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  1. Have you bought from this company before?
  2. Great Stuff, Thanks guys, that should keep me busy for a while
  3. I think it would be great to have some sort of physical representation of you crypto holdings, i fell in love with the lealana coins ages ago as you can "load" them up with crypto but they cost stupid amounts now if you can even find them. The search continues! 🧐
  4. Just had a look on his store, A bit too pricey for me by the time postage is added on, he has some cool designs though, I'd probably be tempted to pay the delivery if he had this design in silver!
  5. Will keep an eye open and give you a shout if i spot any. It's definitely a cool collection to have!
  6. Found these on jmbullion https://www.jmbullion.com/1-oz-proof-crypto-commemorative-litecoin-silver-round/ I've never bought from them has anyone in the UK used them before, if so how was your experience?
  7. Hi Guys, Haven't been stacking as much silver lately due to investing more heavily in crypto but i'm planning on buying 1oz of silver for every crypto purchase (LTC) i make and i stumbled across these but cant seem to find a reputable dealer, does anyone know who actually mints these or any dealers that supply them or any other crypto related designs out there? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi Everyone, So I've been out the scene for few months due to other commitments and what not and completely missed the boat on The Royal Fortune release, so here i am grovelling for someone to take pity and offer one up at a decent price or maybe a trade if i have anything that interests you? Interested in both the 1oz and 5oz versions 👍 Show me what you've got 😃
  9. Gutted! Been away from the forums due to other commitments and covid issues etc... completely missed the boat on this one 😭 The Queen Anne's Revenge was the coin that got me into silver stacking/collecting as well so i'm double annoyed at myself 😂. I'm pretty sure i signed up for the email alerts as i knew i would be busy but I must've just missed it or never received one. I'll be putting a wanted post up in the buy/sell area shortly but if any of you lucky gits has one going spare for a decent price and feels pity for a stupid idiot like me then feel free to drop me a PM.
  10. Great Idea, The only down side to this that i can think of is when delivering to business premises where you potentially have multiple people working in a goods in area, trying to track down the codes for each delivery would be an admin nightmare. Would work perfectly for personal deliveries and shipments.
  11. Thank you, Cant believe i've won! Great to be a part of such a good forum
  12. Completely agree, i bought the 5oz even though i really didn't agree with the price i had a bad case of FOMO with the limited mintage so i'm hoping the series gains popularity and they really are beautiful coins... The detail is even more prevelant on the 5oz so i dont regret buying it but it annoyed me to have to pay such high of a premium.
  13. Watching this one.... hopefully they dont do what they did with the 5oz queen annes revenge and overprice the hell out of it.
  14. Received my silver proof today
  15. Package was recieved today from @jultorsk Thank you also many thanks to @Bullionbilly for organising
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