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Where to sell 925 Silver Bars?

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I am just getting into the business of buying 925 swarf (waste silver) melting it into bars and branding it with the hope of selling it for a profit but when I go online for sterling silver bars I cannot find any for sale, Why is this? Is it worth refining the 925 to 999? Where can I sell my bars? 

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i expect you will find you will sell 999 bars more easily. How much is it costing you to refine the silver?

If you are going to make very bog standard bars you might find you can get a better turnover selling the 999 silver grain. It depends on how much you are dealing in as to whether this is worth it. i recently bought 5kg of 999 grain from @ilovesilverireallydo - it was high quality pure silver grain and as i understand it, it flew off the shelf. 

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Got to agree with @Robda1986 Personally I no longer buy un-hallmarked "home" poured silver,purely based on looking at re-sale down the line. Not everybody that I might want to sell to in the future follows the "silver forum" and therefore telling them a bar is poured by such and such,might mean absolutely nothing. 😁

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I have tried this - there just isnt a market for home poured 925 bars. No one wants unhallmarked ones and good luck getting a premium on them. I have access to a lot of scrap silver and had to start refining again 

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I see them now and again on ebay.  As usual with ebay there is language like 'you need to test it yourself to prove it is 925'.  In my book, this means it isn't.  I have watched a couple of sales and they don't sell well.



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51 minutes ago, TommyTwoShots said:

How much does refining cost? Does anyone know?

The easiest method as far as I can tell is to use Nitric Acid, which is unavailable to Joe Public in the UK. 

Look up Sreetips on YouTube, he does a lot of refining at home with various methods, mostly with Nitric but is US based.

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13 minutes ago, ilovesilverireallydo said:

We charge a refining fee I can work out costs for you depending on volume 

That would be amazing!! I’m buying 925 silver to refine to 999 for myself really but picking up at around 10-12 per oz. got about a kg so far but looking to get around 10kg before I refine it.

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