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  1. Whatever you go for, avoid this new and very ugly piece of gold - 1/100 ounce for 29 Euros(!)
  2. For me it's a double Sovereign over a Half Britannia anytime and there might be one or 2 members here sharing this view. I wouldn't speculate on appreciation. Personally however, my favourite roughly half ounce coin is a pre 33 10 Dollar, Indian Head or not. I wouldn't recommend it though, living in the UK, maybe it's different in the US but here it has a premimum well over that of that of a half Britannia or Double Sovereign. Just a personal quirk.
  3. File Bigmarc jr jr, 7/3/2037 9:34:17 first chewing gum purchased, one Orbit Strawberry ultra, bought for £1.350.000 at the age of 6 years 7/5/2045 19:54:51 first online porn magazine purchased, Playgirl Climax, issue 5/44 for £133.500.000 at the age of 14 years 2/6/2053 11:21:41 first Sovereign purchased, William V second portray with a 100 year QE coronation privy mark for £932. 438.000.000 at the age of 22 years 2/3/2054 23:20:04 book order Amazon "What women REALLY want" for £532. 000.000 at the age of 23 years 8/3/2064 15:47:35 book order Amazon "Does your wife cheat you? - The ultimate guide to find out the truth!" for £674. 500. 000.000 at the age of 33 years 15/3/2064 22:57:53 entry fee swinger club "Threesome Free Hearts" for £3.821. 500. 000.000 at the age of 33 years 2/9/2067 11:30:00 consultancy fee divorce solicitor Andrew Strong for £629. 983.821. 500. 000.000 at the age of 34 years 2/9/2067 11:30:00 165 Sovereigns and 2 one ounce Britannia silver coins 2053 and 2054 sold to Chards for £5.658. 629. 983.821.500. 000.000 at the age of 35 years 2/9/2068 11:30:00 attempted purchase 70 Stella Artois - transfer declined due to climate lockdown No33, at the age of 36 years 2/9/2068 11:44:17 attempted purchase 19 Stella Artois - transfer declined due to climate lockdown No33, at the age of 36 years 2/9/2068 11:45:02 attempted purchase Dairy Milk 80g chocolate bar - transfer declined due to a body mass index of 32, at the age of 36 years 17/1/2069 17:00:00 failed to show up for 3montly booster jab - account blocked for a fortnight, at the age of 37 years. 17/8/2070 9:24:36 account closed after assisted suicide, at the age of 38
  4. Finally it doesn't matter if Bitcoin was created by the NSA or CIA because if it wasn't, it could as well have been. It has a public ledger and thus you can look into everyone's wallet, see how much they have, where they got it from and you can track the history of every single bitcoin. You could do the social credit system with bitcoin. It's very different with privacy coins like Monero and Pirate chain where you can't see all of this. There are more and more crypto currencies implementing some sort of privacy functions but mostly it's a joke. The whole crypto market is extremely immature - even declared joke coins shoot through to the moon. That doesn't mean all crypto is sh.t. There are 10K different coins and some will be useful - certainly privacy coins - once the social credit system kicks in and is combined with your bank account, people will start using it on a massive scale. As @sixgun has said, most or all first generation crypto currencies - and most of the newer ones - will go to zero, eventually, of course including Bitcoin. But some are here to stay, maybe some of the existing ones, maybe some that don't exist yet, who knows. There are very good use-cases (online payments) and therefore cryptos are here to stay. The thought though that this could make gold worthless, is ridiculous. Gold is here to stay, even much more.
  5. It should also be noted for newbies, it's considerably more difficult to store than gold because unlike gold it can tone over time (if exposed to air), not to mention milk spots. Well, that's another 5 topics in their own right but at least it should briefly be mentioned. Also, if the budget is low, I assume there is no budget for a proper safe, and silver isn't that easy to hide because of its volume. That being said, I started with both metals and would do the same again, specially when your total stack is only about 3 Sovereigns, you'd need to break up ca 30% of your total stack, if you needed to sell something. I think at least a bit of silver should be part of every stack. You can then tick it off, if you want and focus on gold.
