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    5 Pesos Argentino and South America LMU-style coins
    ULM Overstrikes
    Gold Kiwis (2015 - )
    Queens Beasts Bullion 1/4 oz Au, 2 oz Ag

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  1. From the last drop in silver spot: Heimerle cast bars (very unusual to have ripples) and 1/4oz Britannias
  2. 1897 Russia 7.5 Roubles one year type (20 Francs) previous 1884-1896 5 Roubles were also struck to the same 20 Francs spec
  3. 10 $ William IV with the remaining lustre on the devices it is almost proof-like
  4. Forgot to mention 9 over 9 variety
  5. Bought the silver dip last month
  6. A bit of Scandinavian Francs 1905 Danish [West Indies] 20 Francs Swedish 10 Francs
  7. 1905 Danish West Indies 4 Daler/20 Francs (now U.S. Virgin Islands)
  8. Many thanks to @Lr103 for this little toned Heaton Mint Córdoba making its way back.
  9. @Lea79 all condition depending. If yours are in mint state £700 but MS64 condition now fetches £1,000 and more. Those rare PROVA/Fasces/Platinum examples sell in excess of £4,000 and £8,000 respectively.
  10. The Platinum/Faso 20 Franga or a babyface/childface Alfonso XIII 20 Pesetas?
  11. Slightly off format as 25 Francs-sized
  12. Nice little pickup 1896 5 Pesos / Argentino in rather nice condition.
  13. Big big thanks to @BackyardBullion for creating this stunning 33 oz piece on 21/12 as his 21st kg+ piece and first to be hallmarked in ‘21 The wormhole is sooo deeep!!!
  14. I wonder which lucky Llama herder might be in possession of the other proof like designation.
  15. A mini Monsterbox of Silver Brits and two pieces of AU-MS South American Gold many thanks to @Lr103 for helping in acquiring these.
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