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  1. Haha
    Agpanda reacted to joejet in Returning to the uk with a large quantity of Platinum coins   
    I think with the cost and reliability of the Postal system from here I would be better training a homing pigeon :)
  2. Like
    Agpanda reacted to Dom in Why can I only access The Silver Forum when on Wifi and not when using mobile data?   
    @ChrisSilver all sorted now, cleared cookies caches etc. Think the issue was my new mobile provider had placed restrictions on my account so had to remove it, seemed to work. 
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    Agpanda reacted to tealcisgod04 in Ruined a proof - urgh   
    So I know there are people in the world with real problems right now and nobody died or lost an eye but just wanted to share this story.  Hopefuly might give someone a LOL.
    So I've never been a proof guy... but picked up a silver proof King Canute cus I really liked the design.  Anyway that bad boy arrived in the post yesterday.  I opened him up and to my shock there was a brown globule of water inside the capsule.   I don't know if it was condensation or what.  I also know that I should have left well enough alone, contacted the seller and sent it back. 
    But I was a fool... an impatient fool and I couldn't let it lie.   I took a clean hankie, opened it up and dabbed the wet globule away.   Job done.  Perfect. 
    Except... on closer inspection it left two small grease marks on the kings cheek.  Tiny marks, not too much larger than the eye of a needle.  Only visible at certain angles.  Leave it alone I thought.  You're playing with fire.  Screw up the capsule and forget about it.
    But no!  I was a fool twice.  I took the hanky, bunched it up to a fine point and tried to brush the marks away.  Big problem.  Now the marks have spread all over the king's cheek.  Disaster.
    I rushed to Google.  Alcohol?  Hand sanitiser?  Soapy water?  I went for soapy water.  Put on gloves and dipped it in water with a spot of fairy.
    Now the grease marks have cleared to reveal a horde of micro scratches obviously caused by my wiping.  What's more I pad the coin dry and now there are water spots on it and it it's attracting great heaps of dust from the air.  Each pad of the towel just makes it worse and worse.  The formerly beatiful obverse is now misty and spotted. 
    Fine.  I give up.   Lesson learned.  Don't buy any more proofs... I'm not cut out for the world of proofs.
    Anyway, at least I have a goofy story.
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    Agpanda reacted to danmc82 in Panda collection 1989-2000   
    I find them very collectable, BUT I'm collecting them so I would 😁
    I still need quite a few, but I have all the modern ones. I also collect PCGS MS70 Pandas but not getting the older ones as the prices can be ridiculous.
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    Agpanda reacted to Bluenitsuj in Panda collection 1989-2000   
    Very collectible. I also collect them and have a date run from 1989 to 2021 with just 4 years missing.
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    Agpanda got a reaction from SilverRiderSweden in New from Sweden   
    Bor utanför Vara, va 10 mil från Göteborg
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    Agpanda got a reaction from SilverRiderSweden in New from Sweden   
    Välkommen till forumet från en annan Svensk 😃
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    Agpanda reacted to ChrisSilver in Advanced warning - extended forum downtime   
    Just to let you know, to try to resolve the issues that are causing problems in the mentioned topic below, that sometime this week we are planning to put the forum into offline mode to overhaul everything and hopefully fix it.
    So the forum will be down for an extended period sometime this week, which may be a few days. (This is to avoid data being lost in the transfer)
    We apologise in advance for this downtime and hope that we are able to permanently resolve the issues on the server this week.
    EDIT: Work may begin from tonight. We apologise in advance for the downtime but this is needed to try to rectify the issues causing this. Hopefully it will be fixed within 2-3 days Max. (The forum is quite large so moving all of the files over will take some time)
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    Agpanda got a reaction from Soysauce in Panda Photo thread...   
    Photos of your Pandas, only your own and no comment please

    1990 Large Date

    1990 Small Date

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    Agpanda reacted to ChrisSilver in ⚠️ warning ⚠️ banned member on the forum   
    Please be careful when buying and selling on the forum, especially with new members and especially to members who do not have Premium Membership.

