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  1. Nice, so unlike with my old pro, you can take it into a shop or fair to test on the spot, before you buy it.
  2. For me it's an advantage that they don't open so easily. With a Lighthouse (a normal one) it happened to me that it just popped open and the coin fell out. Thanks God it wasn't high and fell on a carpet and was bullion. Of course once you have experienced that, you are more careful but it shouldn't happen at all.
  3. +2 I have to say though I have only tried the normal Lighthouse capsules, not the ultra ones. It's very hard to pry them open but it's possible and once you know how to do it, it's actually not difficult any longer. The first time I tried it, I got almost desperate, so difficult it was. But the trick is a Stanley knife. That will leave a very small mark on the capsule though. I had used the wrong foam size, if I remember that correctly, thus I had to open a few. I have ordered them from the US in bulk for myself, so I would have enough for a long time. Then I started
  4. Does it run with batteries? Or does it need to be plugged into a socket?
  5. You are supposed to ask the newbie question, now. Sovereigns or quarter Britannias? The answer is Sovereigns.
  6. I'm not aware of any. I only know a telegram channel of a German precious metal dealer https://t.me/kettneredelmetalle so that's pretty useless. There seem to be a lot of crypto currency groups but when I look up the terms gold, silver or precious metals, nothing really comes up.
  7. Obviously he did but by stating his opinion on why there are lockdowns and then asking for other people not to state anything opposing to his opinion. I can see why you don't want this discussion here. Thus my hint to word it in a way we can all agree on - it's due to the lockdowns - that's true whether you think the lockdowns are in place because of an alleged pandemic or because of a power grab of the globalists, aka conspiracy theory.
  8. If you can't see the difference between what I wrote and what you wrote, it is entirely up to you. You shouldn't project your unwillingness or incapability to make that distinction, on me - but - I will try to make it clearer for you: You wrote, please no conspiracy views, to which I politely tried to give a hint - if you don't want to hear other people's position on Corona in this thread, then you shouldn't state your view on it. I have tried to give you what I thought would be clear hint, by choosing a wording that we all can agree on - the mint shut down is due to the lockdowns. I
  9. Let's not discuss covid or alleged covid numbers here. There is a dedicated thread for this.
  10. You link says they suspend the production of silver Libertads, not that the mint shuts down for good or I have missed something? It's probably because of the lockdowns.
  11. Over the family that had Jimmy Saville in Buckingham Palace dozens of times, without noticing anything strange *cough, cough ? Anytime!
  12. I have read somewhere allegedly Charles would have refused to have a portrait painted before his mother dies. It will be interesting to see what will happen to the sovereign coin with his portrait. He seems to be much less popular than his mother. I would be in favour of replacing the royal portrait with that of a commoner, keeping Pistrucci's St George and the name sovereign as it would express people are their own sovereigns rather than being subjects to the king or queen. A portrait like on the Vreneli or the pre American Eagles, not someone who really exists. Or if someone who re
  13. I'm optimistic on balance. However, first we are heading towards not so nice times. This will enable good times, afterwards, better than in any of our lifetimes. There is no automatism but the chances are pretty good, I think. The provided quote is not a joke - although it is, objectively - but it's not meant as a joke by the people who wrote it and they will do anything to achieve their goals, plus they are very powerful. I don't think all the top politicians and billionaires would gather, if I asked them to listen to my stupid ideas but they do come together with the guys who wrote this quot
  14. I consider the difference between confiscation and being made illegal to own above a threshold for bullion gold the same as the difference between theft and robbery or at least as the difference between blackmail and robbery, thus after all semantics and not as crucially different. And even if it was not very well enforceable, it would still be the difference between an attempted blackmail and and unsuccessful blackmail. There is no whitewashing it. So, is it a risk for gold owners today? I'm sure most here would agree, if the government did this they could go and ... themselves. No
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