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  1. 2oz kraken, fresh from tube x14 £760 2oz QB falcon, good handled condition x7 £410 Asahi, fresh from tube, x20 £520 Postage not included...
  2. Looking for covid bars from May and July.. I have June murder hornett bars if anyone wants an exchange.. I'll pay postage both ways..
  3. Looking to exchange 1 oz coins (phillys, owls, pandas, ark) for silver bars.. 250g + Anyone interested? I'll pay postage cost..
  4. 15x pandas, new in caps £375+ post
  5. Looking to exchange some new 2018 oriental boarder brits in original caps for some silver libertad, anyone interested?
  6. Still looking... Any avaliable?
  7. Thanks... I didn't know there was such a section...
  8. Hi, looking for a libitard wooden box for coins from 2oz to 1/4oz.
  9. New, in original wrap with certificate £2350+ post
  10. Wanted silver 1oz libs,, I don't need any 2013... Thanks
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