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  1. Here is the Morgan dollar I bought from Cambridgeshire coins. Beautiful details some areas of wear but generally good condition. I have a high grade peace dollar coming off eBay so will be good to compare them. Thanks again for the help Dicker! What grade do you feel this coin is?
  2. I have ordered the coin you recommend from Cambridgeshire coins. I can’t thank you enough for helping me in my Morgan quest. You have a wealth of knowledge that you happily shared with a beginner and I truly appreciate it. You have a friend for life! Thanks again Dicker. Sam
  3. You have been a great help Dicker thank you for helping me. You are right and I decided to get my money back as I would like to buy a real one. You don't happen to have any for sale do you or know somewhere good to buy them?
  4. It passed the magnet test and the dimensions are correct. It also looks and sounds like Silver. However after seeing the above evidence I think there is a good chance this is a fake. I feel the seller is telling the truth about his grandad owning the coins and probably didn't know, so I'm going to keep it and take it to a coin shop in London when they open to see what metal it is and whether it is fake. If it is a fake I'm genuinely impress at how good they are. I paid £17 for it and if he did donate it to charity Im willing to take the hit. The seller didn't even send it tracked
  5. Here are some better pictures. Thanks for the feed back. The dimensions for the coin are correct the weight is slightly under but I’ve seen the same with sovereigns over the years with wear. If it’s fake it’s a very good copy as the details are pretty much spot on. The only thing that looks suspect to me is the ‘s’ mint mark. please guys take a look and tell me what you think! The more opinions the better. Many Thanks, Sam
  6. I bought it from EBay for a cheap price. The seller said it was his grandfathers collection who died recently, it was his wish for the proceeds of selling the coin collection to go to charity. The seller has been nothing but kind so getting the money back is not an option. Can I have anyone else’s opinion and thanks guys for letting me know it may be fake. See message below as to where it came from. Cool story will keep even if fake as it’s been a fun story.
  7. I recently purchased this Morgan silver Dollar for a really good price. I’m thinking about getting it graded and was wondering if someone with more experience could tell me if it’s worth it? Many Thanks, Sam
  8. Has anyone noticed that Bullion grade pre owned Sovereigns have been sold out for the past few weeks on Atkinsons and Hatton Garden Metals. Does anyone know why? I check regularly throughout the year and they have never been consistently sold out like this.
  9. Bought this sovereign from Hatton garden metals for spot price. I was just wondering whether it would be Harder to sell in the future due to the wear and tear. Thoughts please?
  10. Hi, I have the whole of the queens beasts series in the box and just bought another Lion of England second hand from Atkinsons bullion for £50. I have seen the Lion selling for much more so thought this was a bargain. Do you guys feel the value of this coin will go up over the years as it is the first in the series and one of the most popular coins? Thanks, Sam
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