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  1. 1cm covers all coins up to 2 ounces that I'm aware of. I have wands too but they don't replace the external bridge for big bars, if you want to measure all the way through. Wands only measure the surface or just below but not considerably.
  2. If the SG test and the Sigma and the micro A are all as and where they should be, I wouldn't even worry about measuring the thickness because, as said, I find the results generally inconclusive because coins are not perfectly flat and depending on where exactly you happen to measure it, the result might seem as if it was totally off (for the thickness but even for the diameter it's not that much better). I have therefore given up on even doing it. If you wanted yet another test, I'd go for the magnet test but to be honest I don't see how you could trick SG and Sigma at the same time, even theoretically. Possibly with a very advanced alloy no one has ever heard of, straight from a military laboratory but even then - it's very unlikely such an alloy could even theoretically exist.
  3. I have got the Sigma pro: Here you see the pro mini which is mobile (didn't exist yet 2 years ago, unfortunately): https://www.sigmametalytics.com/mini And here is the competitor Gold Screen Box (they have further gold testing devices such as density scales as you can see in the first link but only their gold screen box is the counterpart to the Sigma) https://www.gold-analytix.com/test-devices And here the original Sigma: https://www.sigmametalytics.com/original If you look at all of them, you will see only the pro and the pro mini have a sensor above the pad which means it can measure all the way through the coin, whereas the original Sigma and the gold screen box can only measure so deep (can't remember the exact depth but in any case not through the whole coin). At the pro and the pro mini (and possibly at the original Sigma, I don't know) you can also put in the weight and then it will display the estimated size (for regular forms - round or rectangle) although personally I have never bothered to do this, instead I compare it to coins I already have. If I bought it now I'd probably go for the pro mini as it's mobile and measures through the whole coin but I have no big pieces even of silver (2oz max). If you want to test bigger coins or bars you'll need the pro with the external bridge for big pieces (which I don't have). As you can see the pro has two sensors for different sizes, so I'd double check the pro mini can test everything from a 10 Corona or 1/10oz to a 2oz coin.
  4. You can also simply change the language settings by clicking on the flag at the top right. https://www.sigma-verifiers.com/en/ I have bought mine from the US, about two years ago. At least back then there was no considerable difference in the price with import charges and shipping, compared to the Slovenian provider I also had a look at, at the time. But it was sitting at customs for ages - quite a few weeks but that's a lottery and could also be considerably shorter. The import charges weren't a dealer breaker for me. You have to pay it before you can pick it up. It even happened to me that I ordered something from Germany post Brexit and so they didn't charge German VAT but they forgot to charge it in the UK as well, so I didn't pay it in any country. (Before Brexit I'd have paid German VAT and no import fees). I wouldn't count on that though and certainly even less so form the US. Although I'm very happy with my Sigma Pro and certainly recommend it, there are also competitors which you might also want to have a look at: https://www.gold-analytix.com/
  5. I have plenty of them but not at hand right now and I have found measuring thicknesses of coins inconclusive anyway. I find specific gravity tests much more meaningful. The easiest way to check if they are genuine is the tiny engraved A within one of the As in Australian Kangaroo. You'll need a magnifying glass to see it properly. Can't remember which one but maybe the very first one and it's at the top, inside of the big A.
  6. I think in 2015 we had a short, slight deflation in the real economy, according to official figures. In any case there was nothing outstanding economically, in 2016 but politically. The Brexit vote and Trump getting elected both of which events posed uncertainty on geo politics and uncertain times means more demand for gold. So, it was political, not economical.
  7. I have stopped buying silver a while ago but that would also be the case if silver still had the same spot price it had when I bought most of it (11-12£) and if you could still import it at cheaper tax rates, from Europe. For me it's a personal diversification issue and price development just falls in handy for me but if I had no or little silver now, I would still buy it, also at the current prices and I will again in the future, regardless of what the price development might be. It will of course influence how much I will be able to buy. Certainly not selling what I have.
  8. This is another cheap way of testing if it's tungsten. It's a pretty tedious task though - the price for being inexpensive.
  9. I think your advice is generally totally right thus at most given points in time but not right now, at a looming hyperinflation. Yes, even now you should start with a little bit of cash but not half a year of spending, if you are just about to start saving. We still don't know if the looming hyperinflation will indeed materialise in the next few months or even years and theoretically it might never do - even a severe a long lasting deflation is still possible at this point. But the risk of a hyperinflation is much higher now than at most points in time. If you buy half sovereigns now the worst thing that can happen (apart from theft or losing it) is that you might have to sell it at a small loss. Your cash however could evaporate over night. Nevertheless - as said - start with a bit of cash but the emphasis should currently not be identical to what it was when you were 23 (assuming you are middle aged or old).
  10. Most of our pension pots are mostly filled with toxic garbage though that will certainly not make it through to the pension of a now young man. There are not many things one can invest into in the time of the everything bubble and PMs belong to the few exceptions, so you might as well buy PMs for your pension. As most here, I agree, it makes most sense to start with (half or full) sovereigns for a newbie to PMs in the UK, not just because I started like this myself but because gold is considerably less volatile than silver and the difference between buying and selling is also much smaller (at at given spot price), easier to store, no issues with milk spots. I definitely do recommend silver, also now but for newbies - start with (half) sovereigns unless what you can afford per month is so little that even half a sovereign would take you half a year or so which of course is not at all uncommon, in your early twenties.
  11. I would buy half a sovereign a month but that's only due to my impatience.
  12. Thanks a lot for your detailed answer. No, it's not a tourist but someone who moved there, just about when the fakedemic started. I have actually not asked what kind of gold it is but it seems to me it's mostly jewellery and possibly a bit of bullion. As for buying gold (another person, also someone who moved there), bullion would be preferred (jewellery only if available at spot price). They don't speak the national languages there, just English (as it is an official language there as well). The guy who wants to sell tried and contacted a bank but they didn't reply. He also wanted to give Lazada oder shoppee a shot (some Ebay like platforms, it seems) but apparently they don't allow gold to be sold there. The only possibility for selling seems to be Ebay). It's unbelievable, Manila doesn't have a proper bullion store or at least some reputable jewellers who also trade some bullion at reasonable prices.
  13. @Roy I think it was you who said he lives in the Philippines? Any recommendations? Asking on behalf of someone who is not on the forum
  14. CGT doesn't matter for you, if you mostly have Sovereigns anyway and want to stick to them, after his purchase. The threshold where it even kicks in is well above 10K, no clue where exactly, at the moment. (Unless there is a hyper inflation and the rates lack behind the prices which I would expect them to in such a scenario.) I'd go for the coin because they don't come in blisters that you need to remove in order to test if it's real gold but if you do, it's probably a bit less liquid in private sales because it's perceived as a broken seal for many potential private buyers.
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