  6. Is it a Coca Cola lid? Well, too many serrations, I guess. Maybe Fanta?
  7. Heubach Edelmetalle has stopped delivering to the UK too but it's my impression most German PM dealers still deliver to the UK, although I have not ordered any silver from the continent, since Brexit, only gold, so I can't shed any light on VAT, customs, import duties etc. However, I have ordered different goods from 2 German companies, this year. One of them added German VAT - wrongly in my opinion - it hasn't arrived yet - the other one hasn't and out of several orders, only one time was there a UK duty added, upon arrival - the other times, this seems to have been forgotten. Maybe worth a try, for a big silver purchase? 😃
  8. No amount of virtuosity in the art of minting could save a Merkel coin from being ugly. There is a reason not even the Perth Mint has tried it. They'd be scared to lose their reputation overnight.
  9. I have got a George III and two Maria Theresa coins and I love them because there is no such thing as an ugly gold or silver coin - for as long as they don't mint one with the likeness of Frau Merkel.
  10. My first piece of PM was a fake - went into the jewellery and decided to finally start buying gold coins. I had played with the thought for a long time and finally was ready for it. I had no idea about any coins on the market although I had heard about Krugerrands, Eagles and Philharmonics but I'd no clue what they look like, how much they cost and how big they are. I asked for a gold coin for about 100 Pounds. I wasn't sure gold coins for that price would exists but I thought I'll give it a shot. I got a half Sovereign which later turned out to be I think it was 17K or was it 19K - I can't remember now - but far off 22K anyway. My first piece of silver was a fake too, briefly afterwards a one ounce bar that was only plated and was only meant to be plated - from the same jeweller. Luckily, I found this out myself, when I googled the bar and found out it was even officially sold as plated. Got proper replacements for both, for the half sovereign even a proof half sovereign. It's the best scenario to make this experience with not too high a budget and right at the beginning.
  11. I agree. As most people who have been on the forum for a while, I have bought from most big UK dealers and from all of them I'd particularly recommend @LawrenceChard and @BairdMint and only not recommend one which is Hatton Metal Gardens because they sent me the wrong Sovereign and even the wrong confirmation and didn't react to my emails, even though admittedly they were very harsh. No issues with Bullion by Post. Of course the prices don't tend to be best ones, but it's still within reason compared to some small local dealers I bought from. That is unless we kill you first and run off with your stock! Anyone interested, please send me a PM! 😀
  12. That could be an explanation of course although I don't have any 500 silver but of course it's not 3 or 4 nines either - my old coins. Honestly, I very much doubt it though that it has much to do with the purity. It's obviously one or another chemical that is used in the minting process. It it came from handling it, you would see it on Sterling silver as well, most likely.
  13. If it was a result of handling it after it was minted, you'd see it on old silver coins as well. I've only got a handful or two that are older than 100 years but I have also never heard about it, so I assume it doesn't exist for those coins but you'd know much better as you must have dealt with many, many thousands.
  14. I have watched one video on Youtube about the Austrian Mint where they proudly state that their gold and silver productions are completely separated, with separated ventilation systems, in order to avoid pollution - little dust of one metal on the other - which is or at least can be responsible for red spots on gold coins as far as I know. I have no clue if this is standard for all big mints and just mentioned as a PR message or if this makes them stand out. In any case the Austrian Philharmonic silver coin does milk spot, I only have a few but I have seen it on them, quite badly on one, more milk than silver. Thanks God I bought this particular coin for someone else I thought it must be one of these things too and was wondering why it couldn't be rinsed off - maybe it would take too much rising and thus increase the costs or maybe it could leave tiny scratches - or maybe it wouldn't be possible to rinse if off in the first place, depending on what exactly it is. It's my understanding - actually I'm pretty sure - they don't remove whatever is causing the milk spots but there is a very thin layer of a chemical added, all around the coin that prevents whatever the milkspots are from becoming visible. I thinks someone mentioned it in God knows which thread, there is a company that colours also the Maples and in order to do so they have to get rid of this extra layer of chemical, so they can spot again. They are literally camouflaged, not removed - still better than not camouflaged.
  15. I have only got a few 20 Corona coins. Like the Austrian Philharmonic, although not as thin as the Austrian Ducats, it's a rather thin coin which makes it more difficult to forge. At this dealer, to my surprise, 20 Corona are more expensive than 100 Corona, per weight, at least at the time I'm looking it up: https://www.heubach-edelmetalle.de/verkauf/100-kronen-oesterreich-goldmuenze-kaiser-franz-joseph-1915-19811 https://www.heubach-edelmetalle.de/verkauf/20-kronen-oesterreich-goldmuenze-kaiser-franz-joseph-1915-19812 They have stopped delivering to the UK after Brexit anyway but maybe you find the same for other dealers?
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