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  1. That's how I thought it worked, then I re read the instructions
  2. I'm in with the choice of 1oz Libertad from either 2002, 2008 or 2011 from my duplicates
  3. Yeah I have no gold and just wanted a rough guide... I have no real goals at the moment just starting out.
  4. Thanks, but I am after physical investments
  5. That's why I was thinking sovereigns for now and just stick to them until I get a good balance of silver/gold. have to keep my hands in my pockets and stop finding all these silver bargains on the forums 😄
  6. Afternoon, I am after some advice. I started collecting silver in the middle of last year, what sort of ratio of silver/gold is good to have? I have no gold at all at the moment, I am thinking of starting with some sovereigns. This is just due to cost etc as 1oz coins/bars are just too much for me to invest in per month. All advice welcome Thanks.
  7. It is very infectious once you start as well!
  8. Buying silver from actual people and not a service like Amazon, there can be a few days delay due to getting to the post office etc. Saturday deliveries are only guaranteed for SD if you pay extra... Buying on Thursday/Friday and expecting Saturday is a stretch tbh. I am not saying you have or have not been "scammed" but I would be annoyed if it was me selling you the silver and you started this post. Just my opinion.
  9. StevenM

    Silver beginner.

    I hope he never whispers in my ear 🤣
  10. StevenM

    Silver beginner.

    All the good advice he has shared has now diluted his method me thinks?
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