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  1. I think it's only phsyical wonga for some ex-traders, these days: If you pass by, I'm sure he'd love an ounce of silver, even though it has completely plummeted.
  2. Already completely off with your time scale, particularly for silver. I'm still in the race with my prediction. 😝
  3. It has not been shown to exist. But it's principally impossible to prove that something doesn't exist. That being said, those who claim it exists need to prove it does - and they haven't.
  4. I agree to that of course. However if it's just an already known disease with a new lable or genuinly a new disease is yet another question. Why? Because we do see that in other cases, when big pharma wants to sell a new drug.
  5. The bet if offered to be conducted with humans OR primates. There were reports about pets having Covid19, so why not using at least primates? Also, as most people recover from Covid, even according to the official numbers, you can get volunteers. And it's not against any reasonable ethic standard to use volunteers, if you compare it to the damage of the lockdown.
  6. Also, keep in mind, there was already the same kind of bet for the measel virus by aonther guy - Stefan Lanka. He won at court, because the provided studies didn't prove the measel virus exists. Measel viruses are a considerable source of income for big pharma, so after this bet (2011) at the latest, they should have isolated and purified, in this case the measel virus. Why didn't they do it?
  7. Yes, theoretically the debate is not closed. However, it has not been attempted to distinguish the virus from the exosome model. Why not? Why does big pharma not make people like the guy who offers this bet and other people who claim the virus model is wrong, shut up? It would be easy to do for them. The only reasonable answer is, maybe they have even done respective research but don't publish it but in any case they fear the outcome. Otherwise they would just present such research.
  8. If you think I'm wrong, at least about the Corona virus, you can win a lot of money: Driven by irrational fears and under the guise of health care, we are currently threatened with a dictatorship based on the Chinese model. In order to finally force a factual discussion, the medical journalist Hans UP Tolzin has now offered prize money of 100,000 euros for scientific proof that respiratory diseases can really be caused by a coronavirus. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.impfkritik.de%2Fpressespiegel%2F2020032201.html Are there no young virologists with no substantial savings yet who want to rake in the cash?
  9. The same is true for 5G. And that's all you need to know about it. If private insurers don't insure it, it's a massive red flag - it is or might very well be dangerous. I tend to think the trigger will rather be 5G already for the reason that viruses - well, most here believe they do generally exist but everyone who claims they do, needs to show that they are not exomes. I have confronted my virology friend with the Koch postulates and he claimed they were outdated. So asked him what replaced them, today. He said it's not necessary to replace them. So I asked him, how do you distinguish whether the virus or the exome model is true - and as expected he had no answer to this. Just to be clear, no one questions that PCR tests measure small strings of RNA - not the whole RNA sequence of the whole supposed virus - but how to interprete that is not clear just by sequencing the RNA. THERE IS NO DISTINCTION BETWEEN EXOMES AND VIRUSES. Whoever thinks I'm wrong - show me the study that distinguishes them. You can look forever - good luck finding it.
  10. The whole demonstration march in 5 minutes - except, it isn't even all the protestors as some took different routes, at least according to some comments.
  11. If no one else is doing it, I'd do it, if you trust my 7 reputation points. Personally, I would choose someone with more reputation points. However, I don't live in Lincolnshire, but somewhere else in the UK. So you would send the coin to me, they the money to me and then I would send the coin to them and the money to you. I'm not sure what it costs but obviously sending it with tracked delivery plus any bank fees that might occur, I would need to look into that. I wouldn't charge anything but you'd need to leave it in my feedback that I was the middle man for this. I have a Sigma Precious Metal Verifier Pro, so I could check if it really is platinum. In case it's not, I'll send the coin back to you but only if you send me the money for sending it back to you. Oh, there might be additional costs for the packaging material unless I'd be able to reuse yours. Edit: I'd film unboxing it and putting it onto the Sigma Verifier, so in case it was not real, you couldn't accuse me of having swapped it with a fake.
  12. silenceissilver


    For 2.5K it hardly pays off to go abroad for buying it I guess but maybe it does somewhat with a 50 Pound Ryan Air flight if you get away with 100 Pounds altogether for the whole trip. I have bought one ounce in a shop in Vienna, where also nobody asked for an ID. I also brought it to the UK in my hand laguage. They will see the metal in the scanner but no one said anything in may case and the limit for bringing it here is 10K as far as I know. However, if you are unlucky, they might want to see it and then it's not anonymous, any longer - if they take notes of it. Till Last year you could have gone to Germany but they have lowered their limit from 10K to only 2K with the turn of the year.
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