    A banned member has been making new accounts from different IP addresses and sending harassing messages each time he makes a new account and is subsequently banned.

    According to this member they have made recent sales on the forum. Please report any suspicious activity by using the report feature.
  11. Thanks
    Agpanda reacted to ChrisSilver in Back up and running   
    Apologies for the down time earlier.

    There seemed to be multiple back end issues, which caused some errors on the forum. All of which were not showing error logs, so it was difficult to locate.

    The errors included but where not limited to; a backup of the forum upload files which was saved on the same drive had caused that drive to become full and subsequently the forum was inaccessible as it had ran out of space. This is despite the massive storage space that we have. We have now deleted those extra unnecessary files, as we have actual back up files on other hard drives on the sever.

    There is currently plenty of space, but we will be upgrading the storage space at some point to prevent any future outage. There may therefore be some downtime sometime in the near future when we upgrade the space on the drives. If you currently use the forum for free, please consider upgrading to Premium Membership as this helps a lot with maintenance costs of the forum. Thank you to those who choose to use TSF as a Premium Member and who help to maintain the forum. 

    There is also a caching based issue, which we are working on. So there may be some sporadic downtime later as we are trying to re-enable a different caching method.

    Once again, sorry for the downtime earlier and glad that we should now be back up and running as usual  
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    Agpanda reacted to stefffana in How much silver to hold   
    Hi, @Bigmarc,
    I believe the real potential of silver is in spot price, not in premium. So, now I am stacking only low premium silver, very easy to sell near spot price (1000g,  500g bars, old british currency, and scrap ). I sold already all high premium coins and I've converted all in sovereigns and another silver low premium.
    Why? Because in next future the industrial demand will generate a rise in spot price and my stack's value will increase and I will do profit only waiting. The shiny silver coins ( now at spot + 60-95% ) will lose from their high premium when the spot price will be high. The market demand will be for cheap silver, not for expensive coins. 
    I can't understand why people are interested to pay now for a silver 1oz coin £28 - £35, equivalent at £18.42 spot price + 52% to +95% premium, when the same metal can be bought easy at 0 to 30% premium in a different shape. I am not talking about numismatic or collectible products. This is another story, I don't know this game, I am talking only about pure stacking.
    About quantity... Depends on your style of life, your age, your plan of retirement, depends on what you want to give to next generation. But a minimum one is around 15kg silver and equal value in low premium gold in your stack.
    This is my opinion, I am not a guru in PM, but I prefer to stay safe, speculating only the spot price and ignoring high premium products. 
    Let's imagine a scenario, using today's spot price £18.42/oz silver and a future potential spot price x2.5 = £46.05/oz silver.
    John bought today from a dealer 1 kg bar, paying £790.62, VAT and shipping included. This is £24.58/oz, +34% premium.
    Jane bought today 32oz (app.1 kg) silver Royal Arms and she paid £1129, VAT and shipping included. This is £35.28/oz, +91.5 premium.
    After few years, the spot price is £46.05/oz = £1480.7/kg and it is time to sell. 
    John will sell quick 5% over spot, having in hand £1554.7. His pure profit is £764/kg.
    Jane will struggle to sell at 30% over spot, but because the spot is so high, she will accept finally only 10% over spot, having in hand £1628.7. Her pure profit is only £499/kg.
    It is a difference of £265/kg between John and Jane. If the stack is 15kg, the difference is £3975.
    But let's talk about Bob. He bought today 1kg scrap silver at spot price. He paid £592. He sold his silver in the same day as John and Jane at spot price, having in hand £1480.7. His pure profit is £888.5.
    Position in this game:
    1. Bob:   £888.5 profit/kg;
    2. John: £764 profit/kg;
    3. Jane: £499 profit/kg.
    This is rough, because in reality, Bob was able to buy more scrap than John and Jane, using the same money.
    If we are talking about the same money invested, the difference is huge.
    Let's compare now only Bob and Jane, to be more visible this difference.
    Jane paid £1129/kg for Royal Arms and Bob used the same money, buying 1.9kg scrap silver.
    Jane is selling after years at £1628.7 with profit £499.
    Bob is selling after years at £2813.3 with profit £1684, with a difference between them of £1185.
    If the stack is 15kg, the difference of profit between Bob and Jane is £17775.
    This is the reason I am trusting in spot price, not in premiums.
    I hope my explanation was clear enough for all new stackers. I know, it is difficult to see the real potential of scrap. But from scrap to treasure it is only a little step.😊 When you will see here scrap silver at spot price, do not hesitate and buy quick!😁
    Happy stacking, guys, happy stacking!
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    Agpanda reacted to Danny-boy in Whatever happened to?   
    Yeah I remember these posts from 2014.
    It was during the very early days when we were all working really hard to get a load of content on the site to attract new members and increase search engine hits.
    Happy times man..........
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    Agpanda reacted to Lindeman in Complete Kook Collection?   
    I have the full 1 oz Bu Kook set - was fun putting it together one by one in 2014-2017 , now just ticking over with each new year.  Must admit I don't have a nice box like that one @5huggy has ! I do collect the annual Perth swan series now as well, as they have great designs as well.  
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    Agpanda reacted to sovereignsteve in Complete Kook Collection?   
    I have sets of BU and proof, both 1oz and 2oz along with a very small set of 1/2 oz proofs.
  16. Like
    Agpanda reacted to 5huggy in Complete Kook Collection?   
    I hope  (pretty sure) this satisfies your drooling !😉👍🤣🤣
    I have a "cracker" of a set that I purchased a while back from a brill member @motorbikez


