear soon. I've picked up a couple of items in the last few days as I still like Platinum even if people do say it's doomed. Palladium Maple Leaf now out of stock too. No palladium options left on their site.
  9. Except they're not really that cheap thanks to boosted premiums. Price is almost exactly the same as what I paid for other 10oz coins in the series when the spot price was 13% higher. Still a reasonable buy but you would hope the price would actually be up to 13% lower today.
  10. Indeed, the premiums have dropped in the last couple of hours. The lowest was 31% when I posted. Might have to splash out on another coin.
  11. GSBe has effectively no Platinum bullion in stock since yesterday - just a few one-off ultra-high premium coins available. European Mint have a few more but the premiums are 31-35%, compared to 9-14% just a day or two ago. As a concrete example of what this means, I actually bought a coin yesterday when the spot price was 16.5% higher but the current list price for the same coin today on EM is actually higher than I paid then.
  12. It's true that the premiums are eye-watering right now. Was very tempted to do some buying at these levels but in fact the price of many items has hardly gone down because the premiums have gone up so much. 😕
  13. Do they have expiry dates on homeopathic 'medicine'? It can't really have a shelf-life if it doesn't actually do anything.
  14. As mentioned above I think this is a case of the system having changed. They used to charge shipping up front when you made the first order and put it into storage and they've now switched to only adding shipping at the end. I fell into the same situation, sent a message through their system pointing this out, and they took the shipping off the invoice. Problem solved.
  15. First image I've found of the Queen's Beasts White Horse of Hanover. Looks pretty good to me - fairly generic horse, and bit too much empty background, but not bad overall.
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