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  1. And yet more of the same is exactly what will continue.
  2. Anyways, the price of silver seems to be falling. Buying Sterling seems to be more difficult. Go figure.
  3. There are always pumpers with silver
  4. That’s an awful lot of completer coins for your personal collection mr chard. I suspect you would be able to build a London sized house with your gold collection? 😂
  5. Dear Mr Johnson, I lost 50 quid betting on the football please can I have my money back? Cheers
  6. Sure but none of these news articles you post from Google back up a claim that the American government is ‘looting’ Afghanistan. Or am I missing something?
  7. Do you have any evidence to back up such a statement? Many thanks
  8. He refunded the buyer fortunately. Ignorant I suspect.
  9. Contacted the seller. He said he didn’t know and is going to refund.
  10. What is the condition of the coins please? Spotting etc
  11. There are some superb Facebook sellers that deal in gold chains. Send me a pm and I can recommend some.
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