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  1. Just an update on transmission ways of airway infections including SARS-CoVs: The WHO and the governments will be forced to admit that not only droplets but also aerosols (infectious air/wind) are the two main routes of transmission. https://academic.oup.com/cid/article/doi/10.1093/cid/ciaa939/5867798 Now to put that into context: in medical science there are two terms that are important statistically significant (there is a measurable and reproducible effect which gets a publication through the peer review) and clinically relevant (this has actually some bearing on our lives). A lot of things thrown at us have no relevance to our lives like the “exponential growth” of the virus, not debt. In in terms of getting an infection through aerosols the viral load which can causes an infection (and will differ between individuals and setting) or in other words the threshold level is of importance (and not established yet). In winter, when the mucous layer in the airways dries out, the Vitamin D levels are lower and we spend more time indoors the viral load that causes an infection is much lower than in summer, with high Vitamin D levels and outdoors. However it might become necessary to complete overhaul ventilation systems for buildings that host large concentrations of people to either filter infectious particles or ensure high volume exchange of air to avoid accumulation of contagious matter in the air in hospitals, concert halls, shopping malls etc. Otherwise these areas might not be considered safe to vulnerable groups.
  2. It actually is 🤑 i hope they have a few more if these in mint condition to be released to afeccionados 100, ‘25’, 20 and 10 Bolívares the first one would be specific-wise also a 20 Venezolanos (only specimens exist) the second one is a 5 Venezolanos; from 1879 the gold currency used has been 20 Bolívares (same spec as your1897 7.5 Roubles) 20 Bolívares date run: 1879, 1880 Brussels Mint; 1886, 1887, 1888 Caracas Mint; 1904, 1905, 1910, 1911, 1912 Paris Mint the difference in colour is due to the different alloy used as well as the pickling processes applied by the respective mints
  3. @KDave @shawy2510 the Leicester lockdown is rather arbitrary. 200 cases 2 weeks ago and because of the BAME population... London has an estimated 200,000 cases/day during its peak around the 12th of March but nobody had any idea of it and then cases dropped on their own before and without lockdown. Right now is not Coronavirus Season and by now the first protesters should have succumbed yet deaths or hospitalisations in London or across the UK are not rising. In fact across the UK deaths are at or below the 5-year average for the last weeks. This big social experiment of BLM protest has proven that outdoors is safe and only some indoor environments can lead to clusters of new infections. It is laughable that the government and ‘experts’ insist that we can control the virus or that we still cannot meet outside. A study from Sweden has shown that many of the asymptotic and mild SARS-CoV-2 infections don’t lead to a full blown immune system activation (B-Cell response) with antibody formation since it is dealt with on a lower level (T-Cell response). This means that except risk groups no vaccine is required or advisable! https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.06.29.174888v1.full This is in line with another study that revealed that white blood cells from old samples were attacking SARS-CoV-2 despite it being a completely new virus. https://www.cell.com/cell/pdf/S0092-8674(20)30610-3.pdf
  4. Forum members might have been wondering why there are large clusters in abattoirs/slaughterhouses: the environment is ideal for coronaviruses with 4-8 degrees Celsius and no air exchange. In addition do some animals potentially carry the virus in or on their tissues and can further contribute to infections. A second phenomenon is the peaking pattern of the virus pandemic which clearly came from Northern Italy and not Wuhan: in Russia the virus has been spreading from West to East and is now peaking in Sakhalin, when it should have arrived there half a year ago from the asian outbreak. Also Korea, China and other nations are facing a surge in infections originating from Europe. It remains to be seen if the european variant is more virulent/contagious and is able to spread further in Asia than the chinese variant, which was easily contained/self-containing. However currently is is season for airway infections in the Tropical Zone (all year round e.g. Brazil) and soon in the Southern Hemisphere.
  5. A study from the university of Innsbruck has shown that the Tyrollean skiing village of Ischgl has tested 42% positive for antibodies in April. This is much higher than anticipated because most were asymptotic. https://www.i-med.ac.at/pr/presse/2020/40.html The resulting conclusion are not fully clear to me as this is not an enclosed environment like homeless shelters or prisons but a mountain village. Did this amount of infection take place at church or via viral aerosols (air streams) from across the alps out of Italy? It could also be that detected cases are from previous infections with pre-cursors: Barcelona has detected traces of Covid-19-like virus sequences in sewage water samples as early as March 2019!
  6. Sorry, missed that in my original answer: A lot of coins were molten down to bars to pay for the orders of war materials and goods with the US during WW I. Pre 1907 the coins had the edge inscription ‘Dieu protège la France’ which did not go down well with anti-religious fanatics who nearly started a civil war and had to be driven out by military force from convents snd other installations they had occupied. Therefore only the 1907-14 version with ‘liberté égalité fraternité’ could be used to replace coins after the gold market reopened in 1948. A small batch was struck in 1921 (presumably from reparation payments from Germany).
