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  1. I know!!! "Well I was digging up the flower bed in my garden when I saw it" It's not hard! *Someone - Sees metal detector. "That dusty old thing, unwanted Xmas pressie" 🤣
  2. Looks great, good thinking! I may tap you up for one of these for sovereign size if I ever get the caps from RM. Would your be amenable to getting another made, I think you could do well selling a few if these ?
  3. I brought on a bit of a whim but am glad I have it, it is a nice object.
  4. No these are just bits for paperwork/proof certs I assume. It would be deep enough for another tray but the two layers of foam appear to be glued down so it could be messy to get them out, the side also has a ribbon lining which may come out if you were to do that. I've had a good tug on the foam as you may tell to understand this situation!
  5. No outer box I am afraid, was just in foam packaging and then a brown cardboard box.
  6. New 19 sov box from RM. Very pleased with this, it is weighty and feels and looks high quality. I like the paperwork hidey hole and the velvet "lid" The only downsides for me are that they could have done a bottom tray instead of the paperwork caddy and the 19 is an odd number, it could have been 20 easily and the one row of four may trigger my ocd in time! Also can't use currently as no caps in stock at RM 🤣
  7. My current Peli has a TILE tracker in it 😁
  8. Thanks! What's underneath, space for certs etc ?
  9. Have ordered a 19er. Annoyingly the new caps are out of stock so will have to order them later. Will report findings when received! Edit: Not sure what happened but got free delivery on this!
  10. Agree as they now sell them separately also, and also the foam on the new site
  11. It comes with a sov and seems to be a subscription service so you receive the new bullion sov every year. On that basis not bad at c. £50 for the box. Although the 10 and 19 seem to be the same price
  12. Great price, may even be an error at like £1 over spot ?! @BleyerBullion
  13. Regular checking is required, pre owned and pre order 2022 both in stock again now 👍
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