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UK & Europe

Buy, sell or swap your precious metals. This section is for PM located in UK & Europe. Please indicate which country you are shipping from in your thread.
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Quickstart guide - Please read BEFORE trading on TSF

The information below is taken from this link: https://thesilverforum.com/topic/19287-quickstart-guide-please-read-this-basic-info-before-trading/

I can’t see the "start new topic" button - Can I list an item for sale? 


Yes you can. In order to stop spam on the forum a minimum amount of posts are required before you can post items for sale in the trade section. Although the amount of posts is not disclosed it is a very small number, we suggest that you introduce yourself in the welcome new members section if you haven’t done so already. Alternatively upgrading to Premium Membership will give you immediate access to list items for sale.

Trading limits**:

Premium members can list an unlimited amount of trade listings in the Buy, Sell, Trade section.

Standard members can list 1 trade listing per 30 days.

All Premium Member groups can post an unlimited amount of listings. To upgrade to Premium Membership please  see: https://thesilverforum.com/store/category/2-premium-membership/

To see all of the benefits of Premium Membership: https://thesilverforum.com/premium-member-package/

Insurance - sending precious metals items in the UK
Just so everyone is aware, the standard £50 insurance on Royal Mail signed for does not cover precious metals items such as coins etc as they are classed as money. Please send via Royal Mail special delivery if you would like your items insured, they will be insured by default up to £500 but you can increase this if needed. Sellers please also clarify in your listing who assumes responsibility if item is sent by an uninsured delivery service and lost (It is assumed that the buyer assumes responsibility as they are choosing the shipping method, but it is also good idea to state this in your listing) Information correct as far as we are aware and at time of writing, however it is advisable to check on the Royal Mail website. https://www.royalmail.com

For sale listings

All topics listing items for sale must state an asking price. (Apart from when you are solely looking to exchange, then please state your asking exchange)

Topics listed in UK & Europe section are for items located within this area. For items located in other areas please use the appropriate other trade forums.

Including a photo of your items for sale is very useful, it is also helpful, especially for new members, to include a piece of paper with the date and your forum username on it in the photo.

Trade Prefixes:
Please use the appropriate prefix for your trade topic. Once you have completed your topic, or if you decide to withdraw your topic please update your listing with the appropriate prefix. To do this use the edit button and select the approbate prefix from the drop down menu.

  • For Sale
  • For Exchange
  • For Sale or Exchange
  • For Auction
  • Wanted
  • Completed
  • Withdrawn - for if you want to withdraw your listing
  • Closed - this prefix is used by Admin/Moderators either when a topic is automatically closed after 30 days, or if needed to be manually closed.


Please feel free to list Auction style listings if you wish.

  • State your terms
  • your starting price
  • the auction end time/date
  • Shipping info etc.
  • Members can bid on your auction by commenting in your thread.

Feel free to set a hidden reserve price, stating that there is a hidden reserve price and commenting when the reserve has been hit.

Be sure to clearly state your rules as to avoid any confusion. Including the minimum bid increasement allowed.

Disclaimer: The following applies to all Members/Sellers on the forum. Members trade at their own risk. The Silver Forum does not vet any members/sellers on the forum and neither myself nor the forum is liable for any loss(es) that may result from trades. Myself and The Silver Forum also can not mediate any trades, this is between the two parties to discuss and resolve any issues that they might have.

Members may wish to use PayPal for added PayPal buyer protection. Note that PayPal gift payments are not covered under the PayPal buyer protection. You may also wish to take advantage of @BackyardBullion Intermediary service, this service is aimed at reducing risk and is especially useful if you are a new members without any trading reputation on the forum.


*FREE listings are for private individuals. Those operating as a business in the eyes of the forum are required to have Gold or Platinum Premium Membership. Unlimited trade listings in the USA & Canada trade section and Australia & New Zealand section are for individuals. Commercial/business users or those who are deemed to be operating as a business in the eyes of the forum need Gold or Platinum Premium Membership to post trade listings.

 UK & Europe trade section has a limit of 1 listing per 30 days for standard members. Silver, Gold or Platinum Premium Members can post unlimited trade listings in the UK & Europe Section. Please refer to forum Terms & Conditions and pinned topics in the trade sections before listing items. Please post in the location your items are located in, you can still offer shipping to international buyers, just say so in your description. Those in the USA & Canada, all  member groups can post unlimited listings currently in the USA & Canada, the standard rules around commercial/business users still apply.


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