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  1. Totally agree. The older sovereign looks more like gold and has character. All it takes is a very small percentage of silver to the mix.
  2. I read somewhere that the release date may be in October, so we should know pretty soon.
  3. A lesson of life, not all acorns grow into mighty oaks, some shrivel up into really tiny acorns 😂
  4. This is a very complex tax and to even to give any basic advice/information requires a lot more detail of what they own for instance. Best to pay someone for detailed recommendations as it could potentially save you a lot of money or cost you a lot if you get the wrong advice. Some basic info here: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/family/inheritance-tax-planning-iht/ Also don't forget that you could make use of gifts. Your parents could gift you the property you stay in now (or any amount of money). You will have to pay stamp duty. If they live another 7 years there is no tax payable. If they die before 7 years, inheritance tax is reduced on a sliding scale between 0 and 7 years.
  5. That is slightly unfair😜 You have to at least compare the same sides of the coins. Obverse: Some would say Attractive Queen v rather ugly dude (others may disagree) Reverse: Beautiful regal Britannia v beautiful regal springbok Take your pick. In the end, both an ounce of fine gold, hold their value equally, easy to buy, lovely to hold and easy to sell.
  6. Atkinsons is generally a good place to buy from as postage is included £322 for 2+. Better to stick to bullion at this stage as it's low premium, easy to buy and sell. If you want to sell, you can sell here or dealers will buy it back at around spot gold price. Also look on the forum for good offers. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/gold/pre-owned-gold-coins/pre-owned-uk-full-gold-sovereign-mixed-dates Generally gold should be viewed as a longer term investment as it can move up or down in the short term Good luck with your investments
  7. Muneeb, Pamp bars are beautiful but expensive. It all depends on why you want to buy. If you want to stack gold and in smaller quantities, sovereigns are the best value with low premiums. This forum is a safe place to buy and plenty of good deals. Remember, buying on eBay may be cheaper sometimes but there are lots of fakes around. For the inexperienced it is much safer to buy here or from a main dealer. A cheap fake is still a fake and worthless.
  8. I am stacking both to pre 2013 22ct and post 2012 24ct. All of them contain 1oz of pure gold after all. Sometimes you get the pre 2013 cheaper from some dealers. After all when stacking its all about buying the lowest per oz. The Nathan design pre 2013 are lovely and sometimes you get lucky and get one by chance. Normally they attract a premium if you are after them specifically. You can generally get some from Chards and BBP. The 2013 is an oddity. It's 24 carat but thinner and bigger than all the others. You either pick it up at a discount (Bairds) or pay a premium. Bottom line, different dealers take different views, its up to you to decide what you want and where to buy for the best deal. Happy stacking
  9. The security packaging of top bar has clearly been tampered with. Rather buy from a reputed dealer. Bullion by post, Gold.co.uk and Gold-bank have them in stock or ask on the forum if someone has one to sell. Also note that Pamp make bars with different designs, The one at the bottom, Lady Fortuna, is the most popular
  10. Before you put it in the post, let me just share something I have just learned. I am going through a similar thing. Bought a set of 2003 Britannia's from an Ebay trader with 1000's of 100% positive feedback. Set arrived with fingerprints on it. Busy returning it after arguments etc. I assume you plan on returning it Royal Mail Special delivery. The maximum value you can insure is £2500. What they hide in the small print is that if the content is even 1p over that value, the insurance is invalidated. Your set was £2750 if I remember correctly. You would therefore have to split it into two parcels. Take say the one sovereign coin out and package it up separately. Send it off in two parcels making sure you declare an adequate insurance cover on both. A bit cumbersome but at least you are covered. Just explain that to the other party. BackyardBullion Official Sponsor 9.1k Location: UK Stacker/Collector: Both Popular Post Posted July 16, 2020 So, I have recently been having issues with Royal Mail. Having done some digging I feel it is my duty to share some information previously unknown to me about their Special Delivery insurance "service" Firstly, Special delivery is the only service that will cover precious metals, coins, money, jewellery etc. You can get cover of £500, £1000 or £2500 for your parcel. I bet you didn't know however that if your parcel has a total value of £2500.01 + (even just a penny more) then your entire insurance is invalidated. Indeed you can also be on the hook for any costs and legal fee's that are incurred by Royal Mail for this parcel. This is taken from their general terms and conditions. So, be very careful and understand what you are getting yourself into if you are selling and posting coins worth more than this. As a business I am better suited to go to an insurance company for external cover - but for the average person and seller this is not a practical option. Royal Mail = Pirates. Ye be warned!
  11. Maybe worth asking the seller if they have in any way wiped or rubbed the coin? If they say yes, I suggest you return the set as it would substantially reduce the value and the rating agencies may label it "Cleaned" at worst or grade it as say PF65. If the deny cleaning it you could say that you are sending it for conservation and grading and if it comes back with an adverse report or grading you reserve the right to return to them for a refund. If you are uncertain about the coin, it's probably safer to return it.
  12. Yes even something as soft as cotton can leave scratch marks. Always difficult to see on photo's but it does look less bright.
  13. Haha, we all have things that we did when we were younger and think, did I really do that? I really hope they can clear it up with conservation. Fingerprints are deadly, but what's even more deadly is if they try to wipe off the print. The hairline scratches that causes can tot be lifted. There are a few books I could recommend that I have found useful. For modern coins: Coins of England, Decimal Issues: Spink 2021 The Gold Sovereign Series: Michael Marsh For older Coins: Coins of England: Spink As a cross reference on issues and prices: Coin Yearbook 2021 You may get some on Amazon, you can order from Spink directly. The Gold Sovereign Series I ordered from Chards as it was out of stack elsewhere.
  14. Collecting is quite a fun thing. I have over the years bought mostly for stacking and more recently expanded into numismatics. The comment about straying into related areas comes from personal experience 😄 I now tend to focus on selected proof Britannia's and some sovereigns. I'm sorry to hear you've had a bad experience with Chards. I have dealt with them probably 100 times and have never had a bad experience. The forum is a good place to get advice. There is often some good deals in the Buy/Sell section but you may have to upgrade to the silver membership, otherwise there are few listings that you can see. BTW, your earlier question about the 1989 Sovereign set. I thought it was a decent price if you know or trust the seller. I have paid slightly more than that for a similar set that I bought from a reputable dealer. I have seen them listed at dealers between £3100 to £3700. They are quite popular.
  15. There is unfortunately a lot of traders buying up the coins to flip them in the secondary market at a profit. The problem when you start out is that you feel a bit like a kid in a sweet shop, all these lovely things around. Easy to be distracted into different designs and series. Sometimes best to take a step back and think about where you want to take it. Then focus on a selected area (like you have done with the Titanic's). Draw up a list of what your target coins are and avoid straying too far from that otherwise you will run out of money long before you have achieved your objective. Patience and research. The forum is also a good place to buy or even list it as wanted. You are more inclined to find good honest deals here. Also buying from reputable dealers listed elsewhere on the forum. Ebay is still a minefield. Good luck with your collection! It is a great way to accumulate beautiful objects that you can enjoy whilst at the same time building wealth.
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