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  1. Betts Metals sell bands, I'm not sure on the pricing but may be cheaper than retail as I gather they sell some to be the base for individual jewellers to customise as it were. You can also get "fair" mined gold etc from them.
  2. Plus VAT & delivery. So still £30~ an ounce by the time you get it. Thought I had seen £75 on here as well...
  3. Agree - Compare, Compare, Compare. But sometimes if you've had a good experience then nothing wrong with staying with a favoured dealer if there is just a couple of £ in it. Check out a few when you are ready to pull the trigger.
  4. Yes that's taking the Michael imo, can't charge you a fee based on a transaction that hasn't actually happened IE goods not delivered! You should be charging them interest on your cash more like.
  5. Would be lovely if so. Let us know by PM, I can sign an NDA 🤣
  6. Did you forget to mention you were asking for a friend ? 😁
  7. Thanks for keeping a running tab 👍
  8. It isn't a scam, the tax is lower but dealers have increased margins to reflect the demand. If silver is going for £30/Oz on eBay and every man and his dog are buying it in a frenzy then why would they sell it for £25/Oz or lower. You could argue that there is a market for a dealer to do said and work on volumes but I haven't seen any pick up the mantle as it were, most dealers in the UK are running out of bricks and mortar shops so have high overheads to cover. I think BYB has spoken on this before. There could be a gap for someone to work out of their bedroom and run a lower spread to make money, pay say £21 an Oz and then sell for £25~ if you get enough volumes you could turn a small profit.
  9. Go for it i say, if it's a collection you fancy. I also have a pamp box I'd like to fill although am not adverse to other carded bars, 2.5, 5 etc. One idea that I like would be to collect all the Sharps Pixley and/or Baird sizes as that would be quite a few bars. I'm currently trying to fill a 1/10 tube at the moment though, when I can pick them up for c. £10 or 10% ish premium 👍
  10. 20% VAT Plus premiums are a little increased due to all of the hype and people flooding to silver with a lack of knowledge. You can get these for like £62~ from some dealers
  11. And lots of Sovereigns generally at this auction! "Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee four gold coin set, 1887" https://timed.gildings.co.uk/auctions/7879/gildin10000/lot-details/0abe6aea-5a9a-41a9-acec-ad6300e04dc6 Too rich for me unfortunately
  12. Do some research on Chards or Atkinson's, they both have good blogs for first time buyers. For me an once of silver is worth £18.93 at the moment so if I was buying I'd be looking to pay that or maybe 10-20% over and I'd be content. Currently though prices on the forum, dealers and eBay are more like 50% premium. Just remember, that if you want to sell this quickly, it will likely be to your nearest dealer and they will pay you spot basically. So your 50% mark up will be gone.
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