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    Venezolano/20 Bolívares
    5 Pesos Argentino and South America LMU-style coins
    Gold Kiwis (2015 - )
    Queens Beasts Bullion 1/4 oz Au, 2 oz Ag
    Britannia 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1oz Ag
    1/10oz Platinum Britannia ans Kookaburra
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    Queens Beasts 1/4oz Au and 2oz Ag
    1888 Prussia 20 Mark Three Emperors
    20 Bolivares date run including variants

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  1. some lovely Forum Rounds from @BackyardBullion
  2. 1oz Round sold to @SimplySilver 3oz Round still available
  3. Thanks to @Lr103 for the invaluable help in acquiring some 20 Bolívares and fractional platinum Britannias
  4. Thanks @JamesH for mentioning that: the 1oz hammered round No.38 warrants first right of refusal for the 2023 1oz round with a micro mintage.
  5. For sale 2021 3oz Forum Round No.63 £102 [sold: 2022 1oz Forum Round No.38 £34] (first right of refusal for 2023 edition with the same number) Shipping&Insurance at cost Looking for 2021 3oz Forum Round No.11
  6. a nice little haul of gold, silver and platinum thanks to the invaluable help of @Lr103
  7. Considering that this banking collapse is engineered: During the scamdemic/plandemic the reserve requirement has been lowered to 0%! US banks are now under water by at least $2 trillion if they had to sell assets due to the interest rate rise [source Best Evidence]. Add to that another $2 trillion RePo. In the past the FED would always inject liquidity into banks when raising rates rapidly but not so this time. Either Greg is right and it is big banks eating the little ones or this will become the incident to justify CBDC because only Central Banks have ‘unlimited’ reserves and cannot become insolvent. SWIFT was testing out its preparedness for implementation of digital currency this Monday…
  8. With the help of @Lr103 i received a bunch of gold Bolívares from a bullion auction.
  9. 1oz and 3oz forum rounds from BYB and a half eagle from @harrygill111
  10. A nicely toned AU 20 Bolívares, from when they were local produced courtesy of @Auronum
  11. Thanks to the help of @Lr103 i received a nice pair of Brussels Mint 20 Bolívares and a harder to get 2020 1/10 Platinum Britannia.
  12. Well actually it’s the Union Latine (Monétaire) if you are francophone and in Italy they are called Marenghi. I eluded to this in a previous post and their definition is far broader and includes many modern issues that completely evade our attention. There is soon to be held a special auction just covering that topic: https://auctions.nomismaweb.com/en/cat/94/75/marenghi-collection/1/
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