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  1. TringSilver

    Six pounds?

    I need a time machine 😭
  2. Amazing! Where did you get the box, I want one for my silver proofs ?!
  3. Great stuff guys! Hopefully I'll get the nod soon too 🤞
  4. Brought on a whim but a nice little proof with a low mintage figure. Hand of faith nugget 1/10
  5. As above, please message me if you have an empty one spare. Thanks
  6. Good stuff, now you're up to speed you can concentrate on collecting some more PM's 😁
  7. Yes same principle, I just use a small one in that manner 👍
  8. Are you using super accurate and recently calibrated scales, or did they cost £5 off Amazon ? Without being too facetious I'd imagine therein lies your problem. If they pass the magnet/slide test and the weight is in the range you describe I wouldn't worry. Also buying from a trusted source should also give you reassurance (IE not eBay)
  9. @Hunter87 Have you got an RM 1/10oz tube ?
  10. Not sure what you're after but the Bullion and Britannias in small sizes are but they do have the subset of novelty/gift bars for different occasions, Xmas, baby etc are in stock.
  11. My 2p would be that grade C "should" always get you spot or what the dealers are paying on any given day in line with the spot price. IE 97% or whatever their offer may be (they have to make a cut remember) Mint coins should get the above but you may be able to realise more on private sales, it's up to you if you want to take the extra £40-50 hit now on that potential upside. Just remember that some of these options could be on order with indefinite lead times as the dealer waits to get them in the door. So just be mindful of how patient you are. I generally buy mint coins tha
  12. Yes I'm assuming this is the batch from Sovereign Rarities. Looks like they might have sent 110~ to try and get 100 x PF70's
  13. Thanks for the heads up. Love these, can see them doing well.
  14. 71 first day of issue in PF70, a few missed it as well;
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