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  1. I personally believe that MS and AU gold coins benefit from improving their presentation. All care has been taken to not cause any physical or chemical damage to the coins. In this case the 1910 was simply undergraded.
  2. sent for regrading via @Numistacker with a nice uplift: Venezuela 1886 (low 6) 20 Bolívares (Caracas Mint), previously XF45 – now AU53. The yellow greenish hue is caused by the silver and arsenic in the alloy which was sourced from local mines. Venezuela 1910 20 Bolívares (Monnaie de Paris), previously AU58 – now MS62. The 1910 issue often presents with little lustre on the fields from repolished dies, which can be confused with wear; the photograph is actually misleading as the coin in hand is much more dull except for the devices.
  3. @Liam84 e.g. Face Coverings https://www.legislation.gov.uk/id/uksi/2020/791 Section 1-(2) from 24/7/2020 and expiring after 12 Months (Section 10) Section 2 anywhere as described here Section 3-(1) you have to wear a face covering unless you fall into Section 3-(2, 3) [exemptions] or have a “reasonable excuse” as per Section 4 If you don’t wear “any covering of any type” as per Section 1 F3 [which clearly shows that it has no medical purpose and you can wear a Halloween Mask] you can be told to wear one or asked to leave as per Section 5 The Offence
  4. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/coronavirus The Coronavirus Act 2020 put in place emergency powers and changes but some changes e.g. changes to the mental health act (ability to be locked up by one doctor unchecked) happened within the relevant legislation. The subsequent regulations are are on the site which should provide new updates should new regulations be passed.
  5. Correct: We, you and me and maybe a few others are voicing their opposite opinion. Many intelligent and intellectual people still can't see the facts because they are lulled in by the constant disinformation from all channels, because they are lemmings and sheep. Few would even petition let alone protest. Without repeating the truth your mass disobedience will not happen because you started decades ago but many only now begin to wonder if they woke up in la la land
  6. A quite long Video just about data but it shows that SARS-CoV-2 has a different impact depending on the climatic zone and depending on the buildup of a susceptible population and that there is no 2nd wave
  7. Thanks Liam for bringing this to our attention. I can see that we are to get a double whammy with 30 million flu doses to be inoculated in addition at the same time. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/most-comprehensive-flu-programme-in-uk-history-will-be-rolled-out-this-winter
  8. He is lying through his teeth! The infection levels dropped off just by antisocial distancing (actually because 80% are immune). https://www.mrc-bsu.cam.ac.uk/now-casting/report-on-nowcasting-and-forecasting-6th-august-2020/ This data is known since May and by looking at “attack rate” and “death incidence” one can clearly see it reaches 17-20% in urban areas (London) while the Lockdown can not have had an effect prior to the 19/4 (lag of 23 days from infection to death) and most areas peaked way before that. If we can access this SAGE data he surely will have knowledge. He is a
  9. Who would have thought... the BBC can actually write a balanced peace about the scamdemic https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54064347
  10. Exactly my interpretation of the data, too. 1/3 - 1/2 of the week 12-22 excess deaths are Lockdown Deaths Any excess deaths now are unnecessary/iatrogenic deaths from the NHS shutdown – doctors should be out in the streets and say it’s enough!
  11. Definitely true for the lower echelon who are getting ahead of themselves. But would you say the same is true for the top? i have been plotting the death statistic in 2018 where a statistical blimp over the course of weeks caused 30,000 excess deaths by flu. This year, despite the arrival of the Wuhan virus in January, deaths remained below average until week 12 and then shot up the week of the lockdown (13) by 50%. Since week 25 (and to my own surprise) deaths fell below average again and have remained so until week 33. There is a clear upwards trend.
  12. 🚨 ALERT 🚨 Excess deaths outside Covid-19 in the UK are rising exponential even though “Covid-19” deaths continue to fall. These are LOCKDOWN DEATHS or collateral deaths due to the collapse of the NHS which is solely focusing on the 1st and 2nd wave etc. Currently numbers are doubling weekly! (Week 33; 34; 35: 168; 336; 690 (deaths 2020 minus average deaths minus Covid-19 deaths)) https://www.ons.gov.uk/file?uri=%2fpeoplepopulationandcommunity%2fbirthsdeathsandmarriages%2fdeaths%2fdatasets%2fweeklyprovisionalfiguresondeathsregisteredinenglandandwales%2f2020/publishedweek352020.x
  13. Two interesting aspects: as pointed out before Bill Gates and Fauci want to push the Moderna mRNA vaccine which has potential to turn us into GMO (genetically modified organisms). If you don’t want it on your plate, you might not want it in your bloodstream. It also would be a landmark case like the “humanitarian” intervention/war in Kosovo/Serbia this fast track vaccine could path the way for future ones for the next release of a pandemic. Secondly that at least some investigative journalism has remained and that in the checks the NYT has undertaken, only 10% are true positi
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