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  1. Yea this is copy and pasted around the net like it is the holy grail. However Scotland is the origin of the word Dollar and were the first country to use the term to describe a coin. Scotland was first to make an actual dollar.
  2. When I started buying gold coins in 2005, I visited a pawn shop looking to pick up some bargains. I knew nothing about sovereigns, but decided to buy a 2002, 3 coin sovereign proof set for £680, and a number of sovereigns for 70-80 each. The proof set was a good buy, however of the soveriegns, 2 were ex jewellery and another was a 21 K arabian copy. Overall I paid a fair price for the gold but would never use a pawn shop again, I now only buy gold from reputable coin shops.
  3. I try and buy some silver every couple of months, if I feel the price is too high I will buy less and if it is cheap I will buy more. Buying silver regularly over a long period is a good way to average out the cost. I keep all my receipts and one thing is certain...the price goes up and down and it is tough to predict future prices. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCThv5tYUVaG4ZPA3p6EXZbQ This you tube channel is worth watching, Mike Maloney is a precious metal guru and he also provides a free e book guide to investing in precious metals. His videos will tell you all you need to know
  4. Don't worry about short term pullbacks in spot price, the price is going to explode higher again, physical silver cannot keep up with demand...
  5. Soon people will click, the global economy has collapsed and we are in a reset. Gold and silver has kept value for millenia, the wise always knew this but now billions of people are scrambling to preserve their wealth before inflation kicks in, I reckon silver will hit 50 pounds an ounce in the next few months.
  6. I dont know why 'tarnishing' is viewed as undesirable, personally I prefer coins with a bit of toning as its a guarantee that a coin has not been cleaned, also if allowed to develop naturally toned coins end up being far more desirable and have character.
  7. Silver hits £20 and all the cheap silver has been sold, silvertrader is taking a break and Atkinsons has crashed....
  8. Atkinsons has stopped taking orders as silver hits £17.60 😆😆
  9. Look what happened in Weimar Germany . Silver was 12 deutsche marks in Jan 1919, 90 dm in 1920, over 1000dm Nov 1922, over 10000 by Jan 1923 and trillions by Nov 1923. I think its better to hold silver in a crisis and wait for some stability to return before selling.
  10. Physical silver is about £20 an ounce at the moment. I reckon its only a matter of time before the traders in paper silver demand delivery so they can cash in on the high physical price.
  11. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre(1948) Starring Humphrey Bogart, LOL I only know because i watched it recently after seeing this clip on the net... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9E-01dK5zQ
  12. I had cash to burn in 2007, went into my LCS and bought a few sovereigns for £82 each and a rare hammered penny for £800. Today the sovereigns are worth about £300 each and the hammered penny only £850...if only I could go back in time and make a different decision.😫
  13. From the German bundesbank website https://www.bundesbank.de/dynamic/action/en/homepage/search/723378/general-search?query=legal+tender+coin Legal tender is the means of payment that nobody can refuse to settle a monetary obligation without experiencing legal disadvantages. In the euro area, euro banknotes and coins are legal tender; only Eurosystem central banks are allowed to introduce euro banknotes and coins into circulation. In Germany, banknotes denominated in euro are the sole unrestricted legal tender. Euro coins are restricted legal tender as no one is obliged to accept more than
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