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  1. Hey guys here I have for you 4x 1oz coins selling as bullion as there are some slight scratches and milk spots on all coins will start at below spot to attract attention with minimum bid increments of 25p and starting bid at £75 I can provide more pictures if required. Buyer to pay choice of postage and risk. 1x krugerrand 2018, 1x philharmoniker 2015, 1x Britannia 2012, 1x Canadian maple 2008 thanks for looking! Brett
  2. Sweet do you think it’s nice. I paid $62 plus postage is that good?
  3. Today I received this lil beautiful baby. I don’t know if it’s anything amazing but I like the way it looks!! Let me know what you think guys, I’m very new to this. So please be nice😂😂🙏🏼
  4. I’ll take a 1gram bar pal
  5. Hi everyone, I’m new to the silver forum and I am new to collecting and stacking in silver. my friends got me into this and I’ve easily become an addict. My friends have been into this for awhile now and I really like the idea of joining in on there fun. One of my friends is all for stacking and the other is well into the Collectables. I don’t know much at all of what I’m doing at the moment but I definitely see the enjoyment already of collecting some of the sexy lil bullion’s and enjoy the stacking as well. Can’t wait to get more involved. just wish I had more money to get
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