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  1. Otherwise all the actual product pages seem to be 404. Good job the mint hyped this up, oh well it probably means that's why there was stock for me to buy!
  2. Search panther then hover over the Image until the "add to basket" pop up comes up then click that.
  3. Yes I have tested this on small bars. Best value is the cheapest of whatever they have in stock of that category so you can work out what you'll get in my couple of experiences. As they usually have 2nd hand, best value and then manufacturer listings. Seems a lot of work but presumably they get a few extra % off those who won't buy "best value"
  4. BBP are good. But often the most expensive of the mainstream dealers. If you want 1/4oz of gold I would just have a look around and see what you can get for the best premium rather than trying to speculate on a QB that you may or may not get the premium back on later down the line. IMO!
  5. Save yourself the premiums, I've got a spare for $20k 😁
  6. This one If it's from guns it will be steel.
  7. This is right! I used to do this with HGM and buy a few bits and leave in the free storage until I was passing for work but they've jacked up the premiums lately disappointingly 😭
  8. Good price, delivery is like £13 from memory so not cheap but you'd still have a decent price if you were ordering a few. SP may beat them at the minute though
  9. I'd rather have 6 2021 sovs for £1900 More coins so more fun to play with IMO! If you think you're going to make a profit on that coin in 12 months or less, I can't see it personally, don't understand the hype from new members on bullion coins, QB or other. Of course if it is purely for collectible value and you want the set in bullion then crack on, just remember it will likely be an item that you value so you will have to determine the worth of it and accept there could be a loss if you ever need to sell it.
  10. Not sure of the legalities but I'd happily accept a nicely wrapped up tube or two as an Xmas gift fro your relatives who didn't realise there would be tax implications!
  11. Hi Sign up to become and member and you will see the for sale posts 3 days earlier. As I was going to say that morezone has listed loads of them today and at good prices. Otherwise, most of the usual dealers do seem to stock them.
  12. Here you go, good link with lots of information; https://www.chards.co.uk/info/investing-in-gold
  13. Yep, was literally just browsing some dealers, never seen it move so fast!
  14. Nice coin, I have a 1/20 Koala, so maybe he needs some company!
  15. Thanks for the update Lawrence. With increased supply do you think we may see a noticeable lowering of the 50% premiums (not checked Chards but in general) on silver 1oz coins ? In your experience of course, I assume there was a similar situation in 2008/9. I ask as I've just seen a "Special Offer" from a Midlands based dealer with Philharmonic tubes at £10/coin over spot which doesn't feel special to me!
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