  17. Thanks
    Agpanda got a reaction from Mrpound in I’m new here!   
    Hi and welcome from Sweden
  18. Thanks
    Agpanda got a reaction from Lennyd in Hello   
    Hi and welcome from Sweden!
  19. Like
    Agpanda reacted to RustyShackleford in Newbie Checking In   
    Hello folks, newbie from Cumbria here.
    Doubt I'll post much but thought I'd say hi.
    I've only just started to dip my toe in the precious metal water but looking to slowly add to my meagre 'stack'.
    Intention is to stack but can't help but have an eye on collecting.
  20. Thanks
    Agpanda got a reaction from Goldmick in Help needed please on my 1/4 gold onza   
    It a wrong NGC Description
    The pic is correct
    Maybe you can sent a msg to NGC asking them for an correction
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    Agpanda got a reaction from Panmad in Hello from a new member   
    Hi and welcome from Sweden!
  22. Haha
    Agpanda reacted to Paul in End of an eBay Era   
    Create a second "greedy" alter-ego !
    for here and FB
  23. Like
    Agpanda reacted to Pete in Is there a way to fix loose capsules?   
    I've seen this with some brands of capsules.
    When you go to pick up your coin or bar it can fall out as the two parts separate unexpectedly.
    Depending on how many you are talking about you have 2 options -
    1. Buy better capsules
    2. try a small tube of UV curing epoxy.
    I bought UV epoxy on eBay for a couple of £ ( had to wait 3 weeks from China though ).
    The same product was 5 times the price in the UK - rip-off as usual.
    You put a couple of small drops of clear epoxy on the capsule rim and close it then you shine the supplied UV LED on the epoxy for about 30 seconds and it hardens.
    Alternatively just leave on a window ledge in daylight for a day.
    This product is not adhesive and hardens completely.
    Some glues will gas out over time and you may in years to come get some discolouration of your silver.
    I definitely experienced this with proof silver coin sets, maybe 25 years old,  from the Canadian Mint that had capsules, glued shut at the mint.
    Each coin spotted ( not milk spots ) and I ended up selling for scrap beautiful - once - boxed proof sets.
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    Agpanda reacted to Nugget in Silver forum merchandise   
    Thanks sixgun,
    I would prefer to buy one off the forum when they are released for sale, so that the forum gets some cash, rather than eBay and PayPal lol
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    Agpanda reacted to sovereignsteve in Silver forum merchandise   
    I have a 1 oz bar from the first issue, can't remember which year. If I can find it I'm happy for it to go to a better home😉
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