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1912 Halfcrown


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Think so too...When I watched last night, I can't believe it's going beyond 200.  There's another lot of 1912 Halfcrown yesterday after the one of £440, also sold at £300.

With £440, I may buy 2 Victoria Florin or a decent 1849 Penny😛

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48 minutes ago, HillWalkerDundee said:

I remember when these were change in my pocket. I should have, could have etc.

When was this? I'm assuming you're referring to their 50% siblings, I always thought the sterlings were a dying breed by the early 30s, but I'd be very happy to learn otherwise. I know half silver survived to decimalisation by all accounts.

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Yes, 50s and 60s, it was just normal currency, pockets were fully of halfpennies, pennies, threepences, sixpences, shillings, florins and half crowns. So many coins were Victorian an Edwardian including the shiny stuff. I was not aware (and I dont know anyone who was, aware of the silver differences. adults were too busy rebuilding the country after the war. (Which reminds me, all this moaning about baby boomers, everything we have we worked for and worked bloody hard for)

I wont be caught out again though. As the xenophobes start to mint "true British" currency, all trace of the European experiment will be air brushed from history. I am collecting one of every decimal coin ever minted for each of my two grandkids.

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