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  1. Its for a random date roll of bu eagles.
  2. I'm debating buying a roll of eagles for $690 on ebay. The price just keeps going down but the premiums don't. Maybe i should call the LCS before i pull trigger.
  3. From what i read an average of 1-2 ounces of silver per ev and 180lb of copper per ev also add nickel to your list. Also think how much copper/silver you'll need for thousands of ev charging stations. 650lb of copper in a electric bus. Save your old pennies my US friends.
  4. Ebay is dead. I'm done with it as well. I came here because i had no where else to turn because i don't have facebook and that seems to be the hot marketplace now.
  5. Do you think they're fake? Try a sound test. There is an app for your phone called "precious coin tester". You could maybe try that. With the toning on them makes me think they're legit. I've seen thousands of 1oz bars in my lifetime.
  6. The markets will be suppressed by the players while the slaves mine it for the Big Guy... Just kidding, i think prices of most those things will have a gradual rise along with graphite added to your list along with much more depending on the battery technology they choose to use. I also think there aren't enough of all those resources above ground in an abundant amount to build as many vehicles as they're looking to build at once. I'm assuming the prices are low right now (silver mostly) so the manufacturers can stock pile now before we find out what happens.
  7. I've seen a few of 1oz silver goldhorn hand pour bars that look vintage that sold on ebay. Nothing any larger than that. Probably pretty uncommon.
  8. I just really hope they start doing coin shows again. Its been a year now with no coin shows. Kinda depressing to have nothing going on around me really except extortion.
  9. A coin shop. I'll deliver to your hotel... You in Chicago?
  10. Nice lookin. You got them thru here?
  11. Selling a ton of silver when spot was under $20
  12. I like the pandas. I noticed some dealers don't trust pandas. They just usually carry a crazy premium.
  13. I love me some pandas. That 1982 is beautiful. Got a nice grade
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