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  1. Mine came yesterday... No dispatch email, no update on RM account, suddenly received it
  2. I don't understand why they have to put it as limited stock for these coins, they will obviously be limited to 5-10 coins, just building the hype.
  3. Completely missed this... didn't bother looking at 50p coins at all
  4. Same question...went to search for something else and now in a queue!!! Have no clue what is for, but joining the queue 😆
  5. Hi, Just wanted to know how much Royal mint charges premium on their good bullion coins/bars? Thank you
  6. Thank you, will have to wait until tomorrow to sort this out...1/4 Oz is sold out, not sure what they are going to do other than saying sorry.
  7. Not sure what's happening with my order..I had placed a silver and gold coin in 2 separate orders. Silver is showing in open orders. Gold has completely disappeared, not in open or closed. Money is pending in my bank account, not no dispatch email or message. Anyone else having this issue??
  8. Nice....can you/anyone please tag me when this is due to release? Missed on the last one. Thank you
  9. Sometimes it comes as in stock, sometimes it shows 404 error.....guess there will lot of cancellations from RM...atleast there's free shipping this time over £250
  10. They have made it confusing though with so many options
  11. When its a continuity product, you are committing to buy the next 9 coin in the series.
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