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  1. Bar 4 £18.00 Bar 5 £18.00 Bar 10 £17.00 Bar11 £18.00
  2. Loved it last year so i'm in again with 1oz xag silver bar and 1 oz bu silver coin not sure which coin yet
  3. Its not the front line officers that cause the problems its the senior officers with their politically correct policies which drive the way they police. added to this is the funding cuts to social services , mental health and other agencies means a lot of people are being dealt with by the police to do work which they are not trained for
  4. My daughter and her husband are both police officers so i get a real idea of their daily lives as officers the government has let them down with the savage cuts in numbers the courts are too soft criminals rights are placed above victims rights and too many people have no respect for anything or anyone i constantly tell my daughter , not to take any undue risk because as a society we do not care and its not just police ,attacks on doctors , nurses, fire and rescue and many others continue to rise too many standby and watch these attacks and film them for facebook or you tube rather than help as to whether our police should be armed as they are in the rest of the world i believe it is inevitable
  5. Hong Kong residents have a level of freedom which the rest of China does not have, they need to be careful they dont score an own "goal"
  6. i find the forum members a great source of information and advice but it does not influence what i buy ,what one member likes and collects another does not. so i say buy what you like and enjoy .
  7. when i started collecting it was all 1oz , now its the heavier weights and better value
  8. Thanks ,most are below fine grade so i guess most likely way to sell is to these E Bay coin companies that sell this type of coin
  9. A friend of mine ,has asked me to catalogue her late Husbands coin collection ,various mix of silver and commemorative crowns ,with a view to selling but the advice i need is on about 60 victorian pennies complete date run and about 55 edward vii to george vi pennies various grade condition .like most members they are not really something i would collect so any advice on how to sell them would be helpful thanks
  10. Agree, i dont watch live tv and i ignore any letter from them so i don't pay the fee, simples !
  11. Got mine christmas eve from the u.s.a. and did a fantastic deal on 1oz pamp lunar bars set at a price that would be impossible in the u.k. even on the forum! at the same time so a great xmas package
  12. Kicking myself went to order Monday evening but because i did not have an account thought i would order on tuesday morning price had risen by 20% so missed out
  13. Should be here soon then, thanks
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