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  1. Latest indication is Monday 29 August. You can pre-book one for a very small premium at https://www.allgoldcoins.co.uk/collections/queen-elizabeth-ii-proof-bu-five-pound/products/2022-queen-elizabeth-ii-platinum-jubilee-bu-5-sovereign-piece-issue-limit-350
  2. Thanks for the info, appreciated
  3. Thanks. Do you know what the 2021 or 2020 was released at?
  4. Do we have any indication what the release price will be? What was the RM release price for the 2021 £5 BU Sovereign?
  5. Mostly it’s very accurate in its short term predictions because there are so many chartists and bots doing exactly the same thing creating a self fulfilling prophecy.
  6. Well, I tend to take the view that a chart is just a pictorial representation of past history. Some swear by it, that history predicts the future and charts tell you what to expect in future. Others say that history is just that,... history, the past. I have seen many bull and bear markets. History doesn't repeat itself in the same form, but in a variation of the past form, and sh*t happens and when that happens, it doesn't stop to check the past, it just happens. So, I do look at history and at charts to see what has happened and what may happen, but don't rely on it. Check the road before you cross and recognise that when that brown stuff come running down the hill, it may be time to run (or gather some buckets if you are in need of fertiliser 😄). In the meantime, keep stacking, our currency keeps getting weaker.
  7. From memory going back years, about 3.5g per tonne is considered average. With modern mining they can mine down to 1g per ton economically
  8. At £35 for both plus postage, I'll take it
  9. Thanks for letting us know. Would be nice if the seller actually updated his listing
  10. True, but the purchasing power of £ Sterling has declined by over 8% over the last year as reflected by the inflation rate and even more than that in relative value compared to the USD. The gold price in £ just reflects that relative position. The primary quote for gold is in USD and is still 12% below its high.
  11. I'm looking for a clean 5oz Aztec Calendar at a decent price. Please PM me.
  12. Will take the last one (or two)
  13. US inflation up to 8.5%, our inflation not far behind and rising. This will continue to drive the Gold price higher. I would not be surprised to see it up to £1650 by June
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