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  1. I would go 2 x singles. More options when it comes time to sell. Also when gold doubles in price then people are more likely to afford 750 v 1400
  2. Hopefully keep it down so I can buy more 🙂
  3. My dad thought he was being a savy investor by picking up a gold bar from bullionbypost for 1550 🤔😞 called me this morning to tell me about his ‘find’. Just need to test it to make sure it’s not fake in the first instance.
  4. This seemed like a good price to me https://britanniacoincompany.com/buy-coins/proof-sets/david-bowie-2020-uk-quarter-ounce-gold-proof/
  5. That is really generous of you. Why a silver bar? Most people wouldn’t have a clue of its value.
  6. We’re not all English 😉 some are worse at sea!
  7. That’s absolutely their choice. There is a massive fertiliser plant developing potash in northern England. Largest reserves in the world. We have the North Sea gas reserves, before that, we have the USA. The summer is on the way. We should have no truck with murderers of children, those that systematically and intentionally breach international law by attacking civilians purposefully. I notice starstreak works really well. By all accounts NLAW is very effective.
  8. Urea? A waste product of the body. Gas is being imported from the US. No one needs Russia. Thank God. China can’t easily use the specific type of oil Russia produces.
  9. How are they in the driving seat? What assets do they have that can’t be sourced elsewhere?
  10. I had a look in a few shops in Swansea. Sovs at 390, kilo silvers for ridiculous premiums.
  11. I doubt Wales invests in silver mate 🙂
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