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  1. A law makes it legal tender. In the UK it will always bear the head of the Sovereign. In other countries you have different CGT rules for gold, e.g. in Germany it's all 100% CGT free regardless of what (bullion) gold it is, provided you can show you held it for at least one year. That makes more sense since gold doesn't bear dividends or interest and thus shouldn't be subject to CGT but of course there is the possibility of short term speculation, thus the one year rule in Germany. I have no clue if, from the viewpoint of the UK legal system it would be illegal to drive over to Germany to sell
  2. A fake Veiled Head Half Sovereign. 18K gold, thus still my first piece of gold. I don't have it anymore for all too obvious reasons.
  3. Goldsilbershop.de a German bullion dealer said also a lot of German dealers don't bother to keep the records, the logcists etc but they would. I have never bought from them and didn't double check on their webpage. It doesn't really matter here in the UK what German dealers do, though.
  4. Unfortunately, the coin is from 2021. If it was from an earlier year, we could exclude this possibility because we would have heard about this before, because it wouldn't have happened, just to one coin.
  5. The heavier, the saver. There are stackers out there recommending safes weighing 4 quarters of a ton. But of course, you would need to be Hercules to move that alone.
  6. I don't think so because I have seen a video about the Austrian Mint where they proudly stated they (and only them amongst all big mints) have gold and silver minting separated by some elaborated air ventilation system to prevent exactly that: Also 98 point something % would be way off for a modern mint. No way, this could happen. Could the machine be off? No clue as I have never used such scanners. Could it be the case that it's working for silver and platinum but not for gold? I don't know. Maybe someone who has experience with them can answer this question. The ph
  7. I think you are right to be this paranoid. It won't be an issue with most online orders but it will be with some and why not avoiding this risk. Data can get hacked, it might be someone in the company itself, you don't want to risk that. Another thing to think about, can your neighbours see you are transporting a safe? You might want to wrap some packaging material (or even just a few big bin bags) around it so it could be something else, e.g. a fridge or whatever. However, depending on how much you struggle to get it inside, they could possibly figure out it's too heavy for a fridge or w
  8. I have not been buying any gold or silver for about 3 months but that has nothing to do with the gold price but only with personal diversification. Right now I'm a bit undecided if I should go back to monthly gold purchases or not but sooner or later I will, probably sooner, regardless of the price as it's for the long term. Maybe splitting it and getting a Sovereign per month, I will see. Is the current price high? Jesus no, given the gigantic economic mess we are in, I wouldn't fear overpaying now, at all. Particularily as we are only at the beginning of the mess. We probalby don't have
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sovereign_(British_coin) Value added tax
  10. There is the Canadian Mint Shield technology, basically a thin layer of a chemical that is supposed to prevent spotting. It seems it works. I has only been introduced in 2018. Others in the forum have also mentioned Perth Mint coins don't spot. I have only a few. They don't spot indeed but it's certainly not enough coins to make an overall statement. https://mint.ca/store/campaign/Mintshield-7700022?lang=en_CA/ Bars don't spot.
  11. I have a few of them myself. They are amongst my favourite coins. Others will be able to give you better advice about grading, thus I will leave grading advice to them. But your 1881 coin certainly looks pretty worn (hair!). I certainly wouldn't grade it. When I got my first one, I was also afraid it might not be genuine and also had a topic about it, on the silver forum - it turned out to be indeed genuine, in the end. I'm also very confident that all my coins are as I have tested all my coins with a Sigma Pro (and they are not numismatic). I will insert pictures of a couple of mine so t
  12. I'm not sure how close they come in terms of popularity but certainly the closest coin to (old) Sovereigns in the US are pre 1933 Eagles in the 5USD denomination, roughly a quarter ounce. I'm not sure about the premiums for 2.5USD pre33 Eagles but they would come close to the asked for 10th ounce, being roughly an eighth ounce. A tenth ounce in a huge capsule does look a bit ridiculous but so what. What would concern me is that they might rattle and get wear, over time, although if you don't wildly shake them 10 times a day, it should be fine, for ordinary bullion coins. As for
  13. About £2400 after a high of ca. £2700. I think what all previous answers miss, is the effects of the lockdowns, instead most seem to project the present into the future in a linear way. What has piled up in the economy, will break out and likely so in 2021. As a matter of fact, if this happens, my prediction is still very conservative. Yet, there is no guarantee and piling up could continue for yet another year. In that case I'd say 5% above it's all time high.
  14. I have no clue what most people's spending per month in the UK is. It's certainly possible to get through with 1000 Pounds a month under the right circumstances (no rent, no kids, no mortgage etc). But let's assume 5.5K£ cover 6 months of the questioner's living expenses. Even then it would mean he'd have 100% in cash. I don't think that would be a good idea. Rather than the advice to have 6 to 12 months emergency cash it probably should be a formula along these lines: It should be 6 to 24 months (at the very maximum) BUT it should also not exceed x percentage of your total savings but also th
  15. Well, as said above, it's certainly legal tender but shielded from the non banking sectors. And it closely interacts with the money outside the banking sector.
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