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  1. Ah I’m not there yet, I’m just planning a trip for the autumn. Just seeing what is possible. Thank you though.
  2. Haha I guess time will tell. A prediction is only that. 99% of them are wrong, mine included most likely.
  3. I think; - Gold £1350 an oz - Silver £14 an oz
  4. What’s the best way to buy silver when on holiday in the US? Can I get it delivered to my hotel?
  5. I just used my callipers to measure a sov and made a big gouge in the surface 😔 gutting but fortunately it’s only bullion!
  6. Up to 10 days they said to me yesterday 😔
  7. I was thinking of any really, I want to take it to a refiner to create bars.
  8. Where is the best place to buy sterling silver?
  9. Will crypto carry on this rise though? It feels like a volatile bubble to me. Saying that big companies are now getting involved.
  10. The problem is they may reject your complaint as some sellers request you to weigh the package when it arrives and reject it if off weight.
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