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  1. This is the solution: Everyone who is paranoid about viruses can waer this virus proof suit and leave the rest of us out of it. https://nypost.com/2020/05/24/california-firm-creates-suit-to-protect-you-from-coronavirus/
  2. The most likely scenario was a contraction followed by hyper inflation before the scamdemic. But you are right about the control part. Now it can be stirred and controlled but more importantly, now there is an excuse and no one will look at the fiat money system. Perfect, if you want to restart it, after the crash
  3. Just why are there so many socialists on this precious metal forum? This video takes a true point, that many people are awekening, and, in a typical Satanist (aka Socialist) manner, turns it upside down and gives it a socialist spin. Bad comanpies, we are destroying the planet blah blah and now that suicides sky rocket in this video they say that now because of the lock down people start giving their mums calls. For your information, visiting old people was/still is effectively banned (depending on where you live). This twist alone says it all.
  4. The guys without legs envying the one legged guy
  5. It's the goal of socialism is to destroy the middle class most and foremost. It wasn't ever objecting the super rich, they actually sponsored it, read Antony C. Sutton about this subject. Also ideologically, a ruling class remains in socialism and the super rich could figure out for themselves to become part of this ruling class, in socialism. The NHS is another socialist organisation. It's run by the government. The service it provides is accordingly very bad. Progressive taxation was never introduced to reach all the way up to the super rich but only up to the middle class.
  6. I live in the UK. In what country do you live?
  7. No, not really. We have a central bank and progressive income tax - both demands in the Communist Manifesto. We have a taxation ratio that is officially over 40%. Even in communist Poland it was only about 70% if I remember the figure correctly, even in Moaist China it was only 80% because they couldn't stop the free market completely. Plus we have so many regulations that new businesses are suffocated before they even start, half of the work is done just to satisfy the bureaucracy. We have huge entry burdens in several sectors (e.g. banks, insurances and many others) that we don't have competition in these sectors, at all. Plus, we have a socialistic mindset of the masses. "The government must make sure, I'm well off". And this was the case before the current dictatorship. Now, it's even the police on your neck, simply for opening your business.
  8. You must be kidding. The UK is a socialist country, even before the lockdown and now it's even much worse. Economically free? You can't even open your physical business without the police arresting you. It could hardly be further away from free. Yes, it's not just the UK but to put the empahsis on the relative freedom compared to other countries is a joke when you compare it to different times, let's say the early US.
  9. silenceissilver


    As many said, get the cheapest ones. Most here favour the Britannia but this forum is dominated by people from the UK. In the UK I would agree, here it's the best bet, in continental Europe the Philharmonic is more popular I think, in the US it doesn't make a difference. Personally, I would go for the Philharmonic since it's one of the few silver bullion coins without the Queen on them. Before you all reply, "why - she is such a lovely old lady?! - well, I just say Jimmy Savile went in and out the Buckingham Palace for many years because of his good connections to one of her sons and another one of her sons was a personal guest of Epstein. I live in the UK, so the vast majority of my silver coins have the Queen on them but outside the UK I would avoid them for the stated reason.
  10. This just shows she is not in control of what she does. Either because of her own incompetencey or because someone tells her what to do.
  11. Sturgeon has missed the chance to become a Scottish super hero in the history books by having no lock down in Scotland . At the beginning her popularity would have sunk because of the fear that was put out there but eventually, probably by now, it would look different. A once in a life time chance for a politician and she blew it. Instead she criticised Johnson for the lockdown not being tough/not lasting long enough. 🤦‍♂️ Well, I wouldn't have expexted anything else from the most globalist nationalist the world has evern seen.
  12. I have ordered something there recently and they sent me an email today "deal - valid only this weekend (as long as they have tese coins)" I have looked at Atkinsons and Bullion by post to compare what these coins are now without deal but both currently don't offer it. So I'm not sure how good a deal it is, how much you'd pay elsewhere but I'll just post it here and if you are intersted in this coin, you can find out yourself. It's in Germany, the postage to the UK was 24.90 Euros to the UK for me (for one gold coin), so the premium elsewhere would need to be respectively high to still get a good deal, if you live in the UK. It's limited to 20 coins per coin or 40 coins altogether. Birds of Paradise 2019/18 for 24/25 Euros. The offer is valid till today 8pm UK time or till they got rid of all coins. https://www.gold-silber-muenzen-shop.de/modules.php?warp=search&view=gallery&q=Birds+of+paradise They don't state what their price will be after that.
  13. No, because the EU will be in the same situation. They have fiat money and lockdowns, too. So where will the economy go? Well, we all know, the question is why do they keep the lockdown in place, knowing there is no pandemic? Because the powers that shouldn't be want 1984, the mark of beast, you unable to buy or sell anything without being vaccinated aka chipped but they also want to destroy the economy properly to ensure there is mass poverty and the middle class destroyed. Maybe Boris Johnson doesn't want it but neither does he care. Just look as his life style, chances are he too is comprised and blackmailable with indecent photos, Epstein style. There are sects at the top of the hierarchy, Freemasons, B'nai Brith, Chabad Lubavitch, Jesuits, etc, the intelligence organisations beneath them and they run a child abuse blackmail network to blackmail politicians.
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