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  1. Firstly, all infection waves look like this, secondly we are one entire dimension off even from the first wave (0.3/1,000 vs. 5/1,000) and lastly it seems like the herd immunity threshold is way lower than the worst case scenario as the infection wave tapers off at 15-20% just with social distancing. I explained that earlier but the peak of the infection wave precedes the peak of deaths by 23 days and is calculated to be on the 12/3 (incorporating delay in reporting even a few days earlier) and almost two weeks before the lockdown!
  2. You can’t make it up: Professor Ferguson aka Professor Lockdown/pants down broke the lockdown with a married woman while predicting 510,000 would die in Britain if the lockdown wasn’t strictly imposed. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/neil-ferguson-coronavirus-adviser-quits-after-breaking-lockdown-with-mistress-0d3jbjlz7 Dominic Cummings who pressured SAGE into voting for the lockdown visited his parents while having symptoms of Coronavirus. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-52779356 Those that insisted on imprisoning a nation were the first to break their own rules that bombs the economy back decades
  3. ad 1. Since the MET practices zero social distancing and not a single police officer has died this is rather unlikely. ad 2. maybe they realise that they are causing more harm than intended and are backtracking now. In any case I am basing my conclusions above on hard scientific facts and called for an end to the lockdown since day one
  4. London is hard because it destroys what took generations to build since the World Wars. On top of that – since it isn’t enforced as strict as in China, it didn’t do much, so what’s the point to keep the fit and healthy under restrictions if they are hardly affected and only cocoon the vulnerable?! On top of that the epidemic (#scamdemic) peaked at least a week before the lockdown and was coming to an end just because the season for respiratory diseases was over: it takes on average 23 days or 3 weeks from infection to death so the number of infected was dropping at least a week before the lockdown! Cambridge did use the PHE data (date of report), not ONS data (date of occurrence) which would move the peak even further into the past. While other areas had their peak later, London which accounted for 1/3 of Coronavirus cases was done even before the lockdown started! https://www.mrc-bsu.cam.ac.uk/now-casting/ [deaths incidence tab] The data above is used by the government. They know it was over before the lockdown started and the fact that the lockdown isn’t eased in e.g. London is negligence at the least.
  5. Clearly Covid-19 deaths are oversubscribed as without the Covid-19 deaths we would have nearly 1,000 deaths below average two weeks ago (week ending 8/5)... https://www.ons.gov.uk/file?uri=%2fpeoplepopulationandcommunity%2fbirthsdeathsandmarriages%2fdeaths%2fdatasets%2fweeklyprovisionalfiguresondeathsregisteredinenglandandwales%2f2020/publishedweek192020.xlsx
  6. @Notafront4adragon the misleading statement about it being from a lab is indicative to me. The super spreader events could indicate an active dispersal. All just theories, of course. Yes your theory is a plausible one but the FED buying it all and the China/US trade talk charade could point to them being in bed together (as when they researched a similar virus). Somewhere up the thread someone, i believe @KDave, quoted a French Nobel Price Awardee who found pieces of HIV, Ebola etc. in the RNA of SARS-CoV-2 and said this was proof of it being man made. However RNA viruses can exchange genome, so not sure how much of a proof that is.
