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Silver shield


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From February 2019 it is a warning on forum from @ChrisSilver about Silver Shield products. I have not too many informations about this brand and what they are selling, but please have a look on here and be cautious:


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1 hour ago, stefffana said:

From February 2019 it is a warning on forum from @ChrisSilver about Silver Shield products. I have not too many informations about this brand and what they are selling, but please have a look on here and be cautious:


There isn't any issue persay with Silver Shield. Chris Duane makes some new looking rounds. 
The rounds are on the pricey side but acceptable if you are in the US, however with shipping and customs charges it is very expensive to get them delivered into Europe. Maybe if a person/dealer bought rounds in large numbers and arranged shipping themselves, the price might come down and then they might be more reasonable. i even entertained the idea but this hasn't happened up to press. 

The problem, as can be seen from the post Chris Silver made, was that some people were selling fake stuff on the forum. Chris Silver felt that the risk to members and the reputation of the forum was too great to allow this continue - hence the ban.

From time-to-time a Silver Shield round will appear but it is unusual. They are found on ebay but as we know there is a lot of dodgy stuff on that platform. 

The images the OP posted are current rounds from Silver Shield on Golden State Mint - https://www.goldenstatemint.com/Silver-shield-collection/ and if you are really keen you can join the paid for Silver Shield forum. i used to be a member but as i say the price of these rounds delivered into the UK was too pricey for me to tolerate even though some of the design were the biz.

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Silver Shield 1776 AR-15 Proof Strike - 1 troy ounce .999 fine Silver Medallion.



Silver Shield are minted by Golden state mint, they have a reputation to uphold, I assure anything I have ever purchased trough SSG and GSM are 100% genuine. There was one guy on eBay selling copy’s of freedom girl and we indoctrinate you, purchased from Alibaba I believe they used to SS sell fakes. I haven’t seen anything in years now as most SS are very low mintage numbers.

also there are other coins regularly coped, ASE, Britannias, Australian coins sold on alibaba.

not sure as to why SS are singled out, could be some of the designs are not to some people’s taste. Coins like slave queen, royal invader,Chris keeps it real IMO, plus the mini mint ages are not cheap, these are the proof version collector medallions.

not for everyone. The BU version are more affordable however customers and shipping all add up.

collectors / stackers like the cheapest AG they can get.  Not for everyone. Just sharing what’s available.


thanks for the comment 👍🏻

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I agree, I was also a SSG member, however Chris was taken down, I guess he pissed off the wrong people and had some unbelievable issues happen in his life.  Long story.  However he does one coin for the public each week trough GSM and another private issue, old members who stood by him from the start.  
as I mentioned before are silver shield the only fake coins ever to be on tsf ? I think not. Lots of fake coins go unnoticed especially on eBay,

I do not see any issues if the coins are tested and verified to be 999 fs, unless it’s the design that doesn’t resonate with some members.

sigma tests are safe.

I used to purchase SS from the GSM and they sent some packages describing the contents as metal not silver,

with a low value, they were the good old days. The more purchased the cheaper they are. 
I agree some cost way to much for the average stacker. Especially the proof mini & micro mintages. Some only have 300 and 400 made CD keeps the first 100 of each 1oz design,  I was recently offered a large amount to list a SS Coin on eBay.  Breaking a set of eternal wisdom up for the first in the series.  The proof Enzo. Very hard to sourceonly  285 released World wide. And no price guide as none were sold on eBay listings They are. Not for everyone.  A Simple design, buyer was willing to pay 10x the issue price in pounds. 

thanks for the comment 




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I've got a couple of dozen SS rounds that i bought directly from GSM back in the day - i used to subsidise the purchases by buying multiples and adding some 1/0th and copper rounds. The Cardinal Virtues series have a definite eye appeal so i got myself a set and a few spares as investments. 

Looking at what a lot of the mini mintage rounds now sell for in the UK they appear to have been a good choice.

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Cardinal Virtues Is a beautiful set, and premiums have increased indeed 

if you ever want to part with any ket me know.

I have plenty to trade also if interested 

I would be willing to let you have them verified or I could show receipts from GSM 

I have multiple  releases from 2012 to 2021

Temperance from the Cardinal Virtues series is one i need   

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Temperance is the only one i have not got multiples of. For some reason it sold out pretty quickly (mintage 1,899) and i never got the chance to re-order it. I never found one for sale at a reasonable price afterwards so i have one complete set only 😕 Anyone with a spare could name their own price.

I will be keeping the set and parting with the duplicates nearer retirement ! The only issue i can see is that if one of the rounds is impossible to source then the others may not be so desirable.. 

Silver Shield products tend to polarise opinions but when they get the design right they are one of the best around.

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I can think of many sets that have one with very low mintages. CD sometimes pulled the sale posts early. Maybe on purpose or a coincidence 

But yes definitely my favourite rounds. Some of the stand alone rounds fetch very high premiums, they are not for your average stacker .

Enjoy. 🙂



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