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  1. No, other people posted a link before. It was not emailed out but some people posted it. I got the email for these already and it just says it’s being released at 9:00 AM. If you click on the link in it, it takes you to the register your interest page. At a certain point in the morning does that just turn into the queue page?
  2. What is the link for where you enter into the queue at? Do you just go to the register your interest page and refresh? https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/the-great-engravers/gothic-crown/?__ja=tsid%3a38667|kw%3aE22C48C&utm_medium=email&utm_source=product-launch&utm_campaign=2021-12-com-gothic-crown-pre-launch&utm_content=main-cta1&ca=ryi&mc=E22C48C
  3. I’m not sure I follow all of these numbers for mintages right now but I do know that 475 x 2 = 950. Not 925.
  4. How sure are we that this Monday is the day without receiving an email today? With the Sovereigns we had emails by now already.
  5. I live in the USA and my proof Sovereign just arrived today. I also ordered the 3 coin set which has yet to arrive. I did not receive a shipping notification for either so did not know where along the journey they were.
  6. I hope they don’t. Collectors are after rare items not mass produced items. At least that’s my opinion. Take it for what it’s worth.
  7. So one more question. Do you recommend adding the products to your cart on a limited release like the Great Engravers and then signing into your account or signing into your account first? Some on here have said it helps you a lot more adding it to your cart while you are not signed in. What’s the difference and is there and advantage to one way or another? I thought it would make more sense to sign in right away to save yourself some time before the race starts.
  8. Thanks for the helpful info. It appears I messed up by setting it to USD. I figured that’s what I needed being from America. I will try that out with a small purchase since I’m sure that will help out tremendously having a saved address and credit card.
  9. But even if they have the lowest mintage they are made up of coins with higher mintages.
  10. I’m just curious what everyone plans on going for. I’m not in on this one. Don’t worry I’m not your competition until the Great Engravers Series (if I’m lucky) in maybe a couple of weeks.
  11. What seems to be the most in demand denomination or the quickest to sell out tomorrow? Sovereign, Half Sovereign, one of the sets?
  12. So are most of you buying from the UK or is anyone else from America as well?
  13. I didn’t know they were that sought after. I wish you the best of luck in purchasing them Monday!
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