  7. @Notafront4adragon Forgot to add: about 10% of the Spanish Delegation at the Wuhan Military Games went down with flu-like symptoms but were ordered to keep quiet about it. https://www.elmundo.es/cronica/2020/05/17/5ec070d421efa0475d8b4593.html There is evidence for super spreader events in Wuhan, Lombardia and Spain so there is the remote possibility of active dispersal and the misleading denial of the mere existence of a bat virus in Chinese Labs by Prof Drosten (the unofficial German Government ‘expert’) is rather telling: ’Bat Coronavirus, which is similar to SARS-CoV-2 only exists in wild bats – you don’t happen to have them as pets in a lab [not true – Wuhan is exactly where such viruses from bats are researched]. You don’t just catch such a virus in a lab [true but Wuhan had multiple breaches – Marburg Virus, a relative to Ebola, was caught in a lab]. And finally bat virus doesn’t just overcome the host barrier to humans [not true – the study from 2015 was published exactly to demonstrate this risk]. To me this appears rather unlikely.’ If ‘the’ expert gives such a wrong and misleading statement then this is rather suspicious. “Diese Fledermaus-Coronaviren, die dem neuen Erreger ähnlich sind, existieren nur in Hufeisennasenfledermäusen - und die hält man nicht einfach mal so im Labor. Man infiziert sich in einem Labor auch nicht einfach mal aus Versehen mit so einem Virus. Und dann geht ein Fledermausvirus auch nicht einfach auf den Menschen über, da gibt es eine Anpassungsbarriere. Für mich klingt das, soweit ich es überhaupt sagen kann, äußerst unplausibel.” https://www.sueddeutsche.de/gesundheit/christian-drosten-corona-krise-coronavirus-virologen-1.4887512
  8. They say it’s unlikely, not impossible. Mainly because it was not described by other research teams that or how they made it. However the gene sequence is not fully shown but only a section of it. However a US/Chinese research team used a combined Bat Coronavirus/Mouse SARS-Virus/Human SARS-Virus and used it in cell cultures which could provoke such changes to the cleavage site and published their results in nature in 2015. https://www.nature.com/articles/nm.3985.pdf Please note that the two microbiology labs involved were in immediate proximity to ground zero in Asia and Europe (Wuhan/Bellinzona). The fact that the origin of the (updated?) virus was not described could be related to the fact that it was a spinoff from the US Army bio weapon program (as described in methods but the relevant citations are missing). The virus used in 2015 shares several genes with SARS-CoV-2 as per this article but that is not proof that this is the same virus or that it was dispersed near the two research sites. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-020-0820-9.pdf
  9. I crunched flu death numbers countless times since the beginning of this scamdemic. 12,000-94,000 is the range of the last year’s but realistically 35,000-60,000. citing 10,000 is misleading the public and not serious journalism https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/index.html
  10. Please don’t post unsubstantiated data: CDC themselves state 45,000-60,000 flu deaths und that excludes the quote bad 2018 wave which cost an estimated 1.5 million lives worldwide and 50,000-60,000 in the UK (about 30,000 in Germany, France, Spain and 25,000 in Italy) 6.7% mortality rate – work that out against the MET police force – 2,500 dead officers; show me one
  11. This thread is mostly about the medical disinformation and the worldwide rise of fascist power structures but i agree about the apparent economic and social goal
  12. 3rd Hand Account? Why don’t you come and ask them yourself, like i did. Or do a google search – do you think the deaths are kept under the carpet when every dead key worker gets ‘celebrated’ on the front page? [I am happy for everyone who does not die but none is really way less than anyone expected] This is just elaborating in the fact that none bar one officer was wearing masks (don’t think he is on camera anywhere) or social distancing amongst themselves. In the face of an unprecedented health crisis they seem very careless about getting infected or super spreading. There were hundreds more pick-nicking but as long as they didn’t have posters they were left alone.
  13. i spoke with several police officers at the Hyde Park gathering – they all confirmed NONE of the 36,000 MET Police Force has so far died from Covid-19!? This is really surprising if you consider that even according to the 0.1% ‘flu-like mortality conspiracy theory’ up to 36 officers could have died because they are not obeying the distancing rules. If the WHO figures of 3.4% were true over 1,000 officers were dead by now! i did see one elderly constable wearing a face mask but that was one out of hundreds and probably the only one.
  14. They are following orders to disperse gatherings. But they must feel pretty secure not to die from the virus because they don’t wear masks at all. The real reason is discussed in various other threads but it’s the end of the economic cycle and the way it’s going also time for a currency reset. Wealth transfer from the bottom and middle up and wether plandemic or scamdemic the fallout will be bigger the longer this shutdown continues.
  15. It’s a virus that does kill a small fraction of the population but not as many as we are misled to believe. The flu wave September 2017 – March 2018 killed in England about 50,000-60,000 people including thousands of children just to put those other viruses in proportion... Many people die due to the lockdown (supervised neglect as Covid-19 patients were prioritised, reduced levels of care, fear and despair, social isolation, economical ruin etc.) Based on a death rate of 0.1% some 67,000 Britons could die but the scamdemic peaked already the week before the lockdown. Ask yourself why no police officer wears a mask – shouldn’t they wear full hazmat suits and FFP3 masks when doing the arrest? And how are they not breaking social distancing rules when a troop of ten descends to arrest a single protester?
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