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  1. RoughDog

    Sold all my Gold

    I thought inflation was an increase in money supply which is nothing to do with the price of assets. I don't know, It's only what I have read. If the governments want to push people into assets how is it that people complain that metal prices are rigged and being artificially knocked down? I assume that if the prices of assets/stocks are rising it's because people are putting more and more money into them. If people were to take their money out where would they put it? In saving accounts? The interest rates are next to nothing. Maybe it's interest rates/saving rates tha
  2. What about the gold to bitcoin ratio. That has changed a bit over the years. I don't pay attention to the gold:silver ratio.
  3. Year of the mouse may turn out to be difficult to purchase in the future. I'm not seeing them for sale much since this shenanigans. First coin in new series too. They seem to have disappeared.
  4. 🤪😁 Pimp that pamp
  5. I've tried linux mint, manjaro 18 , ubuntu. I've not tried gaming on linux. Sounds like I would end up pulling all my hair out with that. I also heard of people being branded as cheats for online gaming using linux due to the way some games check. I wouldn't let one person's view effect your gaming. Just use whatever works for you.
  6. I don't have qualifications in Chemistry but I would of thought it is a chemical reaction. Since you mention Maples which are supposed to be pure Ag. If only I knew someone with Chemistry qualifications who knows what reacts with Ag. Sadly I don't. https://www.lenntech.com/periodic/water/silver/silver-and-water.htm In what way and in what form does silver react with water? Silver does not react with pure water. Is is stable in both water and air. Moreover, it is acid and base resistant, but it corrodes when it comes in contact with sulphur compounds. Sulphur????
  7. No selling. Hold on for SHTFS. Whether that is my personal (accidentally on purpose caused by some 💩 ) SHTFS or global melt down.
  8. Ask yourself this. What would you pay for a proof gold coin from 2019?, 2018?, 2017?, 2016?, 2015?..... I the price your willing to pay keeps going up then at least there is one person willing to pay those premiums. Where there is one there are usually others.
  9. Better get you suitcase ready.
  10. Could be argued: - lots of women like jewellery, clothes, fancy shoes. Those things sound very visual to me. Men prefer function before style.
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