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  1. Thank you so much, BYB for sharing your experience and opinion-this is extremely informative for me (and hopefully for other members). I will look for an accountant soon just to clarify more things but this is definitely a good base for my understanding of taxes.
  2. Hi everyone! I have few questions relating tax payable on bullion and I would really appreciate if people here can provide any advice. So I was wondering if someone can have a business account but at the same time use their personal CGT allowance separately for own investments? If so, for how long do you think someone has to keep an investment before you sell it so it's not taxed as an income but as CGT? Also, regarding the VAT threshold which is £85k at the moment, is it payable on anything you sell as long as it's going over that amount or gold will be exempt no matter the total value of sales? For instance, if you sell £100k silver and £100k gold-do you pay the VAT on silver only or on gold as well (I know that generally gold is VAT excempt but wanted to double check)? Also, how about silver imported from EU-could you claim VAT on that? Thanks in advance
  3. a friend of a friend made the mistake of sending a Rolex on the address asked by the buyer whilst his paypal address was different... Added 0 minutes later... talk to the buyer and if anything, ask ebay and they will remove from you if you have good reasons
  4. If he was a genuine buyer with evidence of being fake, I would definitely offer refund and take the loss
  5. I guess that can happen anywhere (even here) but it's not as risky as going through paypal. Normally, you are protected by your bank unless you share like sensible info (card number, security codes etc)
  6. Hi guys! Just wanted to share with you my story with an ebay sale. Few weeks ago, I sold a 500g Silver bar. After 1 week, I get the message from the buyer that the bar was fake and he wants to return it for a refund. He also asks me to pay for return postage, although the item as advertised as no returns accepted. The buyer had around 13 feedback (out of which 4 negative as a seller mainly-only checked when he requested refund). Moving on, he could not provide any evidence of the bar being fake and I asked ebay to intervene. Called them few times and they mentioned I will get the money back as the buyer is not eligible for returns. When he saw that there was no success with ebay, the scammer went through paypal and opened a claim there. Although ebay was supporting me, they could not do anything since the new claim was with paypal. After explaining everything again (and warning paypal that this guy is a scammer and will return an empty package or something else inside the package), paypal decides to have the buyer return the bar, with the funds on hold. After 1 week, I finally receive the famous package: with 0.019kg weight!! When I saw this on the RM label, I immediately decided to record opening the package to have it as evidence. Now, the tracking number was matching with the one the guy filled on paypal so he could not imply that I exchanged the package with another one. When I was trying to add evidence on the claim on paypal, they automatically just refunded the money to the scammer as the parcel was received (that made go nuts). Anyway, I filed a police fraud report straight away and contacted paypal on different platforms (twitter, their messaging centre and by phone-no staff available on the phone) and the guys on twitter were really helpful and appealed the decision for me. Then, I was able to provide full evidence on the messaging centre and finally, today, I found out that the case was closed in my favour. Now, I was lucky because the scammer did not fill the parcel with something more heavy (but even if he did, recording should be enough and I recommend you do that if you get in my position). How could someone avoid this in the future? What I do now, I ask any buyers with less than 40 feedback or any negative feedback in the last 12 months to pay with bank transfer (If someone is a genuine buyer and you, as a seller, have plenty of positive feedback, should not be turned down-otherwise, better no sale than losing out money or products!) I hope someone finds this helpful and make sure you take precautions, not just when buying but even when selling!
  7. HGM have some good deals some times. Also, condition of the coins has been really good so far. My best purchase from them (note the date as well-during lock down and no stock everywhere)
  8. Hi! I need at least one of these for my own collection (the only one missing). PM with offers or for trade, I can offer a 10Oz Unicorn or 10Oz Yale.
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