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  1. Strange I was buying kg bars from bairds for 480
  2. TommyTwoShots

    Fake Silver

    Thank you, I tried the wand but just throws to the right. Hallmarks are legit 🤷‍♂️
  3. TommyTwoShots

    Fake Silver

    Anyone know why the sigma can’t verify 925 spoons?
  4. Looking at his posts he wasn’t wrong completely though. Gold has fallen since last Autumn
  5. Sorry couldn’t help myself, I hear what your saying but I have a feeling we are in for a long bull run as the pandemic comes to an end.
  6. Holding cash with inflation rising and the stock and property market booming, seems like a good plan.
  7. I only buy items I am certain is Sterling. No reason you can’t take your scales! I do.
  8. Depends on the price. They are nice coins.
  9. How’s the silver squeeze going, are we at liftoff yet or around the same price we were in Feb?
  10. I buy silver at spot from charity shops and flea markets. I picked up a 25g Sterling spoon for 6 pound; 8 florins at 3 pound each and 2 half crowns. I also picked up 2 x 45-46g Sterling napkin rings for 35 pound total from eBay.
  11. Would be so funny if it did the classic vending machine malfunction and left the bar half hanging off the vender lol
  12. More silver will be mined as the price rises keeping the prices under control.
  13. Anyways back in the real world. It may rise a bit, but we’ll likely see a fall back in pricing before then. Maybe a modest 30 dollars an oz by 2030?
  14. Thank you very kind of you to give me this tip
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