  7. @AndrewSL76 F.535 is your coin: Distinguishing factors of the restrikes are the gold colour (more reddish due to the lower silver content in the alloy) and the higher quality of the minting process. Starting with the polished planchets (missing the striated surface of original strikes) and struck with higher pressure, coins only present bagmarks but no wear from circulation. There are no specifics as to how many coins were restruck for each year, just the overall figure but since the 1907-1914 coins were used in circulation, it is highly unusual to come across a high grade original. There are three possible surface compositions, which can differ between obverse and reverse: 1) brilliant throughout when struck from fresh dies (akin bullion sovereigns), 2) highly lustrous after die surface wear from striking and 3) brilliant fields with frosty lustrous devices after repolishing the fields of the dies (proof-like). Yours seems to fall into category 2) – highly lustrous throughout on both sides.
  8. Added a 1925 20 Dinara – just need the other two varieties now...
  9. "The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world" https://www.weforum.org/focus/the-great-reset
  10. Silver Brits and bar from @arshimo2012 and some lovely half eagles
  11. Doctors have been sceptical because no data of the study about Dexomethasone as Covid-19 treatment has been released. https://www.cas.mhra.gov.uk/ViewAndAcknowledgment/viewAttachment.aspx?Attachment_id=103594 Notably the link to the study does not work. We will have to wait and see.
  12. My understanding is that only 5% are admitted because they recover so the drug will never reach those culled in care homes. I wouldn’t fully rely on figures because testing goes up and so do false positives; it could also be the seasonality with airway infections being more mild in summer. There were many sceptical doctors but they were silenced and not given airtime; and while some said it eventually will become less virulent many have said that this is not a particularly deadly epidemic. This has been substantially subsiding since March and excess mortality has pretty much reached normal levels again. Check the latest figures from week 22 in Schottland, England & Wales.
  13. I think you are spot on here. Leaving us in the dark about the true extent and dynamics of the #scamdemic allows to justify any means. Possibly on a philosophical level viruses don’t exist and don’t cause disease and are exosomes but i wouldn’t suggest to try to prove that ingesting Ebola... i think that this is a rabbit hole to mislead and discredit ‘conspiracy theorists’ – also remember that Koch’s postulate is not a law of nature but a model for infectious disease from times when viruses were unknown. It is no claim out of thin air that SARS-CoV-2 causes blood clot formation which leads to a whole lot of other problems. There is a long list of publications in medical journals. It doesn’t however change the overall mortality which still remains in line with the flu season. The morbidity would be an interesting factor to compare to flu as this is the critical factor affecting hospital capacity. i mentioned earlier that there have been non-lethal mutations of the SARS virus circulating in Asia, probably causing a higher baseline immunity. The fact that the Wuhan #plandemic never spread as a pandemic and only caused minor clusters/epidemics in Asia could be explained by that. Only the second kickstart of the #plandemic near Bellinzona achieved a pandemic spread and new cases in Beijing can possibly be traced back to the European outbreak.
  14. No, the main problem was the lack of sensitivity – early chinese antibody tests wouldn’t pick up antibodies on patients that had tested positive (and had all symptoms) on PCR. A lack of specificity could be a problem as you say but the other Coronaviruses are not less deadly! SARS-CoV-2 is as deadly as the common Coronaviruses and only SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV are substantially more lethal. The MHRA has tested the new antibody tests and they have been approved as sufficiently sensitive and specific. The result @sovereignsteve is describing will be close to the truth and the question is why is there such a cluster in primary care? Lack of air exchange due to old aircon systems, spreading in staff rooms etc.?
  15. Why so high? Did staff mix in the canteen or staff room? This sounds like the Ohio prison (which website is now down for weeks or the Boston shelters in terms of infection rate). On the one hand we hear infection of the population maxed out at 17% in London and Stockholm and we are far away from a Herd Immunity Threshold (although Coronaviruses only affect 7-15% each flu season) but on the other hand enclosed populations like care homes, Princess Cruiseship, homeless shelters or prisons see 80-90% infection rates... ... it just goes to show that indoors, where we are told to stay and shelter, is far more dangerous than outdoors. Still waiting for the spike in Black Lives Matter SARS-CoV-2 infections to materialise: 3rd of June was the first day of more than 10,000 protesters in London and for almost a week there should have been a rise in symptomatic COVID-19 patients and PCR positive carriers in cities... The little or no symptoms part is hardly surprising since 80-90% are not having major symptoms.
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