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  1. I wonder which lucky Llama herder might be in possession of the other proof like designation.
  2. A mini Monsterbox of Silver Brits and two pieces of AU-MS South American Gold many thanks to @Lr103 for helping in acquiring these.
  3. It is a lovely piece and I was in luck that at that moment you wanted the Libertad more than anything... I still marvel those Drijfhout & Zoon bars you had for sale once 🥰
  4. Best to compare with the reference image. The left foreleg is also missing a blob. Could be struck through grease or a copy. Try to compare under a loupe or return for replacement if unsure. Please bear in mind that this thread is for rare errors and overstrikes and not for fake identification. You can open your own thread if you are unsure about the authenticity.
  5. The chest of the horse looks dodgy and the date doesn’t appear to be sharply struck either. Could be fake
  6. 1648 Liondollar MS63 with an interesting planchet flaw (reverse is slightly rotated)
  7. Is the moon and star edge a Tunisian Franc piece? To what coin does the reeded edge below belong?
  8. 1890 Half Sovereign low Shield no JEB PCGS Gold Shield MS62, top grade shared with another coin AUD 1,200 (shipping not included but worldwide from Drake Sterling)
  9. 1887 Melbourne Mint Jubilee Sovereign, second legend PCGS Gold Shield MS63, only two graded higher at 64 Asking price £965 including Special Delivery
  10. 1886 approximately 50% plus regrading 1910 approximately 30% plus regrading Also received this 1879 AU 20 Bolívares thanks to @Lr103 Venezuela 1879 20 Bolívares (Monnaie de Bruxelles)
  11. Wow, I’d rather say your 20 Lei is a bargain. Difficult to find at that grade and usually at a high premium.
  12. I personally believe that MS and AU gold coins benefit from improving their presentation. All care has been taken to not cause any physical or chemical damage to the coins. In this case the 1910 was simply undergraded.
  13. sent for regrading via @Numistacker with a nice uplift: Venezuela 1886 (low 6) 20 Bolívares (Caracas Mint), previously XF45 – now AU53. The yellow greenish hue is caused by the silver and arsenic in the alloy which was sourced from local mines. Venezuela 1910 20 Bolívares (Monnaie de Paris), previously AU58 – now MS62. The 1910 issue often presents with little lustre on the fields from repolished dies, which can be confused with wear; the photograph is actually misleading as the coin in hand is much more dull except for the devices.
  14. @BackyardBullion has come a long way and is outdoing himself with every new piece! Better silver tunnel than debt hole 😂
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