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  1. For 795€ you could buy 2 10oz Queen's Beasts White Horse coins (309 each at GSBe) and have 177€ left over to buy another 5oz or so of bullion silver coins. Will those 25oz of silver be worth more than the 10oz Beskar coin-bar in a couple of years? Who knows?
  2. Pretty bold pricing by EMK. It was 348 Euros on EuropeanMint a couple of days ago, then 377, then 423, then 473 Euros when they had 2 left.
  3. Difficult to believe GSBe hasn't got an allocation of these, especially given their Perth Mint connections.
  4. I was never taken with the artwork of the previous Lunar series - to me they were like cut-and-paste images from a Ladybird book of animals. For the Lunar 3 mouse I thought both the silver and gold/platinum designs were much better, with more style and visual appeal. For the Ox I'm afraid I don't like the silver version at all, but I really like the Gold/Platinum artwork. Collecting a long series is always something of a risk - what are the chances all 10 (QB) or 12 (Lunar) designs will be appealing to you personally? - but I tend to treat each coin on its own merits. If a given coin
  5. You mention that you usually buy gold bullion with 3 to 5% premiums, but bear in mind that when most of these 1oz bullion QB coins were released the premiums were around 5% on average. There's a big difference between collecting them as they were released and trying to put together a set now. It would be nice to be able to recommend a similar set that you could start collecting now but I personally don't see one at the moment. I do like the Perth Mint Lunar 3 series so far but it's not a unique theme in the way the QBs were. As for bullion vs proof that's a personal thing. Proof collector
  6. Listing photos of the bullion versions of both the silver and platinum coins seemed to show them with a very dull finish but I had assumed this was just an artifact of the photography. However the photos above seem to show that they really do look this way in real life. Now I realize they're obviously not supposed to have a proof finish, but in my experience most bullion silver and platinum coins actually have an extremely bright polished finish. It seems like the SA Mint has gone out of their way to give these BU coins a spectacularly dull matt finish. I was planning on buying the p
  7. Exactly how I feel, and I've bought almost nothing since gold went over £1000/oz. At those levels I just felt I'm never really going to lose out. At £1500/oz I feel like a coin could be worth much less than I paid within a year or two. Some interesting reading above but I'm still struggling to pull the trigger on any purchases but if the price dips again to £1200/oz I may fill in some of my gaps.
  8. It was a good series with some outstanding designs and so ho-hum ones. Re-hashing it would be a real shame, and very unlikely to be as successful as the first series. Surely they can come up with some new ideas?
  9. Apparently they have released a bullion version of the platinum elephant at least, although I can't seem to find any concrete reference to any planning on the release of bullion versions of the series, or any details such as mintages. Does anyone have any clear information on their plans for this - e.g. will there be a bullion version of each coin released 6 months after the proof version?
  10. The leopard is a beautiful design but I struggle to convince myself to pay so much for an oz of gold or platinum just because it's really, really shiny. Proofs are just not my thing.
  11. It may be worth talking to a dealer as they might be the only ones who could handle such a volume. Knowing that the dealers currently charge a fat premium for this particular coin you should be in a position to negotiate at least some fraction of that for yourself. You certainly shouldn't be selling at spot when they can turn around and resell at spot+90%.
  12. Just to agree with @Abyss here - no-one here would have advised you to buy silver in the way that you did @rubatosis. It's too late to change it now but if you got that advice from a financial professional you need to look elsewhere in future. If it was just a personal decision based on reading too many excited articles from people saying that silver was going to go up 10x in value any day now... the lesson is to seek advice from other people before throwing your money into something. Silver has plenty of fans here, including some who think it will go up massively, but even if that were t
  13. The fact that you own not far short of 1% of the entire mintage of this particular coin does mean you will have to spread out the sales to avoid overwhelming the market. That said, the fact that Bullion By Post sent you these instead of Britannias was a stroke of luck as these have far more resale value per oz than the plain vanilla Britannia.
  14. @FiveStacks - you're not crazy, premiums on new silver coins have always been high and since COVID they've become higher still. I think HighlandTiger is talking about premiums when buying coins on the secondary market rather than new coins fresh from the dealer. That's the only way you could be looking at 10% or less over spot. Over the last few years the lowest premium I've had on a new silver 1 or 2oz coin from a European dealer was 17.5%. Many semi-numismatic (collectible) coins have premiums of 20%, 30%, 40% or more.
  15. Wow, that's the first time I remember hearing of a major producer abandoning a series of coins altogether. Sales must have been truly abysmal for them to completely give up on them. I quite liked the horse - a stylized image with a definite Chinese feel to it - and assumed that they would extend that theme to the rest of the series but instead they went with a totally different image style for every single coin. The sheep was pretty weird, the pot-bellied monkey ugly, the rooster okay-ish, the dog was a crazy cartoon, the pig was horrible, and the rat was the stuff of nightmares